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What to go with? Silver Glow?

*Admiral Biscuit wants to know your location*

Great story, though! I always love stories of either Princess undercover.

Well written and smoothly paced! Kudos!

Cute and lovely.

Princesses are ponies, or horses i guess, too.

Don't want to be that guy, but you know, instead of just commenting "down vote." you might as well explain the reason for a bit of constructive criticism to help the author. Your comment is a tried and true recipe for a flurry of downvotes, in fact.

Trick is to up vote them just because they've asked for a down vote.

This is a nice story...altho I think it could end up a fun romp if the Princess ended up pregnant, and hadda break the news to her new 'personal' guard :pinkiehappy:

Commenting 'down vote' is as useless as going into a Pizzeria and saying "pizza sucks!"

That's a self-fulfilling prophecy I happy to oblige.

Also, this

“O-oh Celestia…”

Irony of situation...
To be honest, in her place I'd be struggling not to laugh


Just a friendly PSA, if you ever see a Fractured Heart comment, ignore it. Their only contribution to this site is troll comments and generally meanness to all they interact with. It isn’t worth trying to show them the error of their ways because they thrive on making people angry.

Judging from their bio, that seems very true.

I do it for the reply's

Wow, didn't expect that. Hooker with a heart of gold, eh? Great story.

Just another two or three before she’d have to get going.


Ten blowjobs later, Celestia worked the towel across her coat and mane, getting the worst off herself before she picked the key off the small table and left the room for the corridor.

Usually this is food, games, or other material objects, but I guess our naughty princess here is prefers more... liquid rewards.

A griffon whose name doesn't start with a G? What travesty is this?!

Nice chapter :) One tiny Inaccuracy, Cely calls herself Silver Glow in one place, and Silver Gleam in other. Unless it's supposed to be mismatched, since she juggles her alter egos...

Nice story, though there us one part where you call Celestia's disguise a pegasus instead of a unicorn.

“B-buck!” Zaria gasped and trembled as Celestia kept working her until she squealed and came hard for the pegasus.

Whirling her cock over the tip of her cock,

Whirling her tongue over the tip of his cock,

Unt - sounds like Zaria might be a recurring booty call!

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