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Expecting consistency with the TV show? Want accuracy down to a point? then your in the wrong place, there is little consistency here and I am proud of it.


Before Ponyville was colonized many years ago, a building was constructed in secret by a family of unicorns trying to escape the hustle and bustle of Canterlot, this home is believed to be cursed by a malevolent spirit who attacks any who come close.

This belief is disproven however, as Rarity has lived here her entire life without any incident, she even had Carousel Boutique moved relatively close by, but there is one thing she doesn't know, nor truly want to know.

There was only one room she never entered, nor tried to enter, her grandfather warned her not to go inside, to keep the door locked and the Window barred, why this was, he never said.

The secret can't be that bad.....right?

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*<>* they broke the salt line .... They Broke the Barrier oh nu

First comment. Good job on the fic so far, so many questions. Who is the ghost and why where they sealed being only a couple.
:moustache: good work

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