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Mostly harmless.

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Is this a rape thing?

Damn, this one is going to stick with me for awhile.
My last long term relationship was very codependent, and it took awhile for us to admit what was going on. Too long in fact.
Ember's story was a good way to introduce Spike to a new way of thinking at the very least, even if it's not something he can immediately take to heart. Great work, as always :twilightsmile:

Ice Star #3 · Feb 12th, 2019 · · 2 · N ·

The thing is, a ward is always a minor. That’s intentional word choice, and even if you never use it again it just adds to the horror.

Spike’s hollow despair and mixed vocabulary (moments of innocence contrasted with vulgarity) shows what the grooming and abuse has done to him.

Ice Star #4 · Feb 12th, 2019 · · · O ·

That ending was...


Maybe Ember will come back. Maybe Spike will tell Rarity.

I really hope so. Maybe. Eventually.

Thank you for writing this as it is and not treating this as some kind of desiresble fantasy or reducing what terrible things Twilight has done.

Thanks for a story.

Damn. Definitely a different take. Glad Ember was able to read Spike and apply what she figured out. Yikes for how this ended though. But honestly we all knew that's how this was going to end. He's gone until he either snaps, or someone else intervenes.

Sometimes, some days, Grimm posts a story. The words he uses aren’t always the same, but the quality behind them never changes.
Shakes, will you come read my story? Shakes, will you use your mouse to click LIKE? Shakes will you read this non-con story, knowing full well that it likely linger in your brain in the late hours of the night and keep you from sleep?

And Shakes says yes. Always.

Even if he doesn’t want to.

"I'm going to have a bad time... Aren't I, Grimm?"

Grimm #7 · Feb 12th, 2019 · · · O ·

Thank you! I'm hoping that 'last' means you at least got out of it okay in the end.

I hope so too. Thanks for reading; I know you don't normally go for M rated stuff so it means a lot that you gave this a go.


"I'm going to have a bad time... Aren't I, Grimm?"


oddmin #8 · Feb 12th, 2019 · · 1 · O ·

i hope u continue this

This is an amazing story. Dark, depressing and excellently written.
Thank you

Oh hell.
Really well written but yeah, that's some heavy stuff there.

Serious topics tackled seriously generally make me go rating-blind.

biob1 #12 · Feb 12th, 2019 · · 2 · O ·

I like to ship twispike so yeah

I'm relatively 'ok' now lol, better at the very least :twilightsheepish:

Well this was grim-...

And now it makes sense:moustache:

If the route he's going is to not destroy her, he needs to make it look like a recent decision. It should appear that he has recently decided that he wants to stop and the emphasis should be on how he usually would only do it to comfort her but he's decided that it's getting unhealthy to keep lying to himself. Vengeance is easy, but the motivation should remain to stop the hurt and try to fix what's wrong.

She needs to be led to the conclusion that she wasn't necessarily a bad pony but if she tries to force him even after he's expressed his discontent, she would be. This is not really the best way to handle it but when trying to tame monsters rather than break them it takes some unconventional tactics.

Poor spike needs a loving and attentive waifu.

Arokh #16 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · · O ·

This might actually become of the most underrated stories this platform will ever see, due to the heavy content. I would love to see the Ember-Spike dynamic expanded upon but other then that:

Very well done Grimm.

oh boy, female-on-male sexual misconduct. What fun.

I look forward to reading this.

Oof. Your stories always hurt so good.

Avogadro #19 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · 1 · N ·

Kids, there's nothing more cool than being hugged by someone you like, but if someone tries to touch you in a place or in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, that's no good. It's your body. No one has the right to touch you if you don't want them to. So what do you do? First, you say no, then you get outta there. Most important, you gotta tell someone you trust, like your parents, your teacher or a police officer.

I really hope ember comes back and confronts twilight about spike and maybe take him to fhe dragon lands to forget about it. Or maybe celestia finds out and confronts twilight but either way the ending was kinda sad for me and I love the story.

