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Foals Errand

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Nightmare Moon may be stuck in the Celestial prison but that doesn't mean that she won't be rehabilitated. After all she needs to be civil with her Co-Regent doesn't she? But how can she and Celestia be civil if they are millions of meters apart. Simple, letters.

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Buckle up boys and girls, I have a feeling this is gonna be a feels story. All in all It is an interesting concept. take my watch and like Foals

Comment posted by Michael Hudson deleted May 27th, 2015

What Blood...... Please tell me that just spilled ink.

OMG! Nightmare Moon's letter is somehow hilerious. I laughed my head of. The idea is so funny.

I deleted my comment before, as further talks with the author has had her change things about the fic and remove the part I had the greatest grievance with, though I still have my misgivings.

Did celestia some how get a paper cut?

I'm guessing the blood stain is because Celestia is still injured from the fight with NMM.

Will there be another 999 chapters? :rainbowlaugh:
But we know Luna was in stasis those 1000 years. It was Nightmare that was in lead.
Luna didn't remember those 1000 years when she was cleansed from Nightmare.

I have a feeling that after some time, Nightmare's hate will subside but there will always be a grudge. This gets a fave, a track and an upvote.

This is a really neat idea, and the start has me hooked. I'm really bad at keeping up with the stories in my tracking list, so I think I'll give this a bronze star to be renegotiated as the letters progress.

I'll see you at the next chapter.

Hah, I love that NMM see's Celestia as the villain. Something missing all too often from stories, I think.

One note:

I will be back you, cow.

I will be back, you cow.

Comma is in the wrong place. :raritywink:

...Stupid coma i'll fix it ty ^^

this, this is a good idea.

Poor Celestia, do they at least know Nightmare Moon is Princess Luna?
Nice concept also, awesome story image.

Nightmare Moon is Nightmare Moon. Luna's soul is asleep and when she wakes up she wil not remember anything from those one thousand years.

Have you heard of the Lastest Animatic on YouTube called A Princess Lullaby? Ever consider referencing that as a letter to nightmare moon from Celestia?

More please?

this is so beautiful please do another chapter. :applecry:

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