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Twilight, Discord and Spike are on Earth. Except it's Antarctica. And Equestrians lose their magic on Earth. And it's very, very, very cold in Antarctica.

Not related to any of my other fics.

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I feel cold now

Too bad it's >complete

A humorous, if dark, little story, I will admit.

I was able to figure out who was talking all the way through, so good job. :ajsmug: More of an exercise or character sketch than a story, though.

Oh gosh... Did they die? :( Please make a sequel to this!

4809293 you know.. If they and not dead..

It's absolutely clear at every moment who's speaking. Very well done.

I love it. Never read anything like this before, and I can see that it ended up very good! :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Just read this as a bonus for the new Not The Hero chapter.

I must say, you really write the BEST Discord, character wise.

Surprisingly, or maybe not, both Twilight and Spike feel very natural too.

This was both funny and entertaining, also it feels real even if it's just dialogue. It's not hard to look at, you know exactly who is talking by the words used, so I'd prefer this from instead of some of the mainly descriptively written stories out there. Feels like this could actually be in an episode, except for a overabundance of mentioning killing, being killed, or death in general, cut that out and the 'only dialogue' format makes this true episode material.

This story reminds me of a Twilight uses a portal to come to Earth story, in that all she finds is a frozen wasteland, and a small wooden hut with some supplies and a log book. Thinking the entire planet is frozen, she signs the Arctic Research Station's logbook and leaves. I wish I could remember what it was called.

Yes that's it! I forgot they didn't use #humans which is a tag I tried searching for.

Huh, guess I didn't ... Oops.

I instantly compared it to the stargate episode.

Interesting dynamic. Also reminds me of all the times people try to convince Discord of life afferming chaos. All it takes is fixing a desperate situation with his chaos magic in a rediculous way for someone to gain a positive opinion of him.

"Oh. Well, I can't feel my dragon paw, either. Or my talon."

Lion paw

No, his lion paw is heavily furred and has slightly more protection from the cold than his reptilian paw, so it's correct as stated. If he'd been standing bipedal he'd probably have said dragon foot, but on all fours it's one of his paws.

That being said I'll probably make it clearer in the rewrite.

Ohh that makes more sense thanks

I followed who was talking quite well. Good job, not an easy thing to accomplish and have the writing still feel natural.

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