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The only answer.... harem.

Haven't read it yet, but I believe this should end as a harem.

Another Spilight/Sparity love triangle? You don't know what you have just done. Shipping war is coming! (or at least in the next chapters). Anyway I'm going to have a lot of fun when I read the comments: images.wikia.com/mlp/images/4/40/Pinkie_Pie_holding_popcorn_S1E04.png
Anyway Spilight FTW.


Alright I'll see where this goes

That was pretty hot. Good job.

Wow spike is small... I mean really small, most ponies would come up to the upper chest of the avrage person so spike should still be a little above waist hight, givin than id have to say he'd be at least 6 1/2 in maybe more.

This must be purgatory for man or stallion.

Towel? check

fresh panties? check

Febreeze for lingering pussy stank? check

lez do this.

I have an advice for you: if you include this story in Spike's Harems, you're basically spoiling the ending.

This... This is how you write a clop fic. Such a slow and tender buildup, meticulous details, romance! I want more! This is a one in a hundred fic where I can say there were only two errors that make no bucking difference to the story. A one in a billion fic that I could read over and over again! You give me next chapter now!
On to my actual review. This was awesome. Spike is, for lack I a better term, adorable! He can get all embrassed, even though it's implied they've done this a few times. I even like the fact that Twilght doesn't want affection in this "relationship" it just makes the chapter! But what I love, what I absolutly adored in this one single chapter... Was the pace. Oh My Gosh! I have something to say but it's so embarrassing!

This is what I was too embarrassed to say. In a way.

Thank you very much random commenter.


your very much welcome, everyone is enjoying themselves here, so don't be so embarrassed:twilightsmile:

Hmmm, FwB Spilight? This has my interest. (Truth be told my attention as well, but I'm just waiting for Rarity's bit and then that's solid).

Usually I wouldn't but this fic just got so intimate. It got really close to home too... Oh!! I can't even think about it!

i know, nice, slow build up. you can take your time, tease yourself, warm up, and the story doesn't try to spur you on faster than it needs too. can't wait till the next chapter.

3439720 penis size? Are you crazy? I haven't read it, but 6 and a half is bigger then most humans

Oh my! I can't believe I actually caused that to happen! I'm so sorry!

I've read the chapter and I only have 1 problem with this: though this started as a Spilight, which I love, the fact Twilight doesn't want herself and Spike to become a couple is kinda stupid to me. Honestly, they make a perfect couple IMO and I see no inconvenient if they become one. Plus Twilight hasn't said any good reasons for them to not become a couple. To top it off, Twilight says they booth agreed.


No their not actualy... see Winona is a border collie, as such she is close to 3 ft tall and since she only comes up to the shin of most ponies the average pony is close to 6 ft tall with Celestia being well over 8.

i don't know what your sorry about. its a good thing to take it slow and intimately, girls got to treat ourselves. :raritywink:

Yes! Of course... But... GOSH!! This is the first time I've been flabbergasted! Amazing what one story can do to a person. For the record I'm not that meak it's just... The thought of... Well let's just say reading this brought back some memories.

Congrats on getting featured!

It's not so much the ending as it is the journey there, right?:twilightsheepish:

I really have my proofreader and friends to thank on that one. They helped me a lot when I was eager to jump through some of the events in the story.
Really glad it helped give you the release you were looking for. :heart:

I have a feeling they're talking about actual height, not penis size. I tried to keep his height as accurate to the show as I could, but I might need to touch some parts up in order to reflect that better.

...Story's not over. :raritywink:

Thanks so much Dude! :twilightsheepish:

i understand, i hope you have a good night you little perv :trollestia:

It was amazing to read. Honestly I'm a little jealous of you. I wish I could write this good. Still keep those guys close. If they made the first chapter this good... I can't wait for the next!!

Okay, this is bizarre
Just when I was thinking to myself "I should see about adding this story to some groups" I see it has already been added to six different groups! You guys are outrageous! :pinkiegasp: Thank you all so much!


That just makes things far more juicy and rewarding.

