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Somedays, I sit, looking at the stars. I muse and wonder. I meditate and reflect. And I find the miracle in a new day of life. Especially since I swallowed so much glass the day before.

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There are times when you need to tell the truth and there are times when you just say something else to make people not worry so much.

Very wise, this young one.

She's not a pony, is she?

I would ask you to recall the final story of The Owner's =)
It's relevant.

I was actually thinking waaaaaaaay farther out afield than that, even. TOO far, in retrospect. :applejackconfused: Disregard.

You might not be far off. Would you be willing to share your thoughts?
The next story I have planned for this series is one that reveals the lore far more clearly, but I can't say I'm not curious as to what others think so far.

Oh my. This should be very interesting indeed. You capture the childish perspective very well, and you've raised quite a few intriguing questions. Definitely looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

Okay that is somewhere between wistful and creepy as hell

I'm actually just right now building up a loose base of stories and characters to work with, really. I just kinda write whatever I think is fun. I'm working on a story now that gives a lot clearer explanations as to what's going on due to a certain character having missed out on a lot in the past.... oh, I dunno. 1000 years? =D

And maybe she's not exactly what she thinks she is, either.

I'm not sure it's supposed to be creepy though =(

6430432 The implications are. It's so whimsical and it made me smile... until she like

made things

And I'm kinda wondering if she can make things... what else could she do? Is it bad for her? Like, it made her unhappy and gave her bad dreams just to play pretend like a normal kid. That power worried me. Not because of the normal corruption of power nonsense but because she's a kid who the narration makes sound fun and innocent and the idea of her imagination just making things all around her... that could get nasty

I humbly recommend you read Table for Two. I guarantee you that your perspective will change afterwards. =)

Although not necessarily in the way you think ;)

I did an audio of your story.

I just find stories like this to be unique and interesting. I did it because I want to find a way to get your story out a little bit more.

Aw man, that's amazing! Thank you so very much!
This is really cool, and it's got awesome production values. I love this so much.

Thank you! Thank you!

Damn it why did I hold off reading this for so long.

My head is spinning after this...

I'm sorry that it hurt your head! This story was meant to be written as a companion piece to the original source, so it might be a little esoteric if you haven't seen the other one. ^^'

No no I read them all over this week and as a whole it's been throwing me through hoops... it was an amazing experience and thank you so much for that.

6429693 I'd like to take a crack at it. Rampant speculation ahead:

Bright Start is clearly some sort of reality bender, or at least a gatekeeper to other forms of reality(or perhaps she is the gate itself). She encounters the Prism when she dreams or plays hard/long enough. In other words, exercising these powers of hers brings her closer to them. Of all the colors, however, one sticks out-Azure. It must have some special connection to her.

In Table For Two, The Owner reports directly to Red. This, together with the fact that Red is in a position to bend the rules in The Owner's favor, indicates that she may be one of the higher-ups. This originally led me to believe that Prism is led by the main colors describing the visual spectrum (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet), while the rest of Prism is staffed entirely by once-mortals such as the owner, and other not-color beings. The mention of Azure, however, as well as the line "I dream of all of the colours," struck this theory down, but gave rise to another one.

We know from the ending of TFT that The Owner's name is Chartreuse. I know from Wikipedia that Chartreuse is a beverage. In MLP, this is par for the course for a seller of beverages (alcoholic notwithstanding). However, Chartreuse is at the same time, the name of a color, which opens up the possibility that every member of the Prism is a representation of a color. This may indicate that the god-like components of Prism were all once mortals. Conversely, it could mean that the divinity that makes up Prism can live mortal lives, distinguished from other mortals by their "seed."

I posit that Bright Start, living a mortal life but possessed of god-like powers and somehow connected to the Prism, is Azure. However, my theory goes one step further and speculates a direct connection between Azure and Chartreuse. Chartreuse tells us that he had to give up something of himself when he began his duties. Red remarks that they may "fix" him yet, suggesting that his condition is in some way reversible. I say, then, that this missing piece of him, containing his ability to actualize himself as well as the bulk of his emotions, was not destroyed, but relocated. Where to? The name of their organization provides the final clue.

In optics, a prism is an object which is capable of dispersing light. In other words, it is the junction at which the change occurs between the joining and separation of different wavelengths of light. Now, Chartreuse is separated from a piece of himself. But just as the components of light scattered by a prism are all still very much light, the components of the pony that was once Chartreuse are all still very much ponies. You can see where I'm going with this. Bright Start's emotions are a constant focus of this story. While they frequently change, they never seem to be absent.You could almost say that she seems incapable of not feeling something. Conversely, Chartreuse is virtually incapable of feeling anything. Bright Start can exert her will on the universe, whereas the universe exerts its will on Chartreuse. The two seem to compliment and balance each other.

For all the reasons stated above, I believe that Bright Star is Azure, and that she and Chartreuse are parts of the same pony.

Of course, all it would take is a word from the author to prove me wrong. This seems as good a point as any to hang up my tin foil hat and be on my way.


All I can say is that... that's pretty damn impressive. You got quite a lot of things right on the money, RIGHT ON THE MONEY, and some things which aren't even WRONG per se but just a bit MISLAID. This is excellent. You really, truly sort of made my day in a weird fashion. This speculation is quite a rush for me to read!

In any case, you've managed to really dig into my very specific terminology and really follow the path all the way to the end, although I will say one thing. The Owner is NOT Bright Start, nor are they two halves of a whole. That is actually a mechanic that DOES exist in the universe (and how you came to this conclusion I am just stunned by) but it doesn't apply to seeds. ;) The clue to why The Owner acts this way is buried in his final story to Scoots in TfT. When he lost certain parts of himself, it was caused by the MANNER by which he joined the Prism, and from there, you can easily work out how to join the Prism in the first place. Red was being a bit facetious, I'm afraid. The Owner is damaged for good.

This is fair, I think, to give you. Just to distinguish what the facts are and what aren't. Again, I'm still absolutely astonished at how you managed to figure all of this out, and I'm extremely impressed.

Thank you for being such an awesome reader!

Also yes, Bright Star will be Azure one day.

Damn, dude. Dat perspective. This is beautiful.

Is it weird that I'm avoiding reading this?
Because the description from the Author's Notes makes me feel like it will give more information on the Prism, and it seems it'd work better to remain mysterious.
Maybe I'm wrong and crazy.
Mind telling me if I'm crazy? :P

Well, it does, but it'll still need you to put stuff together, and I never write about the Prism directly.
If you've already read Table for Two, then that is the foundation that makes certain things in here make a bit more sense, but it's still very vague by design.

I really wanted to make this a bigger thing, but then time and life got in the way, unfortunately.

But yeah! No worries. This story isn't going to shove stuff in your face. I'm not a guy who likes to feed things to audiences. I think you'll be safe reading this!

Yay! More excellent writing for me to read! :pinkiehappy:

Post-Read EDIT:

...I'm going to need chamomile tea, paper and a quill.
I'm going to do some pondering.

...Oh, and it gives me another excuse to reread Table for Two
Awww yeah!

This was an odd one. It was good. I liked how you captured the childish perspective, and the usual emotional character-driven stuff that I consider your forte. Though I feel as if I made a mistake reading this before going back to Table for Two (which I now realise I never actually finished). I may come back to this later with a fresh perspective and see what I think of it then.

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