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Not long after Tirek's defeat, Twilight has begun suffering from a medical condition that shouldn't be able to affect ponies and her life depends on Luna. How will both of their lives, and their relationship, be affected during the days and nights together as Twilight searches for a way to reclaim her independence?

* This is a TwiLuna story.
** Cover art by CaptainPudgeMuffin (Commissioned for this story.)

Traducción al español de mi fanfic por SPANIARD KIWI: Todos Para Una, y Una Para Luna

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More please. Twiluna is one of my favorites!:twilightsmile::heart:

Same here, Luna is just best imo.

I just want to thank everyone who has favorited this already. I was not expecting the level of response this has gotten, especially with so little currently released. I'll do my best to live up to, or exceed, all of your expectations.

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside thanks to all of you! :twilightsmile:


Trying to get next chapter finished and up today. That way you all will at least have Luna's explanation and a bit of insight about how it will effect their day-to-day lives. Not sure how quickly further chapters will come out with college stuff eating into my time, but going to try keeping them coming at a decent pace.

Oh I am going to enjoy this story!

wonderful story :pinkiehappy:

This story looks ver promising,:ajsmug: I wonder how will Luna treat Twi's illness :derpyderp1::pinkiehappy:.

Also YAY:yay: for TwiLuna!

Colour me intrigued! I'm really interested to see about this illness now and why it's so threatening!
And TwiLuna is best pairing <3 :twilightsmile:
Cuddles on the First chapter is always a good sign~

I certainly hope so. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you. :twilightsmile:

This probably won't be that long a story overall, but I'll try to make it worth everyone's while.

And cuddles are always a good thing, even when they're unintentional. :rainbowlaugh:

Whoa! This made it to the popular stories box? I did not see that coming...

:heart::heart: You guys are awesome! :heart::heart:

...and I need to allocate time this week for working on this to thank you all.

This is very nicely done, and it's earned an early thumbs-up and follow from me. Seriously good stuff you're setting up here, and I can't wait to see where it goes.

The only other "Luna can't leave Twilight's side" story I can think of on short notice is Oldnew Luna, though in that case it was Twilight saving Luna.

They held each other’s eyes for a minute or two before Twilight gave in to the inevitable and returned to her cushion

Just needs an ending period.


Thanks for the kind words and actions. This is actually my first time writing anything more than a simple one shot at all, not just in MLP, so I was a bit nervous going in. The massively positive response is a nice surprise - one that I certainly appreciate. :twilightsmile:

I'll have to squeeze a reading of Oldnew Luna at some point. Thanks for pointing it out. :pinkiehappy:

Just needs an ending period.

Got it, thanks. Them pesky invisible periods... :derpytongue2:

We'll this is an awesome story :pinkiehappy::ajsmug:. Also thanks to Twilights condition can she never be near Celestia again:fluttercry:? I mean I know this story is probably going to be more about TwiLuna than anything else but it is sad Twi can't see her mentor/motherish figure/ great friend ever again,:fluttershysad::twilightoops: till she finds a cure.:rainbowdetermined2:

Okie Dokie Loki! I'm loving this! It has been little while since I read a TwiLuna story, good to get back.
So, now you have new follower for this story. Looking forward for your next chapter! :pinkiehappy:


Also thanks to Twilights condition can she never be near Celestia again:fluttercry:?

Yeah, she hasn't registered that Celestia is one of those she has to avoid quite yet. Have no worries though - it'll take some time before Twilight can face the day again, but she is quite resourceful and won't have to avoid everyone for long. Not meant to be a sad fic after all. :scootangel:


Good to have you both here and enjoying it. Hopefully you won't be waiting too long for the next chapter.

This is good, very very good :D

Need more, as in, more chapters, or more length.

It will be wonderful

Glad you're enjoying it so far. :pinkiehappy:

Need more, as in, more chapters, or more length.

I'm not used to writing anything (fiction or otherwise) longer than about 1500 words, so this entire story is a learning experience for me. Length of chapters is likely to improve as my writing does. Currently expect the entire story to run 20-30k, but it could end up a bit longer. We'll see.

