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Swiggity swimmer, it's Sunset Shimmer!

If Sunset is gonna be in a Mane Six orgy, or at least boning them, shouldn't they be tagged?

Yeah, thing about that is, Twilight isn't in it. I tried adding the other 5 girls, but it capped off at 4. :applejackunsure:


Well, I think you could still get away with the Mane Six tag, but eh, it's whatevs. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, went ahead and added the tag, as well as a note. Good idea.


Well, all the crap flying through my head, at least ONE of them has to be worth a damn. :pinkiecrazy:

Marvelous! Cant wait to read Ch 2 tomorrow :)

I'm certainly looking forward to the sequel,
(If there is one)
It seems like it's going to be truly Dazzling.

5466647 And Great and Powerful.

Lovely story! I really enjoyed all the character moments before and after the sex, and it serves as a nice bridge between the two films. And of course, the sex was hot. I had to hold back giggles at the pube maintenance discussion!

But did Flash Sentry kill your parents or something? I don't think there was a single moment of him acting like that much of a douchebag throughout both films, not counting when he was under the Dazzlings' spell. I have a hard time picturing him treating Derpy/Ditzy/Muffins/whatever-you-prefer-to-call-her like he did here.

I honestly have nothing nice to say about Flash Sentry that isn't backhanded malice towards him. I thought that including him as something for the others to connect with Sunset on would bring a laugh to the numerous people who detest him.
Thank you for reading the story, glad you enjoyed it overall. :twilightsmile:

5467732 Fair enough! Personally I think he gets a lot of unwarranted hatred, mostly of the "die for our ship" variety, but I won't let a little Flash Abuse spoil a story for me. :twilightblush:

To be as unbiased as I can possibly be, I can see how Flash COULD HAVE been a great character and love-interest for Twilight. It's just that they didn't give him enough development to convince us that he's good. In the first movie he spent his time helping Twilight off her butt (after HE was the reason she fell down), and then Twilight goes bonkers over him. To me, that makes her look less intelligent, like she'll just fall for any guy who's remotely nice to her. And I think that's a little disrespectful to portray her in such a way, and it's also not a great message to send to the kids that they're marketing the series to (remember little girls at home: if a boy helps you to your feet after you fall, you should be in love with him!). He was SLIGHTLY better in Rainbow Rocks, but all of his scenes with Twilight were very obnoxious and felt more forced than natural. It's a matter of Hasbro and DHX saying "we want to have the thing, but we don't want to work hard on it"

So, while the hatred might be a little over the top, I think it is very much warranted. We're just really protective of Twilight and think Flash is ruining her image.

This was a terrific story, definitely liked and faved. :pinkiesmile:

I honestly think Rarity is lying to herself. I mean she's basicly contradicting her own words.

Then again, perfeclty in-character. She tends to do that.

Is that about the whole lesbian thing? Just trying to make sure I didn't write an inconsistency somewhere.

Hot...very hot....soooo hot....


This. A hundred thousand times THIS. Flashlight is the worst ship, second only to Discolestia in my eyes.
But Sunlight... Sunlight I can get behind. I loved the little scene Twi and Sunny had in the second movie at Pinkie's, and I wanted more of it. With how similar their backgrounds (and names) are, they should have had more one-on-one bonding time.

...Does the thing with the cold water really work?

Yup! Lexxi told me so, when she was painting my nails.

Well then, someone has a flair for descriptive writing.

Also, totally adding this to one of my bookshelves now :P

I really enjoyed reading this and gives it a really nice spin to connecting EG1 and EG2. (And I haven't seen EG1 yet and probably never have, I did see Rainbow Rocks though.) Will there be another one like these during Rainbow Rocks? There is a possibility for it but then again if Twilight did get involved, it would be weird for her to return home and look at her friends the same way. Hehe.

Great story, love to see more random things like this.

"flashlight"... I think that is one of the dirtiest sounding ship names I've ever heard.

While I am certainly NOT done with the EQG universe for a while, I don't know if I'm going to do a "Twilight comes back from the pony world to have sex with her human friends". I like to write about this universe in its own events, as in, without the two getting involved with each other, like I did with Exposed. Who knows, I might change my mind in the future, but for right now if I was going to incorporate Twilight in an EQG story, it would be the one we saw post credits of rainbow rocks, the one who actually lives there.

Meant to comment on this when I finished reading a while ago.
I've gotta say, 15/10, will read again. I'll be keeping an eye on you (via clicking said eyeball at the top of the page :raritywink:)

I hope that there is more EQ-centric stories. If not, it'll be a shame. But no matter the universe, I do look forward to future writings from you after this :pinkiesmile:

5467821 I agree that the romance feels forced and is worthy of all hatred. ;) I just don't think that's reason to hate Flash himself. But really, this has gone on too long and is barely related to the story anyway, so that's the last I'm going to say about it.

