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The Air is Frigid · 4:04pm Dec 22nd, 2017

It doesn't feel like Hearth's Warming.

Even in the desert, ponies put out small streamers and other decorations. All I feel is loneliness. All I feel is regret. I feel myself re-pouring over the words the Guide had written about my love and I.

I'm losing bits. Red is more of a financial burden than I realized she would be.

I'm at the end of my rope. I'm not sure what to do.

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Healing · 8:10pm Dec 20th, 2017

Red is healing up really well. She should be limping soon. It's weird that we have the same 'Pet name' from him. But I'm taking this as a blessing. Somewhere deep down inside him, he remembers me. And they don't know why.

But with each question answered, three more spring into place. Who is above the Guide? Who does she control? How deep does this go?

And worse... How strong of amnesiacs do they have?

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I Found Her · 6:06pm Dec 18th, 2017

I found Anon's dog. She was wailing at the top of her lungs. The bone break is bad. I should have enough spare bits and medical supplies to fix her up. My concern now is that I have two mouths to feed. Not just my own.

This will make saving for coming back even harder... Maybe this was the guide's plan all along.

On the other hand, then why would he purposely show these things where I can see them? It only confirms what I'm scared of.

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Facts · 5:12am Dec 13th, 2017

Anon is Real. Anon loves me.

She is manipulating this. Fluttershy is manipulating this.

The Guide, the writer, isn't the one modifying changing these.

The Guide cannot see my messages anymore. I've sent at least a dozen.

The terminal will not let me change this world. But I can watch what's happening, send messages, and receive them.

Fluttershy and The Guide are not a team. The Guide is not keeping me from him. Something is stopping him.

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Discoveries · 5:57pm Dec 8th, 2017

Air Ride to Equestria, 700 bits.

Train and Boat 500 bits.

Looking at my peasly amount that I make from day to day, and subtracting what I use for food and shelter... I have 30 spare bits. Barring any strange events... Maybe half a year.

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Tough Day · 1:21am Nov 29th, 2017

The heat is blistering in Saddle Arabia. Sometimes I stare at the roof of my tent and try to remember the outlines of his face or the sensation of his fingertips on my fur. Sometimes the memories come quickly, but at others I feel as if I were a child, reaching for something desperately far out of reach. If it weren't for his voice urging me on in my dreams, the idea of giving up would have crossed my mind.

I love him, but I wouldn't wish this pain deep in my chest upon my worst--

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Testing · 5:43pm Nov 17th, 2017

Is this thing on?

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