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Sweetie Drops was a former agent of the former Equestrian intelligence agency known as S.M.I.L.E. After the agency was destroyed and its agents murdered by their benefactor, Prince Blueblood, Sweetie went into hiding under the alias of Bon Bon, Ponyville's local candy maker.

Blueblood publicly denounced the agents as rebels against the princesses in a political move to advance his position among the nobility while the public was made to believe the lies made to tarnish the fallen agents' reputations.

Years after the incident, Sweetie could not forget the atrocities that Blueblood had committed and she felt an increasing desire to avenge her comrades.

Discord gives her that chance.

In exchange for participating in eight years of galactic wars, Sweetie will gain the means necessary to right the wrongs that Blueblood has committed.

Lyra will be there to support her every step of the way.

This story will cover Starcraft 1, Brood War, and all 3 campaigns of 2.

Chapters (116)
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Comments ( 212 )

StarCraft? I WAIT THIS!

Wanderer D

I don't think people will interpret "Displaced" as what you think. Do you mean a crossover with Starcraft where characters are sent to that universe? Because those do exist.

Pretty much, yes. However, most of those haven't updated in a long time. So I consider them either abandoned, or the author is simply too busy with life to continue.

Wanderer D

9627787 I updated mine just last week! :rainbowwild:

Still though, you might want to use a different term than "displaced" to describe this in that case.

Just by reading the bio for the story it peaks my interest.

Reading the story it shows promise and I am interested in seeing how it progresses. The only thing I noticed wrong would be a bit of editing here and there. But not to the wxtent of making it unreadable.
I second actually the confusion over it due to there being plenty of actual Displaced of starcraft into equstria but the reverse is as ypu said almost lacking entirely. Though Wanderer has his amazong story.

I'm doing everything on my own. If you know someone who can help with the editing, that would be appreciated.

I said 'most' stories. I am aware of your's and Jest's stories. I have been keeping track of Jest's story and I will give yours a look.

I suppose that "displaced" can mean different things. I changed the short description to hopefully clarify that.

Before I read this, I must know: Why would Blueblood destroy what he created?

He secretly used them to eliminate his political opponents then eliminated the agency to avoid scandal.

Why didn't you respond by replying to my comment?

I thought I did. I'm not sure what happened.

So we get started at the start of SC 1

Bummer that Bon Bon can't wear the armor. Maybe a custom job later

Given that they're also planning on doing Starcraft 2, yes?

Interesting way to.get rid of the commander since he is not in sc2

According to the lore, he left the Raiders within a few weeks of joining. As far as I know, he simply faded into obscurity.

Or devs didn't bother to bring back the role.

If the overmind made Sweetie into a second Queen of Blades, oh boy.

Sweetie or Lyra, ether would be devastating.

I wish I could thumb this up more than once.

Admor is an idiot. Also what link?

It's in the AN. Keep looking.

Admor wins the Darwinian Award.

Admor for wining the Darwinian Awards for the day you get a
( made in space china )

If he has taught at least one person to not blindly worship a council of elderly Protoss, then he has done his job well.

Props for finding a way for Tassadar to not have to sacrifice himself to kill the Overmind. Can't wait to see how that changes things for the future of the Protoss.

Now... how will Zeratul learn what was actualy going on whit the Overmind and the Queen of Blades?

Well that answers my question from last chap and we get a prinsses of the swarm.:pinkiehappy:

Not quite...The fact is that Kerrigan could control Zerg even without the mutagen. I applied that concept to Sweetie. At this point all she is getting is a very minor version of controlling Zerg minions, which she had all along, just didn't know she had it...as well as the Detector ability. There is no infestation for Sweetie here.

All psyonics can control serg that do not have a ruler of som sort at the moment, true.
That is mostly a chain of comand thing. You control the overlord who control the lesser zerg.
But, you missed the joke and that is more on me as I am a rather a-symetric thinker when it comes to jokes.
As it is 00:30 am here and I rely need some sleep I will return later and explain the joka I was trying to make.

If I remember what it was.

Sweetie noticed an unusually placed Ultralisk Cavern that was guarded by a pair of Ultralisks. Quickly dealing with a nearby Spore Colony, the stealth trio cut down the pair of behemoths and then proceeded to level the cavern, which Sweetie still considered weird to be placed away from a base. Before Sweetie could ask, the Overmind responded.

~”Don’t ask.”~

That's just hilarious.

Great job with this chapter.

Um you got the dominion symbol wrong. Is a arm flexed with a whip around it.

That's Sons of Korhal
Although, when I looked at the Dominion symbol up close, I could see some similarity.

It wasn't like Sweetie was looking at the Dominion symbol close enough to notice.

More then some. They are the same, just styled different

Well, she was disarmed.

* awaits the crickets*

Sorry, no crickets. Flesh-eating locusts on the other hand...

Since when did this become the mummy?

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