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Once upon a time, there were two ponies. One was Rainbow Dash, best self appointed flyer and promising cadet for the Wonderbolts Academy.
The other was Pinkie Pie, one of the greatest bakers to ever live in Equestria (and a great party planner to booth.) Both were good friends and shared many adventures together.

One day, Rainbow Dash asked Pinkie to show her a skill that wasn't related to flying. Pinkie Pie happily agreed.

It didn't end well.


This story was written without much worry for editing and/or multiple drafts. What you see here is what you get: a story that's as pure to the original written format as possible.

Enjoy my little experiment on "posting fresh off the press."

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Comments ( 9 )

I guess I'm just not in the mood or something. I can't find anything wrong with this that can be named, but I just can't keep my eyes on it. Perhaps later.

Heh, probably was so bad it broke your sense of reviewing or something.:pinkiehappy:

At any rate, still appreciate the look over and the comment. We'll be speaking more soon enough.

I like this. Good physical comedy can be hard to set down in words. Well done with this. Upvote from me.

Author Interviewer

Until the reference to Daring Do, I'd thought I was reading one of the old "Rainbow Dash can't cook" fics from the EQD contest that was yonks and yonks ago. Was a fun read nevertheless. :D

Funny thing you should mention that contest. This story was based on that little piece since I liked it.


At any rate, glad you enjoyed it. Here's hoping you enjoy the rest of what my rather atrocious works :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

Weird question: I've been cleaning up the writeoff group's story folders, trying to get everything in there that can be gotten, but I found this story and couldn't place it in any of the contests. :B Did you change the title or something? Which contest was it from?

Oh, this old thing, I wrote it for the "ponies do something different" contest held in EqD about two or so years ago. It was supposed to be done on the spot, without any editing outside of what could be accomplished in the alloted time. Far as its name goes, I have not changed it since it was written. Maybe just capitalized the title, but that's about it.

Author Interviewer

Oh, okay! Separate writing contest then. :B No harm, no foul!

Am I the only one worried about Gummy?

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