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Rainbowdash wanted to explore, and have awesome adventures in faraway lands, so when Twilight offered her the opportunity to go further than any pony has gone before, she took it. Now she's stranded on an Alien planet, with no way back home, and none of her friends. But she does find some very unlikely aid.

Ryley is a survivor from the spaceship Aurora, and as far as he can tell, he might be the only one, now after just having his hopes of rescue dashed, he is suddenly confronted with a different survivor, one who might just help him find a way of this planet after all.

Together the unlikely pair now need to uncover the mysteries of why they're both here, and what else is on Planet 4546B.

A crossover with the Game Subnautica, a highly entertaining game that I seriously suggest you play before reading this, or even if you don't read this story, just play the game, its good fun.

Also spoiler warning for the game, hence why you should just go play it, done that? Good, now time for story.

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YES! Finally a crossover with Subnautica! I would have chosen Fluttershy to be the one who got transported there, but that's just what I think.

Stare on a Reaper. Flutters would be on the knife-edge of OP if it was her.

Two, whatever it was it wasn't aquatic or amphibious, it had fur and way too much of it to be useful underwater, making this the first non aquatic or amphibious creature he'd seen on this planet except for himself.

What about the Skyray? It’s flies in the air like a bird. And you literally just mentioned the Cave crawlers. Those are amphibious.

a survivor from the spaceship Aurora,

My thought process in Ponies when I read this line:

This has been, Thought Process with Ponies, goodnight.

Rainbowdash's head hurt.

That is not how you spell “Rainbow Dash”

You raise a valid point, not sure why I thought it was one word.

This is an Aliens crossover, right?

No, it’s a crossover of a game called Subnautica

Now we just need one of Factorio. :D

Oh yes! Been waiting for a good crossover!

What about the Emperor then? How does it speak to the character when not even the alien race could understand it?


Yeah. That would be epic and SOOOOO hilarious.

The Sea Emperor uses some kind of psychic powers to talk, talking through thoughts is different, your own mind would just translate those thoughts into words you understand.

Given you the player doesn't understand what the precursors say, I think that proves the sea emperor is the exception.

As for the precursors, remember the sea emperor says they could not hear her, not that they couldn't understand her.

Rainbow haired Pegasus
rainbow is a color, not a name, don't need to be capitalized


Oh but also I’d like to give a few potentially helpful grammar corrections that could help improve reading through this story.

For example, this sentence from the start of the chapter:

The fact that the aliens actions sons where so, human, just made this even more confusing.
Instead of where, which is describing a place, you don’t actually need the h. The word you’re trying to put there is ‘were’. Not to be confused with we’re (which is ‘we are.’)
Oh also the word ‘sons’ doesn't really belong there at all.

But of course, brilliant crossover so far! I’m completely in love with the game Subnautica, And was thrilled to find a crossover for it with MLP! I look forward to reading more, and hope to not only do so, but to potentially help you with any grammatical errors, to help you become a better writer! (Not saying you aren’t already a good writer, just giving advice so readers don’t have to take a moment/nanosecond to understand what you really meant.)

Finally someone thought it was a good idea to make this crossover!

Fav and tracked

Oh Jesus please dont let this be dead

Reapers have barely any brain, so the chance of the stare working is low

I don't get what you're saying, I was just saying to someone that the Reaper Leviathan has a very, and I mean very, small brain so it probably has little to no feelings so the stare probably won't be able to make it feel bad, and you reply to my comment by saying that I only have this story and to come on?

Then why where you replying to my comment?

It was quicker than to Scroll Down to the normal text box
Im lazy

Write more please, this is awesome

Comment posted by BeastBrony deleted Jul 25th, 2018

The one crossover that I'm crazy about seems to have been abandoned. DenyTheWitch, why haven't you quenched my personal thirst for the combination of the only two things I love in life!?

Whelp posting my first comment on this site and its going to be a suggestion on the water hatch, I know most people would just slap it on the side of there base and call it a day, but I put a little bit of logic in how I would build stuff so here is my suggestion, put a another "I" base block leading out of your base put a bulkhead on the inside separating the exit.

Now most people would post saying that it would be an extra door to go through and it would be a waste of resources and the game doesn't force you to do this, like I said this is to put a suggestion out for the writer and it will put some logic in, now with the bulkhead in place to separate the exit hatch this is were the logic comes into play, what the "I" is for is to automatically flood and drain water from the point of access this would allow you to enter and exit from the base with out flooding it logicly but game logic is different than real life logic and its up to the writer to put it in or not.

Well... If it helps, I made a Factorio one...
Just saying...
(Shameless promotion is shameless. XD)

Had a blast reading so far :pinkiegasp:
With Subnautica and MLP beeing two of my favourite Genres I am delighted to be reading this right now.

Looking forward to more exploration and everything else :pinkiesad2:

This was nice to read trough again.
And it put me in the mood for some subnoutica, so I'm off.

Come on Engie shes just trying to help.(me playing devils advocate)

Subnautica is on my to play list. Right now I'm playing "No Man's Sky".

I am now reading it, and it's far from boring. Your writing and structure are solid, which I think is perhaps the most impressive thing about it, and I like the setup and premise.

Comment posted by Ranakastrasz deleted Jan 20th, 2019

Boring to write and boarding to read are totally different. I'm just glad that it is being continued. There are not a lot of Subnatica stories, so any one that is continued ia awesome

You have my attention my good sir. This deserves a tracking!

Ahh, Completly Forgot about Kharaa till now. :rainbowderp:
Exited for the inevetable Quest downwards and more coherent Comunications between the two.


Welp, thats all the reason I would need to never so much as glance at that portal back home

"Never been this way around the Island before, wonder whats over here."

Ohhhhh noooooo........

A crossover of MLP and Subnautica?
*clicks follow button* Color me interested.

So the warpers are coming out to play.

And what’s around the island will traumatize them.

You know I have a head canon that the infection actually is a waterborn, as in it infects others through direct contact with water which would explain the whole initial infection because it basically happened at the very start of the game when we all decided to just yell cannonball and dive right in.

Oh nonono, brace yourself Rainbow.
Look forward to when they go to the skeleton in the Brine River and the lava zone. Also warpers...

Riley... Pls Don't... Don't kill best pony... don't scare best pony with alien crab shrimp snake nightmare thing... just pls no

also when subnautica below zero comes out pls make a sequel to this story.


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