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Original Works. It was a good run.


Though overtime legends may change, and fade from consciousness, they are never gone, and there will always be at least one who remembers to honor their contributions. This is the tale of one such hero, of which Celestia keeps close to her chest.

Written in tribute to the late Raiden Fireblade, may he find happiness and rest. As well, this is a gift to my close friend, Foals Errand, so as to help her a little with these hard times. She also preread for this story.

Edit: Favorited by his sister. I'm happy I could do something for you all as well. As well, a wonderful reading, done by Griffin Productions.

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I'm glad you made this in his honor. An instant like, fave, and follow. There need to be more honorable people like you in this world. Because let me tell ya, there ain't a lot.

6562823 I'll... I'll be honest that my intentions were more for my friend. I had the misfortune of only having really talked to him once, and even then, I could tell he was a good man. I'm happy that this warms your heart though.

A sad tale, but with a bittersweet note. Tears are in my eyes, and yet I am smiling because it was well done.

So, I was a bit hesitant to do this, as I did not want to steal view counts from you, but I was hoping to help get the word around a bit. I hope you do not mind. My condolences.

Ok.... A good reading.
Overall, this is great. I... Don't know how to.... A brony died. No...... I don't want to accept this... No..... Why must this happen....

Thank you Jumbled, I think i'll link this to Raiden's little sister. *hugs*

6563209 I am only overjoyed that you would stop and take the time to do so, and to spread the word. Thank you.
6563454 As the tale ends, we must accept the cycle as it happens. Is it fair? No, but at least we can cherish the good he did, and the lives he improved.
6563499 I hope she enjoys it.

Hello everyone,

This is Michelle. Dennis's youngest Sibling. My brother, Father and Mother all sat down to read this story from Jumbled and Listen to the youtube recording from Griffin. We were all touched by your words, brought to tears for the wonderful message it brought us and thank you deeply for sharing your love for him with us.

I myself love my little pony and watched the show. This was a wonderful addition to my perception of the story and will make sure he is remembered as Raiden Fireblade not just Dennis Flannigan

FLANNIGAN, Dennis James (Graduate of UOIT Forensic Science)
Suddenly at his residence on Friday, October 23, 2015 in his 30th year. Beloved son of Shawn and Cynthia (nee Barbetta). Loving brother of Michelle and Peter and his wife Hilary. Cherished uncle of Franklin and Nora. Predeceased by his grandparents Nick and June Barbetta and Lloyd and Grace Flannigan. Dennis will be sadly missed by his aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Dennis was a gentle soul, had a brilliant mind, a nature lover and a cherished friend. Friends will be received at the HIGHLAND PARK FUNERAL CENTRE 2510 Bensfort Rd., Peterborough on Thursday from 2:00-4:00 and 7:00-9:00 p.m. A celebration of Dennis’ Life will be held in the Highland Park Chapel at 1 p.m. on Friday, October 30, 2015. Reception to follow. Private Family Interment. In memory of Dennis, donations to the Autism Society would be appreciated by the family. On line condolences may be made at www.highlandparkfuneralcentre.com

Charitable donations may be made in Dennis's memory to the following organization:

Autism Society
1021 Fairburn Street Peterborough, Ontario
Tel: (705) 748-4793

6563800 Thank you for taking the time, and it is my honor to have helped you in any way I could. I've added to the author's note a link to your comment, so as to make sure that you are heard.

While I didnt know the guy, I understand that everyone he came into contact with, he touched them in some way. I feel this is a good story for his memorial, and it was wonderfully written. May he rest in peace.

That story was wonderful. I did not know Raiden at all but I wish that I had for he sounds like a wonderful person who left this Earth far too soon.

Those who die live on in the hearts of those they touched, loved, and even those who they haven't met, simply because they know their story.

I wish I could say something meaningful, or offer some condolences. However, in reality, I cannot. Nothing I can say will make this situation lighter, and nothing I say will change anything. I hope that Raiden Fireblade, and his family and friends, walk in peace, and never again suffer.

I did not know the person this story was written in memory of.
But I wish I had.

If I may ask... How did this happen?

We don't know, he just passed on in his sleep.

6565500 Was it like natural causes? Poisoning? Was he young or old?

natural causes most deffinetely... He was my best friend. And he was young

6565622 Damn... Was he ill? Damn that sucks... Too young too young.

No, he was healthy.

6565739 Damn... Btw are you OK?

Considering its 7 am and i've been up all night crying.... no i'm not ok... not yet anyways.

6565909 yea I understand but I mean your arm and that surgery you had.


I hope that this will be able to help, even just a bit.

Wow.... I'm glad to see Raiden's family here. May your brother, child, and friend rest in peace.

May Raiden rest in peace.

Heh... No surgery yet...

6567175 wish ya luck and peace.

I haven't read this yet, but I know the subject matter. I would like to give all who was close to the fallen loved one my condolences, and I hope life takes a turn for the better soon. May he shine brightly over you from the heavens.

As for the two people who disliked this, I must say that they are quite literally heartless monsters!:twilightangry2:

I really liked this story. It was a bit short, but really, it is better than most novels I have to read for school.

6568054 Ironically, it was written to be in a style somewhat like the Odyssey.

I never knew the person called Raiden even existed, yet now I have tears in my eyes. A tribute done in the way it should be done.
My heartfelt condolences.

Really touching story. Assteticly I like how it resembles the format of legends, and the comentart at the end I found especially potent

6575861 A friend. I wish I myself could say more, but I did not know him too well personally. This was written off of one conversation, and how my friend Foals depicted him.

6575889 Agreed. If I were to pass away, I wish my friends would take the time,and be as caring as FoalsErrand or Jumbled, to write a story for me.

Raiden Fireblade is lucky to have friends that care for him, even after death. May his legend live on.

6582099 I guess? I mean, its a Disney movie? But still, it strays from the original Princesses.

6707561 Well you see, the original princesses are from the early 2000's movies, like Aladin.

6708344 Idk really. It's been a while since we had this conversation so I completely forgot.

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