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A simple dentist trip creates a friendship so strong not even the author could break it.

Lyra Heartstrings is known to be ambitious and confident, except with one thing... dentists. That's right; she has a fear of a simple thing. But now is the time to act on her fear (and filthy teeth) in a journey to the dentist. Just go in, lie back, and get out. Right?

If only things could be so simple.

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My first ever attempt at writing a full on fanfiction. Last time I wrote any form of story was a few years ago.

Please, be so harsh that this gets bombed to the ground. This idea may have been in my head for a long long time, itching to get out, but I also want to improve so I can (hopefully) one day become a full-on author. So please, do your worst >:D

I decided to quickly get this out as Christmas is now over and I will have next to no time at all to do this. Except in weekends if I get off my lazy backside and write. Point out errors, obvious or not. Perfectionism gets to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read it!

TAG EXPLANATION: [Random] Because there will be many plotholes on purpose. Also, events will happen for no apparent reason; [Adventure] Cuz Adventure!

Lyra is best pony.

Not bad. I like it! For me, at least, it's too early for corrections on the major things. It's a good comedy/ slice of life so far. I'm excited to see how adventure ties in:pinkiehappy:.

I myself am an aspiring author, and I'll be watching this.

"If you hear a voice inside you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced."--Vincent van Gogh. That's the jist of what I remember the quote says, but, anyway, the same applies to writing:yay:

This has gone off from my original plan. The tone will be all over the place, depending on my mood, and it isn't even half-serious. It's not even funny whilst it's at it! >:D

I guess I'm too stressed right now so meh, whatever, this'll do me.

Yet another random chapter that I am certain will lose me followers due to its randomness!

xD I love writing this even if it is terrible. Puts me in a good mood each time I see what rushed, thirty minute writing-time thing I can come up with from a basic plot plan.

Oh and sorry these are so short. I just need to study so much right now >.>

Good so far :D but did you change from calling her Minuette to Colgate?
Still though I love Lyra and BonBon's interactions, also your take on Colgate's cutie mark.

I just now wondered, if she used laughing gas on pinkie, would it make any difference?

1991973 She has so many names you lose track... I try and use both names in this because this fandom confuses me >.>

1992281 Now that is food for thought! I must think about this and write my answer into the next chapter! :D

1916983 wow how did I not notice this comment?

Good to hear some nice words :3 It's also nice to see another aspiring author! :)

You deserve a gold star.... and laughs; happy, joyous laughs--like Pinkie would give for a great, promising story:pinkiehappy:Random (I hope it isn't in bad taste. It's just to get you to laugh)

I feel like this is the worst yet but I'm desperately trying to avoid what most call "writers block" here! :)

;) Pinkie Pie with laughing gas results in laughter on an even higher scale, making her go from "abnormal" to downright "crazy" in my books! :D


Most intriguing

Quite an original:moustache::pinkiehappy:

(Not sure what else to say on the matter:applejackunsure: Nonetheless, still looking forward to the adventures with Minuette!:yay:)

2031591 Glad to have that question answered. :pinkiehappy:

2033608 :D Thank you!

2033712 I'm looking forward to writing it! :)

2034808 xD Too good not to resist.

Thank you all for commenting!

:'D I was listening to my favourite thing ever (involving a certain Prince named Adam and his STUD friend Duncan) and decided to write this as quick as i could before everything went down the toilet again... which might explain all the references to this certain thing xD

More randomness which I hope at least mildly entertains you.

I told you I wouldn't be long! :)

Until the next time! :D

I can relate that last line to me, you silly readers :P

Short chapter just to get me back into the spirit of things! xD Written in ten minutes, which isn't the best amount of time to write something, especially after waking up from a long night of installing new OS's onto your computer >.<

I have two weeks off now, so if I can get my friends to bug me to write this for long enough I could probably make up to three or maybe even four chapters out of it! :D

If friendship = magic, and sleep = magic, then friendship = sleep.:twistnerd:

2361702 Nothing more friendly than a sleepover! :P

Aaaand this concludes Part Uno (?) of Minuette and Me. Next up, in part two; more Minuette! More bonding time, less Bon Bon <insert sad me here> but she'll be back...

I also promise chapters totaling more than 2,000 words each in Part Two! Which begins next chapter. And yes, this is split up into a vague three-part narrative because I felt like it ^_^

Is it still hal ih toe sis if they don't have any toes? halihoovsis?

2783784 Indeed xP

Although I go off a belief that if I enjoy what I write, others will enjoy reading it. :3 It seems to be working, although this first-attempt trainwreck is doing better than I thought it would :D

Choo choo here comes the trainwreck~

I didn't forget about you guys or the small following this disaster gained, and I knew I wouldn't get around to doing the next set of chapters properly for a while yet. So I took a planned future chapter, set at Christmas (or Hearth's Warming) and cut it down a bit to make it a "flash forward" sort of chapter ^_^

It's short and hopefully sweet. Yes, it's confusing, but questions will be answered in due time.

Merry Christmas, guys and gals. Have a good one :)

I have not had time to read
But I want to tell you, thank you continue the story and wish you a merry christmas


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