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I am the guy who writes the Equestrian-Marvel Universe. If you don't know what that is, take a look at The Iron Mare. Oh, and I write other things.



Its been years since Rainbow Dash was declined acceptance into the Wonderbolts. She found a new passion. Making weapons to defend Equestria from outlying countries. Showing the world how brilliant she really is.
To even the odds, a mysterious pony is sent to capture her and hold her as a possible way to conquer the large country. Only after arriving home does she realize that Sparkle Industries has gone under and she has to claim it as her own company. Who would have thought that buying a company you work for and trying to save lives you put in danger could be so hard?

Based on the 2008 'Iron Man' movie.

Now with pre-reader/ editor Jarkes

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This Is Serious Shit Please Keep Going :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Well, at least it's not "the script of the movie, but with ponies," like so many other stories I've seen...

This gets a fave and a like from me.

EDIT: I can't help but wonder why Shining Armor is on the character list for this...

EDIT #2: Why did I just realize that this is basically a prologue chapter?

1632717 Shining Armor comes in in the next chapter, where you basically get to see all of the roles that you don't know yet.

1633858 Just be careful that you DON'T end up taking the movie script and inserting various pony characters into the different roles. I've seen way too many instances of that (and not just in this fandom, either...).

1633877 It's going to be different characters for different roles and I'm adding in a few twists. But you will see a lot of similarities to the movie. This is the work of a nerd, afterall.

I wonder if this will go to an avenger story?:moustache:

1634730 Once I get the others done.

"Rainbow," called Shining Aromor. "What are you doing?"


At the mention of that day, Rainbow cringed. She hated thiking about tat day.

"Thinking," and "that."

Very interesting, though there are probably a few more typos than just those. You might want to consider getting an editor...

1652325 Not to use it as an excuse, but my keyboard sucks. That is part of the reason for it. And thank you for pointing those out.
EDIT: New keyboard. My typing sucks. And If you're up to the challenge, Would you mind terribly being my editor?


Funny. I'm working on a DC crossover series, starting with Supes and leading up to Green Lantern.


That being said, I'll be using side characters as the heroes, rather than the Mane 6.

The line up of stories and their protagonists is:

More Than a Stallion- Big Mac
Faster Than a Speeding Bullet- Gilda
Legend of the Lost Empire: Atlandais- Lyra
To End On a Dark Note- Octavia, Vinyl
The Strength of Will- Shining Armor, Chrysalis

All of which will lead up to JLE: Truth and Justice

1668061 Sounds interesting. I may have to check it out.


It'll be up sometime soon. I submitted it this morning.

What's you lineup for the Avengers?

Comment posted by FanofAwesomeness deleted Jan 10th, 2013

I don't know, I don't think Rainbow Dash is that smart.

I have to agree. Would it not be more fitting for Twlight Sparkle, the intelligent and brilliant one, to be Iron Mare? and Rainbow Dash, with her boldness, loyalty, and even colours, be more fitting as Captain Equestria?

1933688Twilight may have the brilliance already, but she doesn't have the overall personality of Tony Stark. Captain America is much more cool-headed and thinks things through more, developing a plan of attack. Iron Man just goes in and attacks. I'm using the modern character bases to build something. If you would like to read one that has Twilight as Iron Mare, here you go.


Just... no.

You did NOT just put Shining Armor in Obadiah Stane's role. I don't buy it for a minute. There seems to be an indication that Spitfire wants revenge for what happened, but why would Shining Armor be involved with that? He's... well, he's Shining freaking Armor.

...Well, whatever. Maybe you'll surprise me somehow. You've already done that in some places.

"Fencin?" Really? You didn't even try to come up with a more pony-ish name?

Also, this is still too similar to the movie. Shake things up a bit. Maybe have "Fencin" actually survive.

2686606I couldn't think of anything better. And you just wait and see what I have in store for you readers. There are some twists that I am being very careful about.

Well... that WAS unexpected, giving Fencin his own suit of armor to escape with... Well played.

I'm still a little annoyed that you put Shining Armor in Obadiah Stane's role, but with what you've done here, maybe you'll do something different with him too.

