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Obviously your first sexual experience summed up in fifteen emoticons :rainbowlaugh:

The final entry in the journal was a series of angry strokes denoting that the unicorn was being sent all the way to Canterlot for an undisclosed length of time. Further away from the princess.

Don't you mean Ponyville?

Yet another well written story. Even if it is mainly clop. And the part with Twilight admitting that she likes Celestia was quite funny, silly Twilight, stuttering and stumbling over your words like a boss. Also, will this be showing up on your SF account at some point?

I think you're missing a line in between “Ah, that would be why, then.” and 'Giving a deliberate pause to feign recalcitrance' probably a question from Twilight.

"'Come, sit,' Celestia said, smiling warmly as she settled herself down on the rub"

I think that's supposed to be rug.

Anyway, great story!

This was well fairly well done. Although, I can't help but wonder...

Did all the other ponies not in the castle think Nightmare Moon was back since the sun didn't rise?

..yes...the awkwardness at the beginning, then the..unf everywhere else..just yes.

Thank you for this


0 dislikes.

Guess I'll read it later :twilightblush:

huh, feel like I've read this already... Oh yeah, because I did, when you prescreaned :yay:

Great story! A biiiiiit heavy on Twilight's stammering, but other than that, rather enjoyable :twilightsmile:

I thought princess celestia was going to keep teasing twilight while she read the book with princess Luna and her... Just saying

inb4 featured clop

"Did you masturbate to it?":rainbowlaugh:
Best foreplay EVER.:trollestia:

I liked it...it was kinda cute.....in a silly clop way. good stuff...more please. :ajsmug:

On the bad side.......In my opinion you used the word "cunt" far too many times. Next time change up the words to keep it interesting....other than that...Jolly Good Show gov!


I believe it is a fandom phenomena with the use of words or even story format. For whatever weird reason, most of us tend to get "inspired" by others material. Especially when we emulate those authors that hit a homerun for us. So yes, you are correct in your assessment with the word "splayed" (while it is a much more interesting word) is overused throughout the clop world (and even in the non-clop for that matter).


1389477 I've actually used the word 'splayed' for about... four years before I started writing pony :twilightsmile:

naughty divulgences.

And you only give us sucking? :/.

1390185 I think you might need to go and google 'divulgences'

Definition for divulgences:
Web definitions:
(divulgence) the act of disclosing something that was secret or private.

1390187 To me, anything with the word 'naughty' means BDSM...or SHOULD. Maybe with a hint of humiliation and rape.

1380322 Make that 15 seconds lol


Ahh. :twilightblush: Well.....:facehoof: good?:twilightsmile: at any rate....keep entertaining!:flutterrage:

Cute, a little short, clop. Not bad.


Speaking of words, the section where Celestia "interrogated" Twilight had her smiling about every other sentence.



Yes, because obviously a pony like Celestia or Twilight would love humiliating, dominating, and raping each other. Because it's not like they love each other or care for each other or anything like that.

Sorry, but I don't see how that would fit in a story like this.

Because for most people, BDSM is about roleplaying and trust in your partner, where it adds "spice" to the relationship. You're implying that roleplaying with predefined limits is the exact same thing as rape. :ajbemused:

this story in a nutshell
and that's about all


I think you meant "explicit", or possibly, "explain"

That was some enjoyable pointless clop.


   [ek-spli-keyt] Show IPA
verb (used with object), ex·pli·cat·ed, ex·pli·cat·ing.
to make plain or clear; explain; interpret.


thanks for clearing that up:twilightsmile:

Huff. I'm going to help. Good story, cute and silly. Molestia strikes again:trollestia:

I was just scrolling down then I saw that, I was like ' the fu-' seen the full picture ' ooh you Japanese people are just the best with you tentacle teen Rapeing monsters'

Aaaaand I learned a new word.


I really like Twilight x Celestia stuff, especially when Twilight gets all cute and flustered. This was great!


"Maybe with a hint of humiliation and rape."

Uh, I mentioned rape because you said rape. I don't really get BDSM, but I understand that's just my preference. Rape on the other hand, is something I can't help but despise.

I didn't say that, Dido did. And does a couple that's playing "Nurse" also deal with the fact that the nurse should be fired for having sex with a patient?
Some people like the illusion of being caught, and then "being forced" into rough sex, but that doesn't mean they go out into the city with no protection, it means they find someone they can trust implicitly to not go beyond their limits.

I think that's what 1390197 meant, that if Celestia held Twi down with her magic, she wouldn't be able to escape (bondage), but Celestia would obviouly stop if Twi wasn't ok with it. Consent makes it not rape. Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Only in fiction can those lines be crossed.

This is not pointless clop. It has a great deal of... plot. I liked it. Pointless clop is the kind that is terribly written and only good once, probably written whilst clopping. The way I see it, there are 4 levels of clop.

1. Pointless Clop

2. Good Clop

3. Phenomenal Clop

4. Clop With Actual Story

Your's falls under level two, Good Clop, which means that I would read this again. The reason it isn't Lv. 3 is because of some grammatical errors, a bit fast paced, and excessive use of the word 'cunt'.:twilightsmile::moustache::pinkiehappy::derpytongue2:

That was a good read! Still I like novels about the two rather than one-shots.


Twilight nodded in acquiescence at that, yawning faintly and then spearing the pea with her fork, pulling it up to her mouth, chewing on it idly.


Eat your Pea Twilight Sparkle :pinkiecrazy:

Good clop, more exposition perhaps? I like me a good setup dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Octavia2.png

well that went from talking to sex in 10 seconds flat seconds :twilightblush:

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