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Foals Errand

Guess whose back?!


Dennis was tired, his body felt drained. Just a short nap was all he needed. He wasn't expecting Princess Luna to show up.

Written to honor RaidenFireblade. We will remember you forever

Lovingly edited by Stahl and Jumbled Thought

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I'm sorry for your loss. He honestly was a great friend. I also wrote a story in honor of him, if you want to check it out.

Whoa... that's... that's some deep stuff, man. Good work.

Oh dear.... Will you be ok? Do you need cute Woona pictures? Cute Woona pictures fix everything.

That was beautiful. :applecry: well done.

I'm so sorry for you, Foals. This was a beautiful tribute to your friend. He sounds like he was a very wonderful, selfless person. I know he would be glad to know so many loved him so much. My he find his destiny in Equestria, where hopefully you will all meet again one day. Be safe and be well.

:fluttercry: It'll be ok. He is in a much better life. With Luna and Celestia, the mane 6,.Cadance, Shinning Armor, everypony. :applecry: runs up and gives huge hugs :heart:

I bet he would have enjoy the amazing story you made for him. May he live on in Equestria .:pinkiesad2:

Having read this story, as well as the sister story The Legend of Raiden Fireblade, I believe that I can come to a justified and sound conclusion.

Mister Raiden Fireblade—Dennis, if I am correct—was someone important to many. While I have never met him in the short while I have been in this fandom, it is evident that he has touched many a heart of a fan. Enough to warrant writing two, pretty nice stories regarding him.

I seek, therefore, to spread my own interpretation of both stories, in the hopes that some may come to appreciate in some way whoever Mister Raiden was. With your permission, I shall begin.

I am not a person who feels so much as he thinks. To delve into the turmoil that is emotion is something that unnerves me. The rigorous tides and unending onslaught against cold logic are daunting, to say the least. Nevertheless, after reading the aforementioned stories, I do feel that I am experiencing something quite raw: sadness.

It is a superficial sadness, however. Second-handed. Not my own genuine grief. In short, it is the result of the authors passing down their feelings to me, such that I may feel what they feel. I admit, it is rather odd, to say the least, having my emotions react this way. Yet, in all honesty, I do not think that is a bad thing.

Such sadness is rich and deep, and one can truly sense and feel the weight of the feeling. It reminds me of those flowers you would find in the forest, the ones that are beautiful yet are stricken with the tears of rain and sap. Yet, it is as old and as complex as Time, and is something that should be recognized as a dominant aspect of living.

My thoughts on the narratives are as such: they invoke the feeling of sadness and anguish very well, in a way that makes me understand what the author has said. I know now that Mister Raiden or Dennis had many friends, and that all of them cared for him. If I am to be perfectly honest, it is almost jealous-worthy, for not all people are honored with such a privilege.

If I were to suddenly pass away, who would continue my tale?

That, I believe, is the most beautiful aspect of both Not For One's Self and The Legend of Raiden Fireblade. For, by writing down these words and spreading them to the infinite, both authors have effectively immortalized Mister Raiden. His life may have been cut short, yet he paradoxically lives on. He lives on, as it were, in an art form that, also paradoxically, is meant to be limited and narrow-scoped. Yet writing, in it of itself, is something that has become the prime creator if immortals. Words are so powerful that they have the ability to take a person and place them in infinite and keep them alive. Stories are so powerful that they have the ability to turn limitation into something free from the chronal rift.

That is what I got out of this story, and of The Legend of Raiden Fireblade. Both authors have preserved the memory of Raiden/Dennis in my heart and in the hearts of others. And I think that that is something that we should all cherish.

I suppose if I died, the way I would be remembered, preferably, would be through a tale. Immortality, while not something we should seek, is something—in a metaphorical sense—we should appreciate.

If these stories are in anyway a reflection of Mister Raiden/Dennis, then I have no doubt that he was a good person—and that these people who wrote these stories, commented, and shared his memory and presence, are good friends to him too.

You may grieve, you may feel anguish; but know that in time that pain will fade enough for you to smile, and remember, and be happy with Raiden once more.

Nil desperandum. Do not despair. Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito. Yield not to misfortunes, but advance all the more boldly against them.

Keep Raiden's memory alive, and I assure you that these dark and sad days will end.

My name is Jarvy Jared. You have my condolences, but you also have my gratitude, and my hope.

“Friends come into our lives and friends leave our lives. But friends never leave our hearts. And best friends always get to stay in the best places in our hearts.” ― John M. Simmons, The Marvelous Journey Home



It's irrational to imagine that everyone left in the wake of this tragedy will find their strength, but the odd thing about hope is that it doesn't have to be rational to be ecstatically meaningful. I'll never stop hoping that we all have the beautiful fortitude to overcome even the most tragic of absolutes. May you never be an exception to that hope; to that strength.

Hope you got more feelios left cause we're gonna need a whole nother box of them!:applecry::fluttercry:

Grief can give powerful inspiration. Since the internet never forgets anything, your friend has been immortalized.
A beautiful tribute to a person who must have been very special to warrant something like this.
My condolences.

Smell that....that's the smell of a good fic

Well he never wrote he was to nervous just read alot and commented alot. He was a good guy and a sweet guy.

What was the cause of death? Out of curiosity.

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I'm so sorry for you and everyone else's loss. May he find peace in the afterlife of his choosing.

A good tribute to a good friend.

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