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Rainbowdash wanted to explore, and have awesome adventures in faraway lands, so when Twilight offered her the opportunity to go further than any pony has gone before, she took it. Now she's stranded on an Alien planet, with no way back home, and none of her friends. But she does find some very unlikely aid.

Ryley is a survivor from the spaceship Aurora, and as far as he can tell, he might be the only one, now after just having his hopes of rescue dashed, he is suddenly confronted with a different survivor, one who might just help him find a way of this planet after all.

Together the unlikely pair now need to uncover the mysteries of why they're both here, and what else is on Planet 4546B.

A crossover with the Game Subnautica, a highly entertaining game that I seriously suggest you play before reading this, or even if you don't read this story, just play the game, its good fun.

Also spoiler warning for the game, hence why you should just go play it, done that? Good, now time for story.

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43 years ago a mysterious entity known as LEGION arrived and tore the world apart, leading vast armies of cyborgs and robots, and wielding technology once though myth. The first Legion War saw untold devastation, the collapse of nations, and the arrival of Tiberium.

Now, 35 years after its initial defeat by the Equs Defensive Alliance, 35 years of Tiberium growth and near constant conflict. Tiberium has spread across the planet, the EDA has become lax in its watch, and The Marked Legion is stronger than ever. The plans are coming together, and soon all the pieces will be in place, now comes the time for war.

Because LEGION will ascend

Wondering whether or not to keep the human tag since the only "humans" will be some mindless cyborgs

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Jacob was an average person, he had a part time job, went to university, the usual. Then one day, after driving home from another lecture, he found himself suddenly thrown into another world. A world where humans were nothing more than brute beasts, and the dominant species were technicolour ponies.

Sold as property to an experimental magical weapons designer, his master, mistaking him for just a slightly smarter human, performed an experiment on Jacob, greatly increasing his intelligence, at a cost of some of his morality. Jacob finds in himself a new purpose, to free the humans of Equus of whatever curse they're under.

But as he takes more and more drastic measures in his quest, Jacob must wonder, in saving the humans of Equus, is letting go of his own humanity?

A non canon side-story based on the story Your Human And You by MadMaxtheBlack which I seriously recommend checking out if you haven't already

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