This was a fantastic read. And that ending...damn. I usually prefer unexpected/unconventional/unhappy endings to stories, and even though I was not disappointed here, it was still a serious gut punch. Very well done.

Twilight is a sex offender in this fic.

quite obviously. Anything other than informed. enthusiastic consent between adults of sound mind, that's rape. "They didn't say no" is not an excuse.

Grailm #24 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · 1 · O ·

This isn't as black and white as you want to paint it as. This is a complicated scenario involving two people with a very twisted degree of logic. One is Twilight, who I assume during one of her heats, got lost in it. So during this heat induced haze, she asked Spike for sex and he as we know agreed out of a twisted sense of love and obligation. Afterwards, once the heat induced haze was lifted, if what Spike said at the end is true, she must have realized that Spike wasn't really into it despite giving her the go ahead. Yet unable to face such a reality, that she had hurt Spike. Twilight ended up deluding herself into thinking that he perhaps did in fact like it and thus needed to confirm it by asking him if he wanted to go again, which he of course said yes too. Yet despite doing the very thing she thought would assuage her fears, there remained a lingering doubt that all was not well, and thus she needed to keep going back and repeating the same action that started it all in order to keep up the charade that all is well. And Spike, each time he said yes, thinking this was something he had to do and was right because he loves Twilight. Never saying no, never letting her know his true feeling, because he loves Twilight with all his heart.

Thus, resulting in a viscous cycle where neither of them can truly face reality because they are both afraid of the truth of what could happen should they be honest about the situation. Should they let out their true feelings and admit to what has happened. This isn't as I said at the beginning, as black and white as you want to make it. It is a very tragic situation that I don't see ever ending unless someone from the outside intervenes. Mind you, I also see Twilight and Spike both being of adult age with no more then a few years apart at max.

This is a master piece and boy what a ending. If this ever continues, I will be there to read what happens next asap.

We all know what happens next,a convoluted villian comes equipped with the forces of malice leading the gang on an epic journey of self retrospection, what consent means towards those who may not know what they are consenting to, and therapy; lots and lots of therapy :scootangel: .
Our only hope is in any intervention ember may provide whether it be direct or subtle(as can be for a dragon Lord). Otherwise spike will break, in the most tragically entertaining culmination of years worth of backflow in the sequel(if we were to be graced with one), and twilights there too, probably. Is it bad that Im wanting a more anguishy and explosive drama setting than one with ember being our obi-wan(watch thorax come in with the save as our Luke)?

I didn't exactly expect this when I read the title. And honestly, I'm kind of glad that I read it. (the story I mean.) I don't think I'll be able to stop thinking about this for a while. Yesh... i can't stop tying parts of Spike's predicament to a Youtube video.

Jack Hammer #30 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · 18 · O ·

Spike: "I'm sorry, Twilight. I love you, I always will. But I feel it's time to move on to new things." He hugs her.

See, that wasn't so difficult.

Right in the feels

kalash93 #32 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · 1 · O ·

Finally a sex story in the box that deserves to be there.

Booker68 #33 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · 2 · O ·

Holy... That actually seems very reasonable, feasible too.

Comment posted by MyLittleTimeLord deleted Feb 13th, 2019

Yes. A word so simple and yet so horrifying.

A generous dragon indeed.

Oof. Yea, we were all in for a bad time on this one. Honestly, I wonder if Spike might be mentally asexual, if there is such a thing.

As for how to resolve the situation... I can only foresee two paths. Either Spike gets over his hangups about feeling only familial feelings for Twilight and assuages his own discomfort with feelings of either unconditional love (He decides he is okay with helping her with her needs and takes happiness from giving her pleasure) or, ideally, his feelings turn romantic.

The other option is that they sit down, have a frank discussion, and Spike admits that while he has done and will do anything for her, that he'd prefer if they stop, and she accept the relationship of another pony. It's not that he doesn't love her, because he does, with all of his being, but having a relationship in which you have to hide who your partner is, soundproof the walls, none of that is ideal for either of them.

