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The Bricklayer

Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel. (He/Him & They/Them)


A horrific accident forever scars a rainbow, but nobody said it would ever break her or make her lose her luster. They said she'd never fly again... But she proved them all wrong.

And Spitfire smirks all the while.

Implied Spitfire/Dash shipping

(Based loosely on the song Crashed by Daughtry)

(Featured through 3/31/18 through 4/1/18)

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I liked it, very well done.

Honestly it could have been done as a 5-6 chapter story.

Not surprised in the slightest. Rainbow would take the loss hard and I am sure she would have taken it this way, including how Spitfire got her into the air. I am surprised that her good friend/rival Applejack wasn't also helping her out. Still great story!

Nice work, I think you've written a faithful portrait of Spitfire here.

I didn't find that dark, but then again I read and saw more darker stuff.


Mess this a bit.

Great story. Loved the refrence to Cars in the middle

I was wondering if anyone would catch that... Thought I'd sneak it in there, as I knew it fit the themes of the story.

Honestly, on the Applejack bit, I wanted this to be a Spitfire/Rainbow centric story, no-one else. Just do something from Spitfire's perspective. (Plus, avoid the hell that is writing out AJ's accent.)

Oh, that is relevant...

I love this story. It is truly one to show that with enough confidence, you can prove everyone wrong.:pinkiehappy:

Yeah, that's the whole point of this piece, triumphing over adversity.

That was heart warming! A story from Scootaloo’s perspective would be great

I admit, it would be interesting to get into her head during this whole spectacle, and maybe explain what Applejack might have been up to during things as 8831996 wondered, but not sure if I'd be milking this universe for all it's worth. I'd rather not do that.


A simple one shot is all this story really needed. I am sure there are plenty of stories on this site that are longer that deal with Rainbow loosing one of her wings.

Yeah, there are, I've found a few.

this reminds me of the movie cars

Yeah, except this time it's the rookie the public quit on, not the old vet.

This made me tear up just a little

Right in the feels.

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