2776396 I thought that might catch you off-guard.

All signs are pointing to Shining Armor being Obadiah Stane's counterpart. I don't like the idea of Shining Armor being a villain. However, given the alterations you've already taken, I wouldn't be surprised if it's a red herring type of deal.

I think what really bothers me is that, in the story you have set up, Soarin seems the far more likely candidate to be the villain than Shining Armor... He's definitely got a motive, that's for sure...

2792725 I can't wait to see what you think of the finished product. I might still catch you off guard.

Earleier in the story you said she had only designed 3 weapons and now it appears it's quite a bit more.

2878664 I had said she had only built three weapons, only designing all of the others.

Where'd the latest chapter go?

2881427 It isn't finished yet. I accidentally hit publish instead of exiting out of edits.:twilightblush:

I've been trying to find this story. Sorta lost it for awhile

3232635 I'm glad you found it again.

Okay, I know you've had several surprises already, but I just don't see Shining Armor as a traitor. It's not like him at all, unless he's acting as a double agent or something along those lines.

...And what took the update so long?

3282179 I do have something planned for Shining Armor that you will have to wait to see.
As to the other part, I've been busy with school, chores and a killer headache. I hope to get the next chapter out faster, though.

Just realized that I forgot to read this particular chapter because you had removed it, and I didn't notice it when you put it back in...

Now the most recent chapter makes a lot more sense.

3282204 ...Come to think of it, we haven't seen Cadance at all in this story, even though she'd probably still be married to Shining Armor even in a universe like this. Heck, she hasn't even been MENTIONED.

...Oh, sweet god, I think I may have just figured it out. I won't say anything in case I'm wrong, though.

"I figured now would be as good a time as any to finally get over that old thing," he said.

*beep beep beep* Huh, that's strange. My bullshit detector is going off...

Sweet, you've added some stuff in that wasn't in the movie. A mysterious assassin, and a surprise appearance by this universe's equivalent of Justin Hammer.

Also, this line intrigues me:

Maybe you should go to Pinkie Pie and learn something!" Wherever she went, Rainbow added mentally.

Yeah... come to think of it, out of the mane six, we've only seen Twi and Dash so far. What happened to the other four?

And now, of course, I'm even more curious as to what Shining Armor's role is going to be, because even if he's the Stane analogue in this one, I refuse to believe that he's as evil here as Stane was in the original film.

3489413 The others ended up being brought into different scenarios and pulled away periodically after the events of the prologue. They will be returning in their own, separate stories, as well as a reunion in the finishing work of Phase One, Equestria's Mightiest Heroes.

3489450 I'm guessing that Twilight heading to Canterlot is set up for one of those...

the stry is proceding slowly but flawlessly; keep up the good job

...and I cannot banish this feeling that you are not simply following the story of the film...

3887041 Indeed.

And gosh... poor Cadance... judging by this story's timeline, she was probably kidnapped at least three months ago, right around the time Rainbow Dash was first attacked. She's going to be needing some serious therapy when this is all over.

Okay, now, let's see if I can match the characters to whichever character from the movies they're closest to:

Rainbow Dash: Tony Stark (obviously)
Twilight: Since she owned the company at first, she's also a little bit of Tony, but with her being called away to Canterlot, I'm guessing she's supposed to be Coulson.
Soarin: With some of the most recent chapters, I'm thinking he's supposed to be Pepper.
Spitfire: Obviously, she's Rhodey.
Shining Armor: A much less villainous version of Stane.
Fencin: A version of Yensin who actually survives the origin story for once.
Saarken: ...That Ten Rings leader guy whom I can never remember the name of for some reason.
Justin Hammer: ...Justin Hammer (been a while since I've read the chapter with his cameo, but I don't think you even changed his name at all).
Griffon Assassin: ...I have no idea.
Cadance: No counterpart, since her role in the story is completely original.

3888604 For this story, you've basically got it. I will tell you now, though, the Twilight is going to have her own story as soon as I get to it.

Okay, so I was re-reading some of the earlier chapters just now, and I noticed that when Rainbow Dash made it back to Ponyville after escaping back in chapter 6, Pinkie Pie and Rarity actually WERE there. Which means that Pinkie Pie probably left sometime between that chapter and this chapter, which judging by the story's timeframe, would've only been a few days. Unless that was a mistake on your part...

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