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Under the last tree at the end of the world, two ponies discuss the events that led them there and what the future holds.

Originally written for Aragon as part of Obs' 2015 Jinglemas gift-off.

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The following story was originally written as a secret satan gift

You know, normally, I'd think that was typo. But this is for Aragon, so that honestly feels appropriate.

And to the East.... well, there was never much there to begin with.

Ouch. Take that, Manehattan.

In any case, I don't much care for gloomy stories, especially not ones where the world is quietly ending, and extra-especially not ones that involve a loss of magic in Equestria. But this? I liked this, almost in spite of myself. There's some lovely, if bleak scenery, and Pinkie's at her absolute best. Not bouncing off the walls, but keeping hope alive at a time where even the effort seems kind of ridiculous. Still, who better to do something that nopony in their right mind would?

Not my usual cup of tea, but still an enjoyable blend. Thank you for it.

Yay! Awesome, once again!:rainbowkiss:

Waiting for Godot Twilight

They're always late.

That hit me in the face.
Rarity might take a while.
Burning off the snow.

Comment posted by That_Delusional_Pegasus deleted Jan 13th, 2016

I really liked this. It is a gloomy setting but the story works and it does not feel as gloomy as it by all rights should which is nice. I think you made a great choice pairing Dash and Pinkie as it gives a great way to get this idea across in this setting. Other characters may not have been able to make this work.

This is a lovely piece, Kitsy. There's just something I love about doom and gloom type scenarios, the ones that tug at the heartstrings or just go and rip em out, like a cat to drapes. Also, I'm not sure what a snerk is, but I'll be damned if I can't do it myself!

“Yeah, but at least he defeated the big bad, right? At the very least, now we know what happens when a chaos spirit sacrifices himself and scatters himself all over the world!”

Mind = Blown


I reviewed this story!

My review can be found here.

I knew I clicked that follow button for a reason a while ago. But dammit I know it's good this isn't too long. But it's general world building like this where I wish it was just too see more of it. I guess it's up to my brain to fill in the blanks.

I enjoyed this quite a bit. Pinkie is a pretty hard character to write in situations that are all doom and gloom, but you managed to write her very well here in a way that makes complete sense for her character. Rainbow is also very Rainbow. I especially appreciate how you wove the world building into the dialogue as well as the sense of ceremony and a celebration that happens cyclically. I almost wish this could be expanded to explore how each of the Mane 6 work to fight the "snow". I think the only weak part of this story is the very beginning. It took me quite awhile to figure out the setting and the way the characters were first described felt awkward to me. It's the idea of hiding the identity of the characters so they can have a surprise entrance, sure, but sometimes that method can feel somewhat forced and that's what I felt here.

Overall though, you made this unique story work really well and I really got involved in the story, which is quite a feat for it's length. Well done!

I enjoyed it, though when it ended I felt like I wanted more. I suppose wanting more is better than wanting less.

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

I have many questions, but this was lovely.

Thought I'd go back and read some of those fics of yours that I always said I would but never got around to. Don't have many deep thoughts on this one, but it was nice. The setting's interesting, and I like the tone it struck with these two. Pretty good.

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