Keep up the awesome work! :pinkiehappy:

5469491 Discolestia is actually pretty good and would make complete sense.

I agree, to an extent. It wouldn't make COMPLETE sense ("what fun is there in making sense?"), but I can see some attraction between them, especially on celestia's end. I made a big long explanation about it in the discord group.

5471513 I like that argument. Thanks for passing me a link to it.

"She's brimming with energy, always smiling, and dedicates eery fiber of her being to helping everyone in the school have fun."

Did anyone else notice the word "every" was misspelled? I loved this story, but that typo made me laugh. :derpytongue2:

Why can't I like a story more than once?

Sorry, it was late and the word "random" kinda worked for the nonsense my brain was thinking. Let me rewrite that:

"Great story, would love to see more Mane5+1 from the EQG world."

:rainbowlaugh: Alright, that makes more sense. Yeah, I've definitely got a mind to keep using this universe. Humans are fun to work with.

my keyboard is faulty, so it probably didn't read it when I punched it (or I just glossed over it). Guess I didn't catch that when I read over it.
Thanks for pointing it out, it's fixed now.

Stop, stop, STOP!!!
My penis can only get so erect.

5467821 I have to disagree with Flash could have been a good character. His type of character, the pretty boy, gee-tar playing popular boy will never be a good character nor be a good person in real life. They are often the bullies that bully normal, genuine people. I do agree though that they made Twilight look less intelligent by having her fall for him in the first one......well in my opinion they made her look dumber than dirt.....not quite a trashy ho but pretty darn close. I do think it was Hasbro and DHX simply trying to hit a home run since EqG would be far more targeted for little girls and I do agree it sends a horrible message, the one you described.

Regarding the lesbian thing, I think it is popular for two reasons. One, the female characters are far more well developed and are easier to use in stories and second.....who can deny this, lesbians are hot.

Well, Im certainly not going to deter anyone from Flash bashing. :twilightsmile:

When you say "the lesbian thing" what are you referring to? Just, why lesbian ships in general are more popular?

You did the impossible here. You actually made an orgy of teenage girls endearing and sweet. I didn't know that was possible...

Well played... well played indeed...

You'd be surprised at what I can make endearing and sweet, when I really want it to be. :raritywink:

I quite liked this fic. It was cute at times and the sex was well written. I love it when fics present the idea of the mane six as sexually active with each other, without seeing it as weird.

I tend to love the kinky sex more though, with dominance, submission, bondage and all kind of that stuff but this was still good.

I like what you did and you did well to tie Sunset in. this story worked really well to link the two movies together; ignoring the sex tags :P

I need to see this taken to the limits. I don't care how, but now that the internet has seen this, you must make true to your word.

I try as hard as I can not to rely on "OMG we are having SEX, egads!" as the big conflict for the story. Of course there's hesitance involved depending on someone's experience with it, but I never try to make it look like this big mysterious or scary thing that most people don't know how to handle, or that it has to be handled one way or not at all. I'd be interested in writing about pairings that have already gotten past their "first time" and are having a regular session between themselves. Might use cadancexshining for one like that, or someone else, who knows!

I like ShiningxCadance fics but there's a difference with sex being 'normal' between couples, or sex being 'normal' between friends.

Regardless, I would read if publishes. The good thing about having couples who are together for some time, is that things can get 'spicy' in the bedroom :p


To each their own, but no one can sell me on Discolestia being good, or some sort of 'perfect ship' as was suggested just now by it making perfect sense. It's pretty much heresy in my eyes. Discoshy I can both see as being reasonable and probable. I actually support that, and find it heart-warming. There's still a great deal Fluttershy and Discord could teach each other. Discord naturally having to tone down his hijinx so as not to offend or scare Fluttershy, and Fluttershy being tolerant of his chaotic behavior and magic spazzing. Teaching her to come out of her shell and be more reasonable, while protecting her as she does - and Fluttershy showing Discord that there's good in the way things are, rather than what he can make them into.

I would eat up a story like that. But Order and Chaos? Hrrgh, no. Heebie-jeebies. Most heretical. My inner Commissar is cleaning his bolt pistol right now.

5469329 :duck: "Just because I happen to enjoy having sex with girls doesn't make me a lesbian. I still intend to find my prince, I just happen to also plan on having an affair with our maid."

No ship is perfect unless it's Twilestia :twilightsmile:

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