• Published 15th Jan 2016
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Fluttershy Wants in Your Pants: Vol. 1 - Flutterpriest

Fluttershy has tried being patient and she's tried the cute routine. But a mare has needs. She wants in your pants. And pony logic dictates that finding your fetish is the way to do it.

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Loving the happy ending. Can't wait to see what's next!

This story was a trip and a half, good shit man :twilightsmile:

FiMfiction failed to put this last chapter in my tracking list. I saw vol 2 in my feed and got confused because the previous chapter wasn't really an ending.

Yeah, so I've been hearing :/

Plot twist: Redheart gives birth to yandere Fluttershy, who proceeds to ask Anon if futility is his fetish.

Yup this a happy ending alright for those two, this was a great journey to see this from the beginning to the very last chapter, you did great priest. You did great.

It's over. I feel sad, but happy.

Awe... they finally got it. Those two are great.

Yeah! Well done!:pinkiehappy:

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I already liked and favorited this story years ago. But...let's be honest, I also stopped reading it years ago. Checking, I apparently read 101 chapters before I stopped. So 11 months that I was reading it, but then it went on for four more years and it was just too much. The joke stopped being funny, but the story just kept going and going and going and on and on.

Checking back to pages 15/16 of your story list...I'm seeing about 70% of your stories even going back that far that fimfiction tells me I've read. Picking a page at random...page 13, apparently I've read 50% of your stories from that page. i've been a fan of your for years and I've been reading your stories for years...but dude seriously...this one went on for too long.

Just my opinion. Checking the story views...apparently this has continued to receive shockingly high views year after year. But personally, as somebody who both favorited and liked it, but nevertheless stopped reading ~80 chapters ago...I'm glad to see Anon finally get a happy ending.

I have been following this story for ages now, and I had fallen in love with the Red plot. While I wasn't too into the... Last dozen or so chapters with the whole meta glitch and stuff... It was worth it for the happy ending they deserved c:

“This is a bad time to say I made apple time then, huh?” she says.

Apple time? Did you mean apple tini or is it something I am unaware of?

apple pie.

*flips table*


Well shit. Took me three days from start to finish, and still it seemed too short. For such short chapters and a highly irregular path to the ending, it was a fantastic read!

The end? Wow!

That was great. I love this story. This had a better love story than Twilight. Lmao :rainbowlaugh:

Nearly 200 chapters???



I'm gonna be honest, I made an account to comment in this and all I have to say is this one went on for so long. I've been reading for about 2 years, and I eventually gave up on this one. The joke just dropped being funny. Still happy to see anon get the ending he deserves

fimfiction: ok flutterpriest how many warning tags would you like for your new story?


I’ve been had. Bested. Bamboozled. Well played

:flutterrage: WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE?!?! :flutterrage:

*Unintelligible TF2 Spy noises, possibly a French seizure*

Yeah, I was REALLY fucking high when I came up with it.

I believe that the act of cannibalism becomes legal, but the act of preparing the body for consumption ends up falling under desecrating a corpse, which tends to be a crime.

It's done. I FINALLY finished this story among the hundreds of stories I have saved. I really enjoyed this and now I see that there is a Volume 2! This will be interesting.

I'm guessing without looking to see what Volume 2 is about, it is the continuation of the Anon clone's life with the Yandereshy.

One of the coolest fucking stories I've ever read


but I'm gonna yearn for more of the cuteness of RedxAnon.

She never asked about non-pony species

thats why theres a part 2

Would like to ask you to give estimate of when update is if possible please?

Fraid not -- my life isn't in a spot where i can churn out regular writing updates. sorry friend.

I recently saw a thread on /mlp/ about Flutterrape and I figured, hey that could be funny to check out. I go to the Fimfiction group and this story is the first one I check out. I had no idea about the wild ride I was about to be taken on. Bravo, Flutterpriest. This is the first story I've experienced that has done an ARG-esque narrative and it works. I really liked it and even though I'm super late to the party, I still had a lot of fun. BRAVO!

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