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Boo. This story is awesome.

Human x Celestiais is one of my favoite ships.

I hope there's no futa.

I think I know where this is going. I hope to god I'm wrong/right but I'll have to wait till I get home to find out.

6114265 Well it is a M/F story so...

I have an idea what the twist'll be, and if I'm right my body is so ready.

Best part of this is the fact that I'm listening to 'I ship it' while reading. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm........You have my interest in this tale of yours. *places a tracker on it to read more*
Let's see where this goes from here. :pinkiesmile:

6114265 I believe the implication is that 'princess' is just a title and Celestia is, in fact, a stallion... which sounds like a fucking awesome premise for a story of shenanigans, misunderstandings, personal growth, and interpersonal relationships. MY only discern is that this may end up being a short clop-centric story. This is Max we're talking about here but most of these great ideas end up being wasted on clop and I've been burned too many times. Adding to 'Sexy Stories' shelf and daring to hope.

6114405 This story is only a three-part story (with clop only taking up the last half of the third chapter), but I have an idea for a slice-of-life sequel percolating around in my head.

Edit: now that I think about it though, I could probably expand this story a little, couldn't I. After all, it doesn't need to go straight to sex, right?

6114419 Nope. It definitely doesn't. And I suppose since this is a story and not more 'clop practice', I know this chapter don't got da sex yet, and I've finished the new YHaY... I can go ahead and read now.

I came here for the clop and found a gem. Please do continue.

Ain't want to complain, whatcha did here is nice'n'fancy and flowy to read and all stuff's good, but...

... could you please bring in some paragraphs? It's rather hard to read and enjoy being all one big — even if slightly seperated — text.
However, I'm interessted and I will stay.

I am very interested to see where this goes...Even if every paragraph is cramped together (sorry if that came off as too rude)

6114717 6114729 I was testing out some things and trying for a more professional look. Typically there is only a gap in the text when starting a new scene/time frame.

Female Human X Celestia? dear christ thank you. Not enough fics fufill my fantasy.

I've only read the summary, and I already love it :rainbowlaugh:

I like this, it's cute.

I wish one of the nobles said something homophobic just before his/her horse goddess boss agreed to the date.

Female human?
With an Irish accent?

You've hooked me. A nice concept with a human we haven't seen before. AWESOME!!

I look forward to seeing where this is going.

Oh, and nobles, fuck off, no one calls my favorite Irish, thigh high sock wearing girl a freak... I just mentioned socks didn't I?

Is this the "Secret Project" story you've been teasing us with for the past few months, Max? :rainbowhuh:

Either way, I'll be keeping an eye on it. I'm just curious.

Holy shit she's even pasty white and irish like me.

i never read anything like this and am excited to see where this goes

... I'm intrigued. Continue.

That's an unusual pairing and so far the main character is interesting.


Good, I like it so far.
Is this inspired by this image?

Twilight said, giving you a warm smile.

You slipped into second there.

I bet it's futa.

Update 1: still don't know if it's futa

I'll throw my two cents in here and say that i liked the look. Didn't feel that it was crammed or anything. Also can't wait for the next chapters and hope that you make this more then just a 'and then sex happens' story. Need more substantial shipping material!

For a format like the kind fimfiction has, it's nicer looking when the hr tag is used to separate scenes.

Damn Milk-A-Mare! :derpytongue2:

The sheer fact that she's Irish, makes me smile. As well, good forming of the accent so far; legible for the most part while truly looking like a crude collection of sounds that string into something resembling words when it thickens under duress an' the like is true to trait. I honestly chuckled when the characters double-take'd and had to ask, "Could you repeat that?", as a Scotsman living in America for the past decade who's fought kilt and Caber (Pardon the play) to keep from adopting the local accent, I still have friends who have to do that.

I bet Celestia just turns out to be a guy.


Still betting on futa

6115717 No, but I'm totally saving it.

6115821 Nah. It was originally gonna be a three-part story with clop taking up the last half of the last chapter, but I've decided due to the amount of people asking for it, that I'm gonna turn it into a slice-of-life romance story instead. :twilightsmile:

6115911 Sweet! Glad to see that I'm doing it right. :yay:

Very cute! I'm curious to see how you portray celestial and how things go from here.

It helps that Nora is bi, so we really have no clue as to Celestia's gender on that front, either.


Huh. I was actually just about to ask the same question, and post the exact same picture. And now that I've learned that's not the case, I'm a little disappointed.

Another "human character shows up in Equestria, and though human character gives every reason for pony character not to be romantically attracted to them, is romantically attracted to them anyway" story. Was really hoping that the possibility of Traplestia being utilized would shake things up this time. Oh well.

Great story hope for more soon:pinkiesmile:

Hmm, I read this a different way. It seemes to me that Celestia is taking Nora out mainly due to the comments the other ponies in the throne room were making. Like, I expect them to end up together, but I wouldn't assume that Celestia's already fallen for Nora.

6116595 I'm a little confused by what you are saying. What part is disappointing?

6114265 I know, right?

I love this fic. The premise isn't unique but the way each character is interpreted is. Unfortunately I feel like I've already overthought the story and know that at some point, the snooty nobles will ruin poor Nora's date.

Dammit, the chapter finished before I thought it would.:derpytongue2: Be interesting to see where this goes.


I believe that they are simply dissapointed by how you're not inspired by: derpicdn.net/img/view/2014/4/24/608962.png

And that you've supposedly posted a HiE story that has a character randomly become attracted to another character, this being our lovely Ms. O’Malley. Where in reality, I believe in text the story directed to Celestia's reaction being one more of defiance to the nobles and what happens later on may lead to a bit more, opposed to Celestia being immediately smitten with Ms. O’Malley like how Cloperella described it.

6116807 Really? I didn't realize it came off that way in the text. Anyways, no, I can safely and truly say that Celestia didn't become immediately smitten with Nora (if that is indeed the problem). The reason she agreed to the date won't be made clear until later.


That's good to hear! Like many others I am pretty sure with saying I'm intersted what motives our "Princess" has for the future.


snooty nobles will ruin poor Nora's date.

They shall be brutally executed for heresy due to the crime of not liking human and pony action.

And yeah, We need some mare and woman action in this fandom.

Man and mare action is great... but we have so much of it.

Oh.... I'm so messed up in the head.

This is not another molestia story is it?

6116945 Of course not. I don't deal with Molestia.

6116951 Haha, ok. It just seems like one of those stories. Celestia has a dark secret only a few ponies know about that involves sex, which is the formula for pretty much all Molestia stories.

Anyways, I look forward to finding out why Celestia decided to go on that date :trollestia:

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