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I must say, this is a very good story from a psychological standpoint. The way you describe Red/Roseluck's inner thoughts makes the reader empathetic and compelled to read more. Faved and waiting to read more.

Comment posted by Chillean deleted Dec 11th, 2018

Another story!? :yay:
I have to say that the undercurrents of sadness in this story made it so much more real. From the established first client, to the inner turmoil in the last chapter, very bittersweet. You still got it :rainbowdetermined2:
Also, is the artist Hioshiru? I think I recognize the fluffy chest pone :raritywink:

Thank you! I've always found the emotional aspect of sex more interesting to write about, and so that's what most of my stories nowadays are. I just hope they're equally interesting to read!

Thanks, and yes, it is!
NSFW obviously

Too bad it is complete; it would have been interesting to see how it continued.

I agree, it's hard to let a good tale lie. From the last line though, I think we had a hint at the decision though :raritywink:

Thought so, her art style is hard to replicate :derpytongue2:
Emotionless smut is a fun thing to read, but characters who are true to themselves keep readers coming back. I think that's why you're so respected.
Also, glad you're in the feature box again!

A beautiful end to a wonderful story.

Wow. This was a fantastic story. The emotions described were very well done.

Hey, good job! This was a very cool read and a very well contained little character story. Roseluck/Red's Perspective is a unique one that I haven't seen done before and I thought that it was very interesting. Excellent Read! :twilightsmile:

By day she sells flowers, by night she sells flower.

Red almost reminds of a Tulpa, really

That was as painful as it was beautiful.

Comment posted by Halira deleted Dec 13th, 2018

I don't read too many fics that are focused on sex, but something about this one caught my eye. Very well done. This does a good job 'humanizing' sex workers.

There's definitely an argument to be made that Roseluck is suffering from some kind of dissociative personality disorder in this. I view her 'conversations' with Red as a mostly metaphorical way of representing her inner conflict, but I certainly wouldn't begrudge anyone for taking it more literally.

This got hard to write in more than a few places, for sure, but stories like that always end up my personal favourites once all's said and done.

Thanks, I'll do my best not to disappoint!

I would hope that most real sex workers are in a healthier place mentally than this, but I think its very nature draws people who are desperate or otherwise 'broken'. This story is a very negative outlook on the whole thing, from both sides, but I don't think it's the only lens to see it through.

This was a tough read – that Sad tag is well-earned – and excellent work. And... thank you for the hopeful ending.

Where does this take place, is it pony humans, equestria girls, My Little Pony ponies , huh?

Very well done.

As only the very best stories, fanfiction or beyond, do this level of aplomb in demonstrating that, no matter where you are or what you've done, you can still find hope.

9345486 Check the tags below the story title. This is clearly ponies (MLP:FiM), not Anthro or EQG/human.

You did a good job noting several things.

Her fellow sex workers are their own individuals. Some of them are here because they just need a job and others love their jobs. From her perspective it's pretty clear she just needs the income, her flower business isn't making ends meet.
She gets no enjoyment from this job and has to mentally separate herself from her work to the point of creating another persona.

Grimm, you always know how to just open up my emotions before you rake them over the hot coals. If this wasn't already in the High Quality Mature Fiction group, I'd be placing it there myself.

Keep doing everything you're doing because you are awesome.:rainbowdetermined2:

Generally DiD sufferers are not able to talk to their own personalities. Thus the Dissociative part.

Wow. That was great.
Probably a little cliché but very well written and the focus on emotions made it work really well.

I think where it ended was perfect tbh.

I'm incredibly torn on this. I want more and yet, somehow, I'm also happy with how it's ended. Even if that ending is painful, at least it gives us room to imagine she made the choice we all personally want her to, eh?

This is a great story! I loved how it wasn't just mindless sex but how you depicted her emotional turmoil going through everything. You made us get deeper into Roseluck and Red than any of her clients ever were.

Yes, it would seem so. Notice what was said in the last sentences.

Red, or Roseluck.

She looked up at Mac, still with that gentle smile, still with those warm eyes that waited patiently for her, would maybe wait forever. “What do you say?” he asked.

And Roseluck made her choice.

That seems to heavily suggest what choice she made there.


That is true, but I figured it wasn't so concrete anymore considering where Mac was concerned, the walls between Red and Roseluck were effectively broken/breaking down.

But yeah, that does sort of point to one conclusion, by default.

You made us get deeper into Roseluck and Red than any of her clients ever were.

I don't know if this was innuendo or not, but it was brilliant.

Thank you! I promise I don't set out just to write sad or emotionally heavy stories, they just sorta end up that way. I'm not sure what that says about me...

Fair enough, I'm no expert. Honestly, it was only after finishing this that I looked it up and it seemed to share a few symptoms, namely the reaction to trauma as a coping/defence mechanism.

I've always preferred open endings. It might just be that I prefer writing short stories, but I feel if this were to continue it would become a very different story about something else. And that's fine! It's just that this is the part I wanted to write. I actually had a couple of other endings in mind, including one without even the slight hint about her decision, and a very different, much sadder one. But this one felt right.


