• Published 2nd Mar 2018
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Down into the Deep - DenyTheWitch

On the distant Planet 4546B, two aliens must delve deep into the abyss to discover a way home, and discover a great many other secrets in the process. Some of which are not happy to be found.

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Coming to Terms

Ryley furiously scrawled through the PDA, eyes running over several lines repeatedly.

WARNING. Infected individuals may not disable the weapon. This planet is under quarantine.

Self-scan complete. Bacterial infection of your system is progressing. Detecting skin-irritation and immune system response. Further data required to identify bacterial strain.

He could think of an infection. The one that made the glowing green spots on those fish. It didn't look pretty, and from what the scanner had told him those fish didn't have long to live.

But how was he sick? He'd avoided those fish, never even touched them. And how was Rainbowdash, she'd eaten hardly anything except grass, since when does grass carry infections?

"I guess alien grass does, or maybe she are something else before we met?" None of it really mattered now anyway, they where infected, now it was a question of what to do about it.

Rainbowdash and the PDA where busy in some conversation, the PDA was probably explaining the situation to her, given Rainbowdash's increasingly aggravated responses. Eventually she looked at him and the PDA switched back to translation.

"So we're sick, that just means we need to get off this planet even faster. You have doctors that could fix this right?" He grimaced at that, then pointed at the control panel.

"That is a weapon. It won't let us leave until we aren't sick." But how the hell where they supposed to cure themselves without any proper medical equipment, or trained doctors, or anything other than basic medkits.

Rainbowdash looked back between the terminal and him, before pointing at the column behind it. "Use your thing." He frowned.

"What thing?" She grumbled to herself before pointing at his belt.

"The blue light thing." He followed her hoof to that oh so useful if tools.

"The scanner?"

"Yeah, that." He thought about it for the briefest moments, before shrugging.

"Might as well, it's not like it could make it her any worse." Standing up, he walked back to the column behind the terminal, which did not open up this time almost as if to spite him. He shook that thought away, now wasn't the time to get distracted, and ran the scanner over the large column. His eyes went wide when he saw the results.

100MT nuclear explosion?! "And I was gonna try blowing this place up!" Well that rather definitively ruled out that option, unless he could go, very, very far away.

"But I still don't know what else is out there, the PDA said the biomes where unusually concentrated in this area. There might not be enough to survive out there." An idea for another time then.

Still at least he had an idea now, and wasn't just lamenting facts that he couldn't change. "Right, focus on what you can do."

Then the PDA buzzed in his grip, and he found more to cheer about when reading the new logs.

Intercepted background data regarding further alien facilities elsewhere on the planet.

"Disease research facility? Thermal power plant!" Maybe they could figure a cure in the research facility, or even shut down the gun at its source. They where definitely long shots, but they sounded better than triggering a 100MT nuclear explosion. He was so lost in thought reading the data that he almost dropped the PDA when Rainbowdash remained him she was there.

"So, what does it say?" He ruminated on that for a moment, all it really said was possibilities, there was a good chance none of these ideas would work, he didn't know how this alien technology worked, and if the aliens research facility has a cure, they wouldn't have put this planet under quarantine. Calling his ideas long shots was really an understatement.

But still.

"Ideas, maybe a cure, or maybe a way to shut this down." However Rainbowdash seemed to be thinking about something.

"What about the arch, maybe we could go to my home, fix us there." Right, she came through a portal, another idea, didn't seem likely to work, the arches whee obviously built by the same aliens, and it said this entire planet was under quarantine. But all of his ideas had plenty of holes in them too. He nodded.

"Worth a shot." She lit up at that, and immediately started to, prance (? It looked like prancing) before running towards the exit.

"Where are you going?" She looked back as she reached the turn.

"The arch, remember." Ryley frowned as he stood up, watching her impatiently prancing in place.

"Is that the arch you came from?" That out an end to her prancing, and he felt rather guilty as her face fell.

"I'll take that as a no." He sighed and walked over to her, lightly patting her head.

"It's probably best if we head back to now anyway, it's late, and I'm thirsty, we can come back tomorrow. But it's still worth a try." She nodded glumly, then shook his hand off and continued toward the exit. Ryley followed, giving one last look at the control room.

"Next time I come here, I won't leave without shutting this down."

The walk back to the pool was done in silence, neither of them felt particularly talkative at the moment. It has taken a bit of talking, but eventually Rainbowdash figured out the general idea of what was happening.

She and Ryley where sick, very sick, the lethal kind of sick. And the aliens who built this place wouldn't let them leave until they weren't sick.

But it was weird, she didn't feel sick, sure her wings still ached a bit but that was because of the long flight. And when could she have gotten sick, the PDA said it probably happened when she are the grass or when she was bitten. But that only happened yesterday, this was fast.

She was so lost in thought that she almost missed Ryley's little cough as she made her way to the air lord. She quickly turned her head back in concern, was it the sickness?

That concern swiftly vanished when she saw his slightly pale face as he pointed at the lift, shaking his head. She smirked. "You're not still scared are you?" The PDA translation couldn't quite cover the tiny squeak in his voice as he replied.

"No, *cough* no, but I think it would be faster if I brought the Submarine here."

"Going around the island is faster than going over it?" She didn't bother to hide the skepticism in her voice. But he nodded nonetheless, patting the large cylinder with handles on his side.

"I can swim fast, I bring the Submarine here, then we go to base, eat and rest, come back tomorrow." Well he wasn't wrong, he did swim fast with that thing. Still.

"And what am I supposed to do, just wait here?" He nodded.

"Won't take long." And with that he dived straight into the pool, leaving Rainbowdash's last retort to die before it even left her mouth.

