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I am totally unbiased when I say Anonymous Pegasus writes the best things :twilightsheepish:

This ought to be good. If it's anything like the other stories you've written before with human and pony romance.

Also... Princess Celestia is just.. omnipotently beautiful.

Shall read later.

Oh god YES. Celestia fic! So long i wonder...

Okay, this is brilliant. Just wow.

Huh, celestia gets both info on the state of play and a enjoyable conversation. Well played.

Curious to see where this goes.

This was real fun to read. And Celestia's comments about the male chest, they are of the highest assaults on all forms of our perceived superior masculinity! Had me keel over alittle from laughing.


Watched. Please continue.

Very well written. I have to say that I was curious at first but now, it not only has my full attention but excited to read more when its updated.

I like the way this is going. All sorts of realistic awkwardness and miscommunication, but (not being idiots) they ask for clarification and explain things. No stupidity-induced drama for the sake of drama. :twilightsmile:

Celestia gave a candid nod at that. “Though there are… size limitations to be assured of. I myself have a cozy twelve inches, would a human male be able to ‘accept’ it?”

Blake blanched, scooching further away from the ‘princess’, his eyes wide and mouth agape. “W-what?!”

Celestia’s composure broke and she dissolved into musical giggles, covering her mouth with a hoof. After several long moments, she looked up at him, still smirking innocently. “That was a joke, Blake. You look as though I sprouted tentacles.”

Bahahahaha, ol' Molly's up to her old tricks again! Have a fave and like!

6144211 Fun fact: Horses number amongst the few mammalian species whose males do not have vestigal nipples of any sort. Also included: A number of rat subspecies, and monotremes, whose females don't have 'em either.

While I'm a bit apprehensive about how quickly shirts came off and sex came up in conversation, making me worry about how Celestia and Blake might just rush into sex before their relationship actually develops over time, I liked this first chapter.

I find this Celestia to be extremely offensive, dim-witted and pompous.

Great authorship as always bro.

Hehehe, yes! Another Ingress, god I love these stories man, nice job!
Love this, its a nice change of pace 8D get to see Princess Celly~ heheh, I love how he acts around her, so cool.
I'd be all chill and shit.

Keep it up!

Maybe he'll be fired for what he told her about, they'll send a new person up, Celestia will demand to know where he is, and she forces them to get him back.

Just where I thought it might go. Could easily be wrong.

6144972 Pompous? Dimwitted? Could you please give an example of these as to me, Celestia was fun, outgoing, and curious!

Would it be safe to assume that this is set a few months after the first story?

This... was amazing. Incredibly well-written, innovative, and attention-grabbing. So many "human in Equestria" and vice-versa fics follow a set path but this is completely out of left field and I find it a breath of fresh air. Jesus Horatio Christ, why can't we have more people willing to look outside of the box and not just insert their shitty Gary Stu into harem scenarios?

If I have one major gripe (and I always do), I feel like you made Celestia a bit more rigid than she's canonically portrayed. Yes she is a diplomat working with an entirely new and alien species, but she's never so serious and blunt on the show. I feel like she opened up toward the end, but the lead-in was rather terse.

You have my attention

god thats all so wrong ...
Celestia should just watch TV and steal a mobile from someone to go through wikipedia ...

:trollestia: trollestia at her finest moment
have to say i like this fic as it does go in a fresh direction on the Human X Pony view, forger royal/celestia.... its pony on earth and with it being celestia the whole idea of how people would treat her is done right

well, i can also see this
Steven: so what did you spoke about?
Blake: Well, we started at ... 5 minutes into story
Steven: You told her what!?!?!?
Blake: she asked me, what was i supposed to do
Steven: for the love of god *facepalm from hell* you are going to be the end of us all
Blake: what did i do?
Steven: you told her the truth

Great story! Love your Ingress series :twilightsmile: Blake seems to be a little bit of a nationalist though, the way he refers to other countries and world war 2 makes me cringe a little bit :fluttershbad: I wouldnt discribe ending a war with over 25 million casultaties as a 'won war' or nuking 200.000 civilians as the 'end' of It .-.


Yeah... but the Naizs would have killed everyone that wasn't a member of the aryan 'master race'.

Europe and beyond would be very different today.


There are some stories where she does exactly that.... they tend to get downvoted into oblivion. Because people don't like seeing Princess Celestia as a xenocidal tyrant.

6145476 Sure... But I mean that Its somewhat questionable to call an event like this a win. The fact that those horrible things happened was one great loss for everyone.

*Sits on the sofa* Let's get comfortable, I hope this one is a long, nice and smooth ride.

Flowed pretty well. Conversation felt candid and believable.

Here's some grammar:

There noses are too large

Adolph Hitler

Doho! Nothing like a good ingress story by Anonymous Pegasus

A truley awsome fic so far, looking foward to future chapters!

This is actually something I find myself thinking about a lot. I love fics that portray Celestia as being frustrated with diplomats who are basically pre-recorded messages on legs. This is kinda like having Joe Dirt deal with an alien leader in a cultural exchange... and pulling it off stupendously.

Definitely gonna follow this one. Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Finally. Celestia's time to shine.

That was a fun read. Frustrated Celly getting to know a guy that's actually funny and flawed and interesting. Their interactions were believable.

Up + track

Comment posted by SF1 deleted Dec 27th, 2018

“That was a joke, Blake. You look as though I sprouted tentacles.”

Blake: "I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going!"

Celestia: "What's 'hentai?'"

Blake: *sweating bullets*

I clicked this thinking it was going to be another crap job with a worn out premise. I was very, very surprised to find that it is actually very well structured, written, and characterized. You've actually gotten me interested in checking out other Ingress stories for the first time.

Very funny, go ahead xD

Or glorifying the first world's role in modern armed conflicts. A history major he ain't. :twilightblush:

Fucking A man, your shit is more addicting than crack, keep it up and dont forget to update Dreamscape ;) Till then, Stay Classy my friend :moustache:

Third world’ refers to poorer countries. Like Africa and such.

Third world’ refers to poorer countries. Like Africa and such.

poorer countries. Like Africa and such

countries. Like Africa and such.

countries. Like Africa


Wow, an entire chapter without anything explicitly lewd
I'm quite impressed
Let's see how long it lasts
Twenty bits says third chapter

Ooh... A new Ingress story by Anonymous Pegasus. And with Celestia this time. Color me intrieged.

Blake seems interesting, perhaps a bit more standoff-ish than Lionel from Vacation, but doesn't seem like a total asshole.

So this is like, Year One sh*t here, like just after the original. Haven't read all of your Ingress stuff, but I would assume this is the closest to the original in terms of timeline, then.

Also, surprised Celestia never bothered to ask what the Second World countries were/are.

6147237 The main reason Russia's losses were so great was that they didn't give a shit about their infantry, causing them to die in droves. The Russian's strategy for a good chunk of the war frankly resembled a lemming migration more than a campaign created by intelligent and calculating generals. To be fair though, all the resources Russia had available apart from manpower was extremely limited, so what they achieved with that was fairly impressive.

6147229 Remember, the main character is clearly someone who never cared about those things. It's not surprising he gets the details wrong. He even tells Celestia that he's probably badly butchering it and that a diplomat would have more accurate information.

I'm going to finish reading this later, but one point irks.

Germany has a military.

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