Because of my personal magnetism toward sadder things, my curiosity for this alternate ending is considerably piqued. :raritywink:

Alright, I'll give you the cliff notes.

The ending would have been somewhat flipped. Same setup, Mac approaches her at the stand to buy flowers, they talk for a little bit. Roseluck finds herself quite enamoured with him. He broke through her shell, he's a good stallion, he makes her heart skip, and no one's ever done that before. She wonders if she should ask him for coffee. And then, another pony pops up beside Mac, gives him a kiss and Roseluck a smile, asking how he knows her, etc. It's Sugar Belle (who just doesn't exist in the real ending). Mac visited Roseluck because he was inexperienced and didn't want to disappoint his new fiancee on their upcoming wedding night. All the love and affection she felt from him was because he was imagining Sugar Belle, not Roseluck. Like all the other stallions, he'd taken the blank slate that Red was and put what he wanted on top. And so Roseluck has to smile and congratulate Sugar Belle on how lucky she is, and then we end where we came in. Red, back in that place, asking a stallion for money first, and then she'll do whatever he wants.

It was a bit too bleak even for me.

Fair point about the blurred lines.

I don't know if this was innuendo or not[..]


That sounds interesting too, tbh. But I'm glad you chose the ending we got in the story, that hint of hope was nice.


Oh, man that would've actually broken me. Now, I'm glad you didn't go for that. :pinkiesad2:

Which is why I say Tulpa, which is essentially a mental construct in your head, created by you(I've never heard of an accidental one, either), but who is a separate person at the same time. Almost like an adult Imaginary Friend.

well... that was one good fic, the style i prefer... clop as a part of a story, not the main idea.
Red was a very interesting character development

i came here for clop, why you gotta tug at my heartstrings like this? :fluttershysad:

Really good

:trixieshiftright: Hmph… hmm... I... hmm...
I... I don't read clop. Like, never. That's not why I'm in the fandom, I don't find it attractive, and while I don't judge people for it, sometimes, I want to be disgusted by it.

But this...

This is sophisticated. Not once did I find myself turning away at the prospect of these horses rutting. Not that I found it 'enjoyable' in that sense, but I think it's an extremely well-written story. I once wrote a (non-MLP) story with a prostitute as the main character, and this blows my work out of the water (not innuendo.) I understand now why this story isn't labeled "porn," because it's not. Sex isn't the main focus of the story, it's merely a means to an end: it's the story of how Roseluck deals with this unsavory life she's been dealt by donning a persona and using sex as a means to an end.

One chapter in and I'm already hooked. Good job, sir, good job. :moustache:

Its almost not clop. Definitely not to me. Just a story about a whore, her mark and her personal issues she hides from everyone; including herself apparently. This was refreshing in the difference.

Gotta love hioshiru, great stuff.

... Wait, did I say that out loud?

Uh, yeah, awesome story friendo, bye!

A sex story that isn’t clop
Well done sir

You wrote a story involving one of my favorite ponies?? :pinkiegasp:

*adds to read asap list* :D

It's really surprising to see a Mature story top the featured box with hardly any down votes, but I totally get it having read the story. This story is excellent with lovely characterization and some simply superb exploration of Rose's thoughts and identity.

I don't consider it a 'clop' story, for what it's worth. Certainly it's the least sexy depiction of sex I've ever done, because that was kinda the whole point.

I've always really loved Roseluck's character design as well. Hope it doesn't disappoint!

Thank you! This was a story that I was quite proud of, but I really wasn't expecting it to get much traction. I'm over the moon with how well it's been received.

This is a wonderful story and I'm glad to have read it. First chapter's melancholy and hopelessness are offset brilliantly by the remainder, and all the while, I feel totally rooted in the struggle between Roseluck and Red. It's a down to earth story, believable and easy to empathise with, and Mac's character is, for lack of a better word, adorable. All of it's well executed—I didn't break immersion once, and the prose does a very good job of supporting the narrative.

Thank you very much for posting.

*Me whilst looking through Fimfiction's front page and noticing the ratings*

"Oh boy, buncha clopfics. Wonder if there's something decent going on."

*Goes elsewhere for a day or two, returns, notices this still on front page.*

"Well... nothing ventured..."

*Reads story, feels something*

"You son of a bitch."

Not going to lie, I don't know what I was expecting; certainly not a nuanced interpretation of a sex-workers life, her trials, and her getting a possibility of happiness.

On the plus side, this is par excellence; you did a really good job writing this.

The only downside is that you've effectively forced me into reading more stories that seem like dime-a-dozen clop-fics in the hope they're of this type of quality.

I hope you're happy with yourself.

After that last line my brain Auto-filled
"The lady or the tiger"

Wow. That would have been so tragic. I'm glad it didn't end like that, but I love it as a concept. Just reading that description gave me some feels.

This story deserve a sequel.

That was quite a pleasant surprise of a story (well, not pleasant pleasant, but you know). In not wanting to go full literary-analysis-nerd on you I'll keep it brief: I enjoy reading bleak Nabokov-esque stuff and this story is certainly earning a well-deserved upvote.

Im a simple person I see my favorite Background pony Roseluck I click.

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