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Six years after her ascension to princesshood, Twilight and Spike have started to grow apart. Spike starts to fear what age will do to him, and he comes to the realization that he must tell Twilight a shocking truth before it's too late.

What he doesn't know is that his decision will change everything.

Pre-read by: Skeeter the Lurker, Alexmagnet, Flint Sparks.

Edited by: SpaceCommie, Abcron, Prak

Whoo! Featured on 3/31/14. Thank you all so much for reading and giving me my first ever story feature on this site.
Story has been updated as of 4/7/14

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I never was the biggest fan of Spikelight, but this one is pretty good.
Have a satche.:moustache:

I never really read SpikexTwi but this was superb. An excellent, short but emotional piece. Insta fav!!

And you said you couldn't write.:ajsmug:

Nicely done.

Not sure I cared for Twilight's years-long OOC personality, but hey, I'll take Twispike where I can get it.

This is a very beautifully written story, even if in first chapter Twi might seem to be a little OOC, the second one explains clearly why she acts like she acts. I love how you used the confusion in her heart to propel her actions it certainly is befitting her character.

Favored, Liked and... Hope for a sequel, to see them struggle with the important gift they realized they have.:twilightsmile:

I think that the best thing I can say about the story is that your prose is pleasant to read.

Other than that... well...you turned Spike into a misery sue... which immediately makes me dislike the story. More than that, everything, from the characterization to the wording, to the events seems slightly... off somehow; and italics in speech as well as in thought are simply confusing...

Nice to see'er out.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Spike is one emotional dragon. Growing up with ponies has seem to hurt more than help here.:pinkiesad2:

Why I prefer a happy, even tampered or angry, Spike. The, Spike in this story is alright to.:ajsmug:

A change I do think you should make though is this;

After all, Twilight was a unicorn, and I was a dragon. Why would she love me?

Should really be this instead;

After all, Twilight was a pony, and I'm a dragon. Why would she love me?

Good work! Will read the rest later.:moustache::twilightsmile:

In Spike's coma sequence, you mixed up past and present tenses, quite often in fact. You should re-read and rectify that.

As for the content... it's quite warm to read, but it feels as though it's missing so much of the story, I can't see this as complete. The scarf, for example, was barely touched upon, while its significance was barely skimmed.

This sir, is completely awesome :pinkiehappy:

i don't like Twispike/Spikelight, but I really love this story

And this kids, is why destiny is fucking terrible.

Twilight's initial reaction to Spike's admission confuses me, and honestly makes no sense. I cannot fathom why Twilight would tell him to leave--the whole "a princess and a dragon/assistant can never be together" thing seems like a very weak defense, and I don't really find her inner argument against her feelings valid.

All in all, not bad, but falls a bit short.

I liked this, very heart warming

I'm a horrible artist so I wont be drawing this antime soon but if anyone is up for it.
I got an image in my head of spike as a much larger dragon wrapped around canterlot protectively

Likewise; Twilight's reaction seems utterly alien, and nothing in the story explains where that reaction came from.

Why was Celestia, Luna, AJ, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie so mad at each other?

like the chapter. really brung out the feels in me.

oh and one small thing:

After all, Twilight was a unicorn, and I was a dragon. Why would she love me?

i think unicorn should be replaced with either Alicorn, or pony. those fit better.

It should be alicorn twi tag, not unicorn twi tag

Simply bootiful I tell ye!

It is worth reading all the way to the end. ^u^
I really like this! <3

This was such a beautiful story. Twilight's emotional struggle felt real for her character and the blizzard was just a perfect add on to the drama and turmoil. Probably one of my favorite Spilight story right now. Liked, faved... and a sequel maybe?

4165440 I think they were mad at Twilight for, essentially, killing Spike. It was her fault that he ran away, she didn't go save him. Celestia loves Twilight, but letting her son die would make any mother furious. The same can be said for Luna. As for the others, they were all disappointed in Twilight, they all cared for Spike to some degree and now he was gone because of her.
Now with all the negativity and anger felt by three Alicorns and the Element bearers, I guess that made the wendigoes reappear?


Twi was afraid of her own feelings.

After the breaking of harmony, each of the mane six and princesses among themselves blamed for the fate of Spike, undoing the spirit of unity that kept the equestrian realm away from the cold and ice.

Which brings the question, in his "almost" death, saw Spike a possible consequence for his death?

I really enjoyed reading this! It's very well-written, with good pacing, characterization, and feels.Nice work. :twilightsmile:

4161334 I wish I knew what a satche was :twilightblush:

tell me ur secrets......

I got nothing complimentary to say about Celestia in this one. The dragon she's responsible for is suffering a ver unique personal crisis, and she just gives him a children's show platitude? Weak, especially for a being who's lived thousands of years. She tells him to be proud of who and what he is, but if his identity is the very thing that's preventing him from being close to someone, what's there for him to be proud of? Accepting that he'll never receive the love he gives so willingly? She's pretty much telling him to take pride in his lonely, martyr-like existence. Most Spike-suicides fics are just cheap indulgences, but I can easily see him ending it all when he finds out he will never have a significant other with whom to share that life.

Good job. Rarity was such a bitch though. :unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by Jblade23 deleted Apr 3rd, 2014

Wow, I'm not normally a fan of spilight, but that was really good. I really enjoyed you connecting back to the crystal heart episode, that part was one of my favorite scenes in the show.

once again rarity is and always will be a bitch.

awesome bra. Thanks for the stache there. I will sherish it for all time:pinkiehappy:

I stll have my doubts, but I hope this is just the first of many more stories that get this many views. If not, I'll still write anyway:pinkiehappy:

Well, I am considering one, to further expand on Twilight's "OOC" nature that, I have to admit, can be a bit jarring.

Perhaps if more people would be willing to say if they want the sequel or not...

This has been fixed in the update. Thanks for pointing that out:moustache:

I am currently drafting a possible continuation.

I'd love to hear what you have to say on this matter. I did think that Twi was OOC, and to an extend, that was the plan. However, I am starting to realize that her small revelation chapter might not be enough to erase the notion that she's too different. This is why I feel your input would be very welcome on this matter.

Not the image I had in mind, but I can see it working. Is there anyne out there that also wants to draw something for this?

4199899 I wouldn't say its jarring, more likely that Twilight's reasons should be portrayed earlier to avoid initial confusion which shows itself in chapter 1.

As for the sequel...seeing those like/dislike ratio I guess a lot of people favored. That alone should be feedback big enough to inform you that people enjoyed it and would probably enjoy sequel as well.:twilightsmile:

You have a great idea and potential with this fic that can bloom into beautiful tale... which is exactly why I do hope for sequel. (and because it would be about Twilight and Spike in relationship and there aren't many fics like that, most of them are about this duo falling in love).:twilightsmile:

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