"... Well now what." She glanced around the chamber, looking for something to do. Sure she could go back to see if they missed anything, but...

Well Ryley might worry if she wasn't here when he got back. After all, she didn't want to stress that poor monkey out anymore than he clearly was. It definitely wasn't that this place creeped her out now that she was by herself.

Yup, definitely not that.

She decided to quickly test her wings, they still stung when she moved them, but she could fly, if she wanted too. Looking back up at the empty, featureless roof, she decided to play it safe. "I'll fly when we get back here tomorrow."

Unfortunately, that still left her with nothing to do, so, out of options, she decided to rummage through her bags.

If the supplies she still had left, most everything edible was gone, eaten by herself during the flight, or by those spider things after she'd crashed. She idly rubbed some of the cuts on her neck, those things hurt, she'd apologize to Fluttershy later, but crushing them was still immensely satisfying. Most everything else was damaged in some way, the telescope, the compass, the water bottles, even the already useless radio, nearly everything broke in the crash. Only the gem had survived.

Pulling it out she rolled it around in her hooves, it was the shape of a dodecahedron, and very dimly pulsed every few seconds. "Twilight will figure out a way to talk to me, she's the smartest pony I know." She knew eventually that Twilight would figure out a way to get to her, but until then Rainbowdash was hardly going to sit on her haunches and wait. Besides, it was probably for the best that she couldn't go straight back, she was sick with something very bad, and the last thing she wanted was to get Equestria sick with some alien disease as well.

Besides, this way she could still help Ryley, they had just met, but he'd helped her, maybe even saved her life, and seemed overall pretty cool, the least she could do was try to help him get home too. Yeah, Equestria would have to wait a little while, first Rainbow would have to take care of this planet.

Just then, the gem changed. From its usual full pulsing rainbow coloured light, suddenly it glowed a steady blue. Rainbowdash wasted no time, picking it up immediately and holding it to her face. "Hello, who is this? Is Twilight there."

But what she heard wasn't even close to what she hoped to hear, or wanted to see either. Four massive floating blue eyes seemed to appear in front of her, along with the faint outline of a strange body, a head with multiple protrusion and a long body. First she heard a strange clicking sound, and then, all around her, a deep, but feminine voice asked.

"What... are... you?"

Now Rainbowdash had used these gems before, when they where testing to see if they worked. What was supposed to happen, was the gem would glow the colour of the callers aura, and then the callers voice would emerge from the gem. So when all of this happened, it was naturally quite far from what she had expected.

"What am I! What are you? Who are you? Hey, answer me." But only silence met her shout. She shook the gem in her hooves.

"Come on! What was that?" But the gem simply returned to its faint rainbow coloured pulsing. She scowled and shook it some more, she knew that really, this wasn't helping, at all, but it definitely made her feel better. However, as she was doing this, she almost missed the bright blue flash at the edge of her vision. Nevertheless she did catch it, and whipped her head up to see... something floating in the water just where the pool met the ocean. And it wasn't Ryley.

Floating in place was a strange creature. Most of the creature was a dark purple colour over its head and back, but the front of its body was a transparent pale blue, she could even see what looked like organs and bones in there. It had six tentacles at the lower end of its body, two of them transparent, the rest the same dark purple as its back, and it had two arms which ended in large spikes. Its head was round and flat at the top, with four glowing magenta eyes staring right at her.

She dropped the gem and ran to the pool, stopping in the shallow edge, and shouted. "Was that you? Or one of your friends?" It did nothing, just staring at her. She slammed her hoof into the ground, which only produced a far less dramatic splash.

"What do you want? Did you make this place? ANSWER ME!" The creature continued to stare for a moment, and then just as Rainbowdash was considering diving into the water to fetch the creature herself, it was suddenly engulfed in a bright blue sphere, and then disappeared.

"You get back here we're not done talking yet!" But there was no response, and no sign of the creature. She waited for a moment before snorting and stomping her way back out of the water. She picked up the gem where she'd dropped it, giving it another once over before placing it back on the ground, and repacking her bags with everything else.

She had just finished when another light glow emerged from behind her, and she whirled around to see Ryley and his submarine entering the pool, lights shining from the front.

Ryley returned to the moonpool to find Rainbowdash looking very, agitated. Her fur and feathers where poofed out, and she moved with particular force, shoving items very roughly into her bags, before strapping them on and only then moving to smooth over her fur.

"What's wrong?" She paused, giving him a strange look, before answering, pointing to the dark ocean behind him.

"I saw something over there. And I think it talked to me." Ryley frowned, glancing back behind him to see the empty ocean, he hadn't seen any creatures since getting in the Seamoth, but he had thought he saw a flash of blue when he rounded the island. He turned back to Rainbowdash who was now in the process of smoothing over her feathers.

"It talked to you?" She paused again, before nodding slowly, as she reached down to pick up her gemstone.

"Yeah, then it diaghsaa." He looked down at the PDA, then back at her.

"Say again?" That seemed to make her angry, and she sat down on her haunches for a moment, frowning in, what looked like a mix of concentration and frustration.

"Blue ball, the gone." Well that didn't help, and once again at these crucial moments, the PDA decided to chime in without translating.

"Hallucinations are a common indicator of psychological discomfort and/or insanity." Sometimes he wanted to slap that thing.

"Well whatever it is, it's gone now. Come on, lets go." She still looked annoyed, but nevertheless she plucked the gem up in her mouth, and climbed inside the Seamoth. After getting himself as comfortable as he could, he closed the hatch, and set off back to his base.

"Never been this way around the Island before, wonder whats over here."