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Dconstructed Reconstruct

reconstructing the deconstruction


This story is a sequel to Celebration at Twilight's

Discord wants to enjoy the Summer Sun celebration with the rest of Ponyville.

Sure, everybody's already dead by the time he arrives, but it's not like that's going to stop him.

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Comments ( 103 )

My backwards elder speech is rusty, but that was quite enjoyable.

Yep, Discord was really knocking them dead.

I gave up trying to read this.

The upside-down, backwards exposition dumps just ruin any pacing this story could have had.

“You’re probably wondering what I, Discord, am doing in your office. Probably?”

Do you watch Doctor Who?

My question is how the hell did he get upside down text
Anyhow, good story,, nice read
(Don't you think you should mention the workshop at least?)

Beautiful bastard.

~Skeeter The Lurker

dǝɹsouɐןןʎ' ı nsǝ ʇɥıs sıʇǝ ɥǝɹǝ

A shame you feel like this, because I had fun writing it. I did post the transcripts at the end though. You can take a look at that.

I guess the party really died when Discord arrived... Ehh?

It really says something when weird, wacky stuff like this just doesn't faze me anymore.

Still, great little oneshot.

Hastur? Might as well get ahold of Nyarlathotep and embrace being screwed over. What you want in a situation like this is a nice, straightforward Thing like Iog-Sotot, who will bring your friends back to life without all this hard-to-follow-advice and "temptation" crap. Sure, he gets to eat your world and all in exchange, but heck, you have an interdimensional gate to pack your friends (and whoever else you have time for) through before it happens.

:ajbemused::ajbemused::ajbemused: ......I will confess to turning my laptop upside down and trying to read Haustr's lines without knowing the translations were at the bottom. :facehoof: In fairness, I succeeded.

dmmit twilight
you dumbfuck
this legit creeped me out


Rectum? Damn near killed 'em.

8050947 yeah, really wish I knew translations were on the bottom before hand...

Goodness, Discord was distracted. You'd think he'd notice a Nezperdian hive-mind of chaos intruding into the mortal realm, but nooooo....

Backwards/upside down text is fine (I used to read books upside-down for fun or--in my childhood--because one of my siblings wouldn't let go of it), but combining it with that font made my head hurt trying to read it. That simply wasn't necessary.

I sort of get what you're going for, but making Hastur extremely difficult to read harms the comedic value of Hastur's section of the story. Twilight's responses to him(?) in particular are a lot funnier if you know what he's saying, but the reader either has skipped his dialogue entirely, or has spent too much effort on trying to understand and is no longer having fun.

No, putting translations at the end of the chapter doesn't help. Fimfic's formatting doesn't make that particularly convenient as a reference while you read the story.

(This is what I get for only listening to the reading instead of seeing what you were doing with the text the first time around...)

Now, you heard most of my other comments privately, but I'll reiterate that while I had a few giggles, I still don't think this story wholly knows what it's trying to do or wholly accomplishes what it does know it's trying to do.

Or maybe subtler dark comedy just isn't my thing.

One could say this genre is being milked to death.

Funny, the first few sentences spoken by Hastur are different from the rest of the line spoken by that character. The first few sentences seem to be upside down and backwards in character and structure while later sentences are only upside-down and backwards in character.

In other words, the first part is written backwards while the rest was written forward.

Thanks for the challenge btw. I don't often read upside-backwards, but I'm game if its present. XD


Thank you. I thought it was just me, and my head was too hurty to double-check.

8050095 It confused me, only because the first one flipped every word, but the all the rest flipped every letter. This means that with difficulty you can read the first one fairly easily, but the rest take significantly longer to decode.

In fact, with a smartphone turned upside down reading the first phrase is trivial, but the rest of the phrases are almost indecipherable were it not for powers of deduction (that is, recognizing familiar phrases and words and filling in the gaps without actually reading the whole thing).

I suspect I would have had a better go at it if the first was in line with the rest, or vice versa, as it would have made me predisposed to the [correct] solution method. As it was, I spent a minute extra on the first phrase because I couldn't figure out why the words were not making sense.

Well, guess that explains what happened to Celestia (though Discord probably didn't intend for that to happen). Yeah, considering what happened to Celestia, she doesn't make for a good eldritch abomination. Twilight on the other hand/hoof.... Poor Discord, he just wants some attention. Fortunately, not like anyone in Ponyville has any important errands to attend to. Well, aside from Twilight trying to break the universe, but she probably does that every weekend.

Wow Twi pulled the mother of all pranks on Discord with him STILL not figuring that out and impressing and frustrating 4 Elder Gods and its only late afternoon at this rate she is going to break her reality aaaaand probably a few surrounding realities...............wooohoooo got to watch this go down.

It was almost as if the crickets themselves were also dead.

This line was a killer.


FUCKIN FEATURED. MATURE feature no less.

You still got it you magnificent sumbitch.

~Skeeter The Lurker

As you spotted, the first paragraph was just a matter of rotating each word 180 degrees. The rest of them were trickier, although it would have been made much easier with a mirror.

if you read the text backwards and upside down and to the left, its normal text

More, just more. I need to know how the insanity ends!

Glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

You know... that didn't quite cross my mind, but I can't deny it's absolutely right!

Sequel, anyone?

I've gone ahead and omitted the italics on Hastur's dialogue. Hopefully, that makes it easier to read in the near future.

More or less. Twilight's destiny has been set. Everyone in Equestria is pretty much doomed at this point.

Hmmm... not sure if I plan on making a full sequel to this, truth be told. Getting it to work was a bit of a challenge.

However, we still have Starlight in the mix. She wasn't in town when everyone up and died... :trollestia:

Sorry to say I lost interest when it became too difficult to read the upside-down text.

Fine. I will add the actual dialogue underneath the upside down text.

For those curious, I also went ahead and colored in Hastur's dialogue. Hope that makes reading easier.

8052174 It would've been easier if you'd standardised all the upside-down text. In some intances, the text is upside-down and the words are reversed. In others, everything is in the proper order and merely upside-down.

All part of the charm :moustache:

In all seriousness, perhaps I should have. Still, I feel it adds to Hastur's eldritch nature.

At any rate, I've gone ahead and added his dialogue in plain English, as well as colorized it yellow to further aid in 'reading' it (though, the point was that people wouldn't be able to actually read it. Heh)

How did you get that text upside-down?


Losing the italics made it much more legible. Thankies.

That, and I also added the actual dialogue in parenthesis for extra ease of reading (in case anyone just wants to jump over the upside down backwards text.

Oh, and I added color. That should further help.

The line "ı ʍonןp qǝ bnıʇǝ dɹonp oɟ ɯʎsǝןɟ ıɟ ı ʍɐs ʎon' ʇʍıןıƃɥʇ sdɐɹʞןǝ˙" is only shown inverted.

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