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I claim ALL your numbers Ones. Even the view this time, it doth seem.

Glad to see another piece of work from you, and am currently reading it now.

EDIT - Yup, it did not disappoint in the slightest. Another good piece of writing AP!

yey let my inhibitions go wild...... im taking this too seriously arent i

Nigh Princess Luna.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:


All of my likes.

2732335 Seems legit if i was reading it.

Reminds me of the starkidd Batman musical where a note from Batman to the people of Gothhamm is signed:

Bruce Wayne Batman. :rainbowlaugh::raritywink:

I don't know why... but I kept thinking of Ray William Johnson while reading this. Is that good or bad?

2732777 fuck haven't read it yet, but you just made or fucked this story for me. so i guess we are in the same boat now :/

"I plead the fifth," Ray said, as he collapsed backwards with a low groan, throwing an arm over his face tiredly.

Suddenly, he's the best character ever.

So its was all just roll-play

2733579 Eeyup. Hence being so over-the-top the entire way through.

Why did candyland pop in to my head....oh well.

This was amazing and i love the roleplay idea. And i agree with 2733471 for that line he is the best chara now.

This story shall be read many times over, but when I get through reading it, know this AP. The semen will be on your hands....and anywhere else it may end up....be sure to bring shampoo....and lots of body wash.....maybe a toothbrush just to be safe....

Well, that was fun! I especially enjoyed the ending.

I have to ask: Do you want a critique of any kind on this? I always feel like I short-change an author if I don't offer more than "I enjoyed this, great job!"

FWIW, though: Great job. ;)

Wow that was hot...really hot.....maybe a little too hot....oh dear that's not good. It seems your story has given me a severe case of 'Fire Crotch' although this current predicament brings me great pain directed toward my genitalia you should interpret this as a compliment as to how much I enjoyed this story. Now if you'll excuse I have to ring up the Fire Department on my speed-dial

P.S - Although my doctor may not recommend it, please keep writing more of these stories while I recover from third degree burns in the hospital's 'Burn Ward'

2734284 Critique away, lord knows I get enough unsolicited 'spell checkers' that critique won't hurt.

mind twisted and destroyed by awesomeness and nice story twist at the end:pinkiehappy::applejackconfused::rainbowlaugh:
good job......

Very awesome! Another sexy winner from Anonpeg!:heart:
Silly Luna, trying to hide things from big Sister! :trollestia:

Aahhhh Great :'(, Interspecies relationships.... its beginning *Rubbing hooves together in anticipation*

Nightmare you say??

Nightmare you say?

Nightmare you say??

... That was awesome.

Great, I make a story about Ingress, not even in the group yet, then this guy makes a story that's on par, if not better than, with the original Ingress stories.
*cries in corner*

2735389 Erm, what?

You understand that I wrote Ingress, Ingress: Vacation, Ingress: Curiosity, and this? :derpyderp2:

This is a romance story?

*cries in corner*

I've seen roleplay before, but the two of them don't cut corners.:rainbowlaugh:
Great story!

"I plead the fifth,"

laughed so hard:rainbowlaugh: and i don't think that many will get that one.

2735419 oh yeah... when're your going to release another chapter for Ingress: vacation?

oh, and P.S... 24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_liy7s0jFSG1qfk7qbo1_500.gif

That was awesome, but I was equally disappointed as Nightmare/Luna, that he didn't go down on her.

BTW. Any of you knows any romance/clop between human and NMM (real one), where she isn't evil, just more rough version of Luna? (somethings in line of "The Return of Princess Nightmare Moon!")

A truley awsome fic, you really should write a prequel as to how they met and how their relationship started.

2737148 the lust of mares. later chapters. avoid darker paths, its really fucked up. unless you like that.:fluttershbad:

AWESOME!!!!!!:pinkiehappy:I'll have to read the other ingress stories:twilightsheepish:

Thanks. I noticed it earlier, but the description didn't sound too alluring with whole this rape and giantesses. I might try reading it, but I'm still hesitating. :applejackunsure:

I found myself wondering what Ray was thinking. No, I don't mean what he was thinking when he made some sort of decision, I mean throughout the entire thing.


"and a tooth brush just in case" hahhhaaha pffft bhaaaa*try's to put a strait face on and not laugh but fail's* pffft is this to much loling or can i just keep on rolfing?:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

k , but what is the ingress universe?.....

OH... MY... GOD, that... was... AWESOME:rainbowkiss:

"Get of the bed"

Should be off, other then that....nice

i liked it a lot keep it up:pinkiehappy:


Read his other stories. Hes got like 4 series of stories all set in the same universe of equestrians have stumbled on the human world and what happens after


*SPOILERS* ****************************

The rape was just a role play, both of them were pretending. Nightmare moon is still just Luna.

*SPOILERS* ***************************

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