3439976 I think the author left it that way to give Rarity a chance:duck:. I say nuts to that shit:twilightsmile::raritydespair:! Twilight, better open that love to Spike, before Rarity tries to capture what feelings he still has for her.

3440359 I personally think Rarity doesn't deserve him at all. And by watching the show, I can't help but think it's painfully obvious she doesn't share Spike's feelings, yet she never tells him anything about it and I think that's being very cruel. Now I think I shouldn't have written this, because some Sparity fans might reply to me. Well, here I am :rainbowlaugh:

“Aaaah!” Twilight pushed her hips forward as Spike touched her most sensitive spot. Spike rubbed her in circles for just a few seconds, then released his hold on her being careful not to push her too much. He reached back and put both of his claws on the underside of each foreleg.

Think you meant:

He reached back and put both of his claws on the underside of each hind leg

Story looks good, and could always use more Spike and Princess Twilight story's. :moustache::twilightblush:Even if Rarity has to be in it too.:ajbemused:

3440397 I feel the same way. Too much of a cock tease. And serious, Rarity over Princess Twilight? No contest! The only thing she ever had over Twilight before she became a alicorn is that she knows and cares a lot about looking good. Hell, I think Rarity loses in natural beauty to Applejack and Fluttershy.:ajsmug::yay: :raritydespair:

Yup, that is exactly what I meant to say, since he's going down on her right after. Good catch!

I really hate writing stories where I would have one character be "the bad love interest" just to make the central character realize how much better off they are with "the good one". With that said, I am going to do my best to show Rarity in a favorable light, because myself and a lot of others do see some good in her, even if it's shown in a rather odd way sometimes. :raritystarry:

Having read it now, I got to say this has a lot of potential. While I love both Sparity and Spilight, I'm hoping for a harem ending at end. Spikes gets all the mares after all.

3440441 I hear you. I come off like that to Rarity on a more personal level. Bad relationship:facehoof:.
When it's just a Sparity, and done well, l like it (most of that blame goes to Path_of_Cloud). But when it's Spike X someone else and Rarity is just now try then, I'm going with the someone else.:moustache:

TwilightXSpikeXRarity clop!? This is gonna be good. :pinkiehappy:

Before I start keeping track of this story I must ask, how long do you intend to make this story and what relationship do you want to make (i.e., Spilight, Sparity, or a small harem with the three)?

Nice start to this story. Really hope Spike ends up with both Rarity andTwilight.

As far as length goes, I do have and ending in mind, this won't be a short story, but really don't expect it to be much longer than Fluttering Hearts as far as chapters go.

I don't want to give the ending away (not like other people haven't guessed it already) but let's just say that there won't be any characters left crying their eyes out because they got left behind. Everypony/everyone will be satisfied in the end.

must read....so tired....

I don't usually go for clop, but... this chapter, I like it. Another!

it had been two since he almost ran amok through Ponyville, stealing everything that caught his fancy. TWO WHAT TWO WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! I CAN'T TAKE THE SUSPENSE!! but other than that amazing story can't wait for more ^^:heart::moustache:

Whoops, that was something I forgot to add when I made that edit. I just corrected it, so now it shows that it has been two years since Secret of My Excess. Sorry for the confusion.

“Spike… I think I’m in the mood for one of our study breaks’.”

It looks like you need one of the mark thingies next to "study".

Or, put it in italics. Hopefully that works as well. c:

Thinking about Spike in a sexual situation is quite creepy; his body is actually rather asexually drawn anyway.

So it begs the question at how he would, you know, and from where.

My brain doesn't want to think about, visualize, or answer that.

Therefore, I do not generally read stories where Spike is shipped, and call me racist or perhaps "DnD Creature size-ist", but I just don't feel like it works on either account... That's just my thoughts on the matter, I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't in the featured box.

Kudos to everyone who likes it, I suppose; please don't hate-storm over this P: It's not like I'm rating the story down or anything.

Awesome, well paced, great build up, excellent delivery, flawless description of the events, good backround, perfect hit on the feels, story-line and drama that will come, cute to be pleased yet eager to please Spike, balanced out Twilight.

Dear God, this fic is perfect! THIS is how romantic clop must be done. BRING ME MOAR!

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