• Published 2nd Mar 2018
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Down into the Deep - DenyTheWitch

On the distant Planet 4546B, two aliens must delve deep into the abyss to discover a way home, and discover a great many other secrets in the process. Some of which are not happy to be found.

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Unexpected distraction

The Sunbeam was gone.

Ryley didn't know how long he'd been sitting there, staring out across the now quiet and calm ocean. He could hardly believe it when he'd first heard the Sunbeam over the radio, rescue at last! He could get off this miserably waterlogged planet. Ryley had raced for the Island rendezvous as soon as the Sunbeam told him to meet them there, dropping just about everything he was doing in the process, who cared, he was getting off this planet, he would be getting back to federation space.

Then Aliens happened.

He turned his head slightly to glare at the alien structure attached to the side of the Island, a massive obsidian construct jutting out from the side with a huge monolith reaching into the sky. To say he'd been surprised to see it there would be an understatement, he'd stared at the thing for a good few solid minutes before he finally shook himself to his senses. He'd had time before the Sunbeam arrived, so he decided to take a look inside, the place was creepy, no doubt about that, but it was also empty. Strange computers, glowing cubes and force fields notwithstanding. He hadn't finished exploring the base though when his PDA had informed him that the Sunbeam was entering the atmosphere and he had lost interest.

He'd raced back to the beach and was overjoyed when he saw it himself, a ship finally coming to take him home, Federation doctors could fix whatever alien disease he had so what? He was going home. Then the monolith had shifted, bits of it had moved about, and a giant gun had emerged from the structure. Ryley could do nothing but watch as it had charged up some strange energy, and then blown his salvation out of the sky.

"At least I know what happened to the Aurora now." He thought grimly, the Aurora, and every other ship that had ever crashed on this backwater deathtrap, shot down by an alien laser without any warning.

"I signed up with the Aurora to get away from all this crap, now I'm stuck on an alien planet, with more aliens out to kill me, except now I have to worry about my own food and water, and I'm not allowed to make any real guns!" A beeping from his PDA interrupted his musings.

"Seek Fluid Intake."

He sighed, well he probably needed to get back now anyway, probably think of a new plan to get off this planet, and not get shot down in the process, somehow. Standing up, he quickly sifted through what few supplies he had brought with him, all his water bottles where empty, he knew he had some back at his base, but he was thirsty. He looked up at the wierd trees with the thick stocky trunks, and the many small branches shooting directly up from said trunk, bulbo trees his PDA had called them. His scanner said they where good to eat, and its not like this day could get much worse anyway.

Shrugging he pulled out his knife and cut off a small piece of the tree bark, it tasted rather bland, and was also not very filling. Still, there where a lot of trees, and it didn't take much of a cut from each tree to get the small meals, so he set to work chipping away at them.

"Might make a good crop for the base, should probably bring some back with me." Ryley was keenly aware that he was just trying to distract himself from the mess with the Sunbeam, but he didn't really care, he needed to do something, and given his current line of thought, it wasn't like the distraction was working anyway.

"Okay, think Ryley, what did the old bastard use to say? Stop complaining about whats already happened and start thinking about what you can make happen. So first things first, if I want to get off this rock I definitly need to shut down that gun." He threw a glance back at the structure, the gun was folded back into the monolith now, no sign it had every been there to begin with.

"Easier said then done." A rustling sound to his left pulled him from his thoughts and he instead turned to look at the small, mountain, or large hill, that dominated the island, his hand shifting to his survival knife. The four legged, spider-like cave crawlers weren't particularly dangerous, their bites where too shallow to be actually threatening, and they didn't seem to have any venom, but they where still painful, and besides, he was in a foul mood right now and kicking around some cave crawlers seemed like it would be a good outlet for all that pent up rage.

So when something substantially larger that a cave crawler came tumbling down the mountain his first instinct was to back off, which he did, quickly darting behind one of the Bulboa trees to look around at the new alien. At which point he noticed several things at once.

One, it was very bright, not bright in the glowy kind he'd seen on this planet throughout the ocean, just brightly coloured, it had a bright blue coat and, what seemed to be rainbow coloured hair running down its neck.

Two, whatever it was it wasn't aquatic or amphibious, it had fur and way too much of it to be useful underwater, making this the first non aquatic or amphibious creature he'd seen on this planet except for himself and the Skyray's.

Three, it was hurt, whatever it was, its bright blue coat was covered in small scratches and cuts, with small amounts of blood slowly staining its fur, some of those wound looked fresh, likely from the cave crawlers that where currently crushed underneath it, or just the tumble down the mountain, that could do it too. It also wasn't moving.

After the shock of just, whatever it was, had worn off, he slowly started to creep towards it, carefully watching for any signs it might turn out to be hostile. Some might call Ryley paranoid for this, but those people hadn't been strapped on an alien planet for the past week. Ryley hadn't survived this long by not being careful, and he didn't intend to stop now.

Once he got closer to the alien, he could see that it was at least, or he thought it was. Its chest was rising and falling very slowly, but for all he knew that could just be an internal bacterial reaction and the alien was completely dead right now, he'd seen weirder. He also saw that, whatever it was, it had wings, not the kind he'd seen on the small Skyrays, these wings looked more in place on a terran bird.

Pulling out his scanner, he methodically ran it over the creature, noticing the scanner took a bit longer on this creature than it did with other things its size, when the scanner was complete and he looked at the results, he only grew even more confused as his PDA decided to read this info out for him.

"Scan complete. Species identified as, Pegasus. Scan data indicates that this creature seems to not be native to this planet, a visitor, like you." He scowled at that last bit, whoever it was that decided to give these PDA's personality, he didn't see why that personality had to be a snarky, wisecracking smartarse. Still, his temporary annoyance quickly morphed back into shock, whatever this creature was, it wasn't native, which meant it had come here as well, somehow, which meant it was probably intelligent, another sapient creature, on this watery hell of a planet.

Ryley gazed down at the alien, the Pegasus, at his feet, reeling with all this information, thinking over what to do. A sapient alien, probably a survivor of another crash like him, another survivor. He still hadn't found any other Aurora crew members since he woke up, just their data boxes none of which had boded well for their fates, but now he finally found another survivor, okay it wasn't his crew, it wasn't even his species, but he'd be dammed if he wasn't going to save someone now that he finally had the opportunity.

Scooping up the Pegasus in his arms, he gently but quickly carried it to his Seamoth submarine, still floating where he had left it right next to the Island. After lowering the alien gently to the bottom of the glass cockpit, he sat himself down in the pilot seat, closed the hatch, and started the long trip back to base.

Author's Note:

So I have come up with the completely original and never before thought of idea or doing a "pony stuck in survival video game setting with a human."

Subnautica is however pretty different from most other survival games, but then you'd already know that if you'd gone and played the game before coming to read this like I said you should. :derpytongue2:

I don't play most survival games, find them boring and aimless, but Subnautica has an interesting story (which I am totally not going to rip off here :scootangel:) and a highly engaging atmosphere. It could even be considered something of a horror game if you're one of those people who's afraid of the ocean, like me.

More seriously I do hope to have something of an interesting story here, mostly faithful to the source materiel, but with a few small twists of my own thrown into the mix for good measure.