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This story is a sequel to Fluttershy vs. Vacuum Cleaner

Fluttershy just wanted to send an apology letter to a friend. Instead, she got a human tablet.

Special thanks to FloydienSlip and Blueshift for editing.

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Someone needs a hug :fluttercry:

*face palm*THE CRINGE!

That's adorable.

She just can't catch a break, can she?

"Oh, why is this world so complicated?" The pegasus huddled in the corner of the sofa.

If you ever find out please tell us.

For once she had come across a polite human device.

Something like that exists?!

A device that responded to nuzzling didn't make sense even for the human world.

We need to invent something like that. At once!

Good story!
I wonder what might happen next.

Dammit! This is too cute! Although it definitely ended a lot better than her usual encounters with human devices. So... yay?

8113172 You misused 'although'! Whyyyy!?

Fluttershy you're adorably silly.

You have no idea how mad I am that Fluttershy can't write an email, yet needs no learning curve for video games. Mad in a jealous sense, not in a "nitpicking against the author" sense.

I hope she figures out the tablet soon to see what types of games she likes. I personally like rhythm games, and Flutters' quick reaction time here makes it seem like she'd be good at those, too. I think Neko Atsume would be her favorite, though.

8113172 i honestly think it ended worse. i actually got the point at the end. xD shy lookin at stallions xD

im starting to worry about you... xD

Well, it could've gone worse.

Fluttershy just wanted to send an apology letter to a friend. Instead, she got a human tablet.

I remember when this happened in Project: Sunflower.

Somebody get Fluttershy a human chaperone...:fluttershysad:


I agree! RD needs a hug! :P

8113077 Everyone has their compromising moments O:)

8113124 :) Thank you :) Glad you enjoyed :D

This entire series is made of adorable.

8113143 You have no idea... O:) She might, though :D

8113144 :) Well if you very much want, you can use your nose to run a tablet (I have tried for research purposes :))

I confess I was mostly using cat videos for reference. No ponies/horses were harmed in the creation of this story ;)


Just a point of view :) I think it's way more embarrassing than the previous ones, although it has jolted her into action. :)

8113585 :) Keep in mind she's a pegasus (even if she prefers to walk) :) Her reflexes and perfection are superior to common humans. Also, dealing with animals (and insects) should have (imo) sharpened her senses even more.

I think she'd play strange games such as flower, flow, etc :)

8113743 True :) It oils have been a PC :D

8113970 Ah :) That's on my to read list :)

(Love your Well of Pirene :))))

Poor fluttershy. She just can't get a break can she? Sort of makes me want to hug her.

which was strange since Fluttershy could clearly see a whole shelf of books on the wall across ? her.

? = from

8114524 Why do I picture a lady trying to nose at mice in a cat game?:rainbowlaugh:
Wonder if it actually happened....hmmm, nope ain't placing a bet on that!:rainbowderp:

I have never envied a tablet before today.

8114544 I bought a hard copy. Best purchase I have ever made (except FoE 3rd Edition).

8114534 in fact, im worrying about myself too. cause im loving these silly stories xD (loving equestrian fanfiction too, but these are nice distractions)

As a native of this crazy planet, I can state that I find Tablets aggravating and will never willingly own one. Everything that I could want to use one for I have other devices that I can use.

You win points for that alone. Flattery will get you everywhere.

Pretty much this, though ever since my parents got me one last Christmas, I've found it's nice for playing mobile games (a bigger screen never hurts in that regard).

I don't own a SMART phone, either. Most of the games I've seen for them so far have existed in FLash-form online for well over a decade but with difference names. That's one of the reasons I didn't understand why peopel went nuts over Flappy-bird. I saw games like that back in middle school on Madblast and Coffeebreakarcade. And Newgrounds.

It'll be challenging, but for the sake of showing hospitality to our first visitors from another dimension I will perform this duty with all diligence. I volunteer myself to be surrounded by adorable fluffy ponies for the next few weeks until they are sufficiently adapted to human society.

Ah, but could you pull a laptop out of your pocket and play those games at a moment's notice a decade ago? You're right, games on smart phones aren't groundbreaking in terms of technical aspects, but they are on a portable platforn that is easily a hundred times more accessable than a PC will ever be.

True, but generally the type of games that I play I just feel better holding a controller or sitting at a computer. I don't think I've played a mobile-platform game in over a year. To each their own, I suppose. Still happy with my DUMB phone. :)

8115680 Oh, no you don't! I got dibs!

Every fucking time... Poor Fluttershy.. :fluttershbad:

Nuh-uh! You totes suggested that she get a chaperone (I double and triple checked). I'll give you that. But you didn't say anything about BEING the chaperone. Don't worry, though, there will be enough second-hand pre-cuddled ponies after I'm done having cuddle parties with helping them adjust to human society.


I could see her making a steady fortune with a lemonade stand and a sign, "Pony hugs $5"

But someone already wrote a story about the Pony Petting Cafe.

Why was this added to an AC group?

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