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Dconstructed Reconstruct

reconstructing the deconstruction


Every night, it came to try and claim the young princess, and every night it ultimately failed. Yet, it is eternal, unknowable, unfathomable. It will never tire, and never stop.

All that changes tonight.

One final stand against it, the fate of every sentient being at stake. One guardian against incomprehensible evil. If she’s unsuccessful… no one will have a future.

Written rather quickly for my current worshop. I decided to clean it up and expand on it. It's something I had to put out before my greed got it it and it expanded beyond my grasp.

Hope you enjoy it! Like, comment, and follow.

Or don't. Up to you.

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Comments ( 9 )

Very nicely done. I definitely feel that this was inspired by that drawing of a teddy with a wooden sword facing off against some bogy-man over a sleeping child.

Good to see that you are still writing, buddy.

I liked this story, so it's upvoted.

Additional note: Well, I'm trying to upvote, but the button doesn't work. :twilightangry2:


6401693 That's the fun little "won't show the first few votes" thing that got started a little while back. Just watch for the thumb to turn green or red and you'll do fine. :raritywink:

Thanks for reading, and yes, I did get some inspiration from that image. I believe I'm going to do a bit of more work on this. Stay tuned.

Yes, I am still writing. Been busy due to work, work, and more work. Did I mention work?

At any rate, thank you for reading. I'm still going to work a bit more on this, so stay tuned.

Since I am coming back here and didn't say this earlier - this is awesome, and you're an awesome writer. Sorry I don't comment more often.

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