This is a very odd situation for a nonconsensual tag. Spike is more than willing to help Twilight with her needs. He just doesn't take much personal pleasure in it. Possibly more fitting to go with dubcon in the description. Labeling this with the same tag reserved for rape stories paints the wrong picture.

This story is dark and depressing but at the same time it feels so real that it leaves you wondering if you really spike at some point could change your situation.
Undoubtedly a work that is worth analyzing and reflecting.

Grimm #40 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · · O ·

I know where you're coming from, but this is so far removed from consensual sex that it would be much more misleading to not have the tag. I really dislike adding extra tags in my descriptions, and I think non-con is actually pretty accurate as is. Dubcon might be more accurate, but even that I think is pushing it and there's no preset tag for it either way.

As for the asexual thing, my personal take is that Spike would have no trouble with partners he had a genuine romantic involvement with... if none of this had ever happened. The problem now is that any romantic aspect of him has been long snuffed out after everything he's done with Twilight, and even if he gets out of this it would be a long time before he was ever ready to take that step, if at all. When Ember makes a move on him, the only thing he sees is Twilight, and that's something that would take a lot of work to move past.

Hmm. Ow.

Nothing lasts forever, the cycle will end one day. Probably. But it seems pretty clear that both Twilight and Spike will never, ever recover.

I’ve always thought of hell as less of a place and more of a state of being. This is a layer of it.

Good job, good story, heart hurt ow.

Noc #42 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · · O ·

I went into this expecting some hot non-con porn. I came out having read a very not-hot non-con tragedy. That’s my punishment for overlooking the lack of a [Porn] tag, I s’pose, but I don’t regret it.

I’ll admit, when Ember started making moves on Spike I dreaded that it would just be like Twilight all over again, and then Ember would leave and Spike would have lost a meaningful friendship. I shouldn't have underestimated you like that. And the ending, Spike’s epiphany about Twilight, was a kick in the nuts.

As much as I enjoyed (?) this fic, I do hope the next one will be a bit less bleak. :moustache::twilightsmile:

I suspected he might say yes...but I was genuinely expecting he would say "No...".

That was dark, good work

Solarfollow #45 · Feb 13th, 2019 · · 1 · N ·

This is sad, it was painful to read. This is also why it's important to communicate!

If Spike had simply said no, and explained that he wasn't comfortable: It would have saved both him and Twilight a lot of trouble.

Admittedly, communicating and saying no, that's sometimes easier said then done. I remember a time or two when I've failed to do that. But you have to do it. Otherwise: You're putting yourself, your friend, and your friendship into a bad spot.

And that's not just for sexual stuff, this is a general principle. If you're not comfortable with something: You communicate. As long as you have a friend who can communicate back, who cares about you, and who can respect boundaries: Your friendship should be alright.

I really don't think you read the last part about Twilight close enough. There is so much guilt hanging over her that will come smashing down at one little word, enough to crush her completely. And Spike cares for her far to much to risk that.

I don't know what it is but every time I see your avatar I grin.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this was way too dark and sad for me. Such a realistic depiction. This is way too accurate to not be based in part on real life experience, whether it's your own or someone else's. The psychology's too perfectly portrayed.

Now I need to make a happy ending for myself.

yupyup #50 · Feb 14th, 2019 · · · O ·

A well written, gut punch of a story. Spike trying to separate the good Twilight from the bad one is heartbreaking, especially from the reader's perspective. Despite how it feels in the first chapter, the ending really cements how fucked the situation is for both of them. It's a vicious cycle that neither wants to break due to the pain they'd have to acknowledge in doing so. I wish I could type more, but this story has left me speechless and attacked my feels in all the right ways. I kinda want a sequel or epilogue so I could be filled with hope, but it does more than fine as a stand alone story.

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