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Huh, so we're not doing the "try and bluff my way through an alien culture" game? Nifty.

Not that I don't like where this is going, but I think that would have added to the plot. Though, actually justifying his position may have been hard, given he had no idea where he was.

I'm liking this. I'll be tracking this.

I found this story and I already like it. I wonder who jack gets with romantically... at least, I hope it's jack who gets with someone considering there is a romance tag on this story. Keep up the awesome work!

Contacts 50 yards, Hostile.
Contacts 50 yards, Nonhostile.
Contacts hostile, 2 KIA, 1 WIA, Other hostiles retreated.
Making contact with 3 Contacts, Nonhostile.

That cover art is wicked good! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting, i will watch your work with pleasure, it sure contains promise to be amazing

already got this in my tracking. can't wait for more. :)

Nicely written. Good cover art, too. Sadly, idiotic friends lead to demises.

Amazing, love me a good "soldier in equestria with military gear" fic, aren't enough good ones out there that get updates.

Good Luck!


Damn that is a big backlog right there. Going to be looking forward to the future chapters!

This is very good, hard to find a good Soldier in Equestria story that isn't dead or wack, I shall track this and look forward to this

I’m really enjoying this so far, I hope you continue it.

Already have chapters backed up and ready! :twilightsmile:

This. I look forward to this.


This has potential. I look forward to watching it progress.

Slow down, your progression just rushed through plot points with little payoff.

Well Commander, this looks like another great start for one of your awesome stories. But I do agree with some of the others, it is a bit rushed which is causing you to miss plot points. Other then that it's a good start.

Now this raises the question. Why did such a magic pulse led him here? And I wonder how he interacts with the other characters...

With a side of very nice. :twilightsmile:

Two chapters in and I want more, keep it up. It's really good.

I do not say this often, but...


The only criticism I have has already been said and I’m not one for beating a dead. Looking forward to more. :moustache:

Ooh I love stories like this! Very excited to keep reading more.

Also (at the start only) I was confused with the weapons that he was stuck with. But, after some research, I grew to like your choice of weapons and equipment.

I've got my own storyline written up as of right now. :twilightsmile:

Stuff I know things about/maintained

Nice job for introducing Twilight to the wonderful invention, known as "ballpoint pen":twilightsmile:. Indeed much, MUCH more effective than the ink and quill. Now only to replace the parchment with something else... Unless it's plant-based.

Loved the idea, curious to know where you will be going to.

Damn it stop. I already have too little free time, then you go and dangle and awesome looking rts in front of me.

Dangles the 10 pages of chapter 3 in front of your face. Don't these look tasty? :ajsmug:

Next chapter's definitely gonna be gud~

Cheeki bugger, been looking forward to more from ya and damn is this story good so far, really look forward to next chapter of a well written soldier in ponyland

And it’s not like she can pull the trigger with her hooves anyway.

And she can't fly faster then the sound barrier too right? :rainbowwild:

Somepony call the Skaven Clans! :rainbowwild:

Wow, why show them how they work? Is he dumb? At least he thought in earlier chapters.

hmm i wonder if Twilight knows a duplication spell? that one way to fix the ammo problem. Speaking of, how much ammo does he have? 5-6 magazines for his rifles , 7-10 ish for his pistol?

I wouldn't be explaining intricate details of advanced(to them) weaponry to primitive species and wasting precious ammo that he can't replace(that he knows of yet).

More... I want more. *Drooling*

Ahhh, hello fellow gamer :twilightsmile:

“The truth is... I am Ironman!”

That’s the advice Issac Asimov always gave: “write about what you know”, but we have to be mindful of our audience—most people won’t recognize what type of weapon something is simply from the stock model number. The majority of people will get the picture if you just say “pistol”, “rifle”, “knife”, “warp drive”, etc.
I know that idea can be frustrating, especially for someone who went through the military where some drill instructor beat the details of your issued gear down to the serial number into your head to the point where you can recite them in your sleep.... But you have to step out of that just a little when presenting to the average layperson.
It’s fine to give them the specs and official model numbers, if you wish, but don’t forget to include the more relevant information that the average person would be more interested in.

That said, I definitely like where this is going. :rainbowdetermined2:

They should've known something was up the moment he said "Jake"

most if not all Griffon names starts with a G and none have double names.

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