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It's about YAYING time! :flutterrage:

You didn't try fast enough. :ajbemused: This is unacceptable. Now take my like, fav, and watch, and get back to work! :twilightangry2:

also why cant i rate the story up!?

Senpai has returned!

Thankya! :pinkiehappy:

And I have no idea. :fluttershysad:

I hope it'll be worth the wait!

And so it begins. . . .

I will defiantly be checking this story over as it has my favorite pony Scootaloo.

Also, that art is trash! Who ever did it must be a really jerk. :ajbemused:

We need moar \o3o/!

7174873 Yeah I totally don't want him to draw me like one of those French girls.

*Reads last sentence* WHAT!?! I WAS RIGHT? I just guessed that she might be pregnant, but I was right? Wow. I called it. How is that possible? Well, I guess I'll find out when you post the next chapter.

in response to the new story and Scoot's pregnancy:

also, in regards to the pregnancy:


Commence read.

A nice surprise.

Interesting to see what shall happen.

Oh boy, incoming drama. Since it just said this chapter that human/pony crossbreeding wasn't supposed to be possible means one of two things:

1. Something's changed with Will (soaking up enough background magic, maybe?)

2. Cheating.

However, I find 2. unlikely, given Scoots' mentor, but until 1. is proven, I predict extra drama beyond 'Oh god we're pregnant!'

Commence read.

Now to await all the reactions.

7174788 Yeah you tell him!....wait what are you doing here supporting your friend? Get back to work on lightning dust! :trollestia:

7175103 Wouldn't it more likely be a centaur instead of a satyr?

And we're off to a good start! Read, liked and Favorited.

By the way, welcome back Jeremy!

I guess now we know why there have been so many llamas in Ponyville recently... they were in town for all this impending infidelity drama.

Thank god for this sequel. Auto faved

YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!:yay::yay::yay:

Oh my God, your back I :raritycry:missed you:fluttercry:. YAYA:yay: more scoots:scootangel:, hhuuh a bun in the oven:rainbowderp:. Oohh this will be so fun:pinkiehappy::yay:, I will give give all the likes and a big oh star and wait for more. Plz, go a little faster for more chapters plz. :fluttershyouch:

The next chapter is almost completely done and edited, I only decided to add one more scene at the last moment. I hope to only take another day or two to finish it and then it'll be up too!

7175932 :fluttercry::applecry::fluttercry: I will do my best to wait.

In regards to your regards: If you only knew... :scootangel:

Oh there will be drama, don't worry.

Thankya kindly! :ajsmug:

I have waited so long for this moment and I don't think I can handle it now that it's here

*Gasp!* What a twist!

And so it begins! I'm surprised it's been a year since we left off. Time flies man,

How about... a Swedish girl? :rainbowkiss:

7176005 Swedish girls are HOT.

Draw a swedish pony!

The short description bothers me.

Scootaloo finds out life can get pretty messy when you're eighteen... and pregnant.

Will is human... Scootaloo is a horse...

There can be only one outcome to that: i1318.photobucket.com/albums/t649/Alcatraz20/tumblr_mustyysWIp1sd48wso1_1280_zpsvbq4u0ip.jpg

No but seriously how would the biology even work!?

Commence read immediately! Well... once I do stuff that I have to do...
Wah f:yay:k it, commence read anyway :pinkiehappy:

7176016 Eh, our girls are overrated.

So, Scoots is pregnant... please let it be a satyr, not a centaur.

Part of me is screaming it's not his :pinkiecrazy:
Really glad to see this sequel and can NOT wait for the next chapter! :yay:

I may or may not have put this into most of my bookshelves, because hype.
No pressure etc. :scootangel:

But, really though, glad to see this 'verse continuing. The dynamics you have built are really entertaining. I wonder what will be said and done in the next chapter, now with this bun in the oven.
Thumb'd and fav'd, because this looks like it will be another great ride already.

Hope its a pony or when don't get to see childbirth. In the sense the fic ends before it happens of course... That sounded dark as fuck lmao.

So scoot's gonna be the mother of the first human/pony hybrid? Lucky gal.

Oh no! Scoots cheated on Will. How could she?

7175932 aww ...I hate idling for more ...but at least it's soon
And I can't go anywhere now with this stupid boot on ...
~ shut up Gyoza be take your punishment.. Inpound boot FTW
Kudos for writing a story that kept me up last night rereading it ...

I did it again. I squeed.


It's good to see you back. I'm not sure how I feel about the pregnancy though.

7176737 Same here. Not a huge pregnancy fan... but that could be because I helped to deliver both foals and lambs before.

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