Right now I'm working on deciding at which point I want to have a few things take place in the story. Once I've got that decided I'll be working on the next chapter, which I'm hoping to have finished by Thursday night as I won't have any time this weekend to spend on it.

So twiluna is the only relationship twilight can have basically, <3


Well, Luna's the only person she can currently interact with. She's not going to be stuck away from everyone else or the sun forever, just until they figure out why it happened and what to do about it. :raritywink:

The time that happens...feelings would have been discovered, and I'm pretty sure twilight will be able to create moonlight eventually and maybe have Luna's wonderful mane.


Is it love, or is it Stockholm syndrome? - Equestria may never know... :derpytongue2:

I would say that's a good length :)

I'm just hungering for more information :D

Twilight blushed and turned away with a mumbled, “I see” as she realized she’d been staring.

And this is where all of my hopes for this story took a huge hit.

I STRONGLY urge you to read Chuckfinley's latest blog posts, especially "the traps of trappings".

Look, dude, this story has potential, so I feel compelled to warn you: if the characters can't articulate to themselves why they're attracted to someone, if their actions are dictated by "butterflies in their stomach" or other such mindless drivel, readers won't be able to empathize with them.

Also, the story hasn't taken that direction yet (thankfully) but I'll put this here just in case: if you're considering having an anguished declaration of love as a focal point...don't.
That's not how real people behave.
Imagine what would happen if, out of the blue, a really unattractive girl you don't know confessed her love to you. How would you react?

That little chant just melted my heart...


Look, dude, this story has potential, so I feel compelled to warn you: if the characters can't articulate to themselves why they're attracted to someone, if their actions are dictated by "butterflies in their stomach" or other such mindless drivel, readers won't be able to empathize with them.

It's my fault for not having things clearer there. She wasn't staring because she was struck by the beauty or blushing because of unknown feelings of love. My intent was for her to be staring in a "wow, I didn't know that was possible" manner, and the blush was meant to be for realizing that her mind had wandered from the glow to basically "checking out" her friend. (Debated even having that last bit of description even in there. Still torn.)

if you're considering having an anguished declaration of love as a focal point...don't.

Not the plan, and hopefully I can correctly pull of what I intend... There's a lot new to me here, including trying to properly develop a relationship. Part of what I've been doing today is skimming through some of my favorites that have really good relationship development and making notes about how they expressed it, because I know it's going to be a weakness for me if I'm not careful.

I had no idea this story would get so much attention so quickly, so I hadn't done as much pre-planning as I should have. Now that I've about finished organizing my notes from start to finish I'm prepared to move forward with a bit more purpose. There is a decent chance I'll also be tweaking the already posted chapters in a few spots (like the one you pointed out) in order to make the story flow a tad more smoothly.

As I've said, I have a lot to learn even as I'm writing. Thank you for the constructive feedback. That sort of help will be key as I work to improve.

Widdle Woona? :scootangel:


Having twilight be physically attracted to Luna is kinda brilliant, although hard to describe in prose.

It also immediately sets up a possible conflict or change in their relationship; namely, how Luna is going to react to Twilight's attention.

It is possible such a thing could annoy her; thanks to Fleur De Lis' character model, it's not a stretch of logic to assume that the princesses are paragons of beauty in Equestria. And being subject to romantic attention because of what she looks like instead of who she is as a person is probably very frustrating.

On the other hand, it is possible that due to her role as a princess, nopony has ever dared to approach her in that way; and knowing that she was being thought of as a sexual being could be a completely novel experience to her, flattering her.


Those are good points.

I do have a full concept and progression mapped out mentally, but finding the words/phrases to bring it to life can be such a challenge. It's fun and annoying at the same time - much like a particularly difficult puzzle.

:rainbowlaugh: I imagine many more uncomfortable hijinks will ensue with this!

Ok, I'll bite. Faved and waiting.

Good start, fics have a tendency to start strong and peter out though.

Plenty of forced time together means plenty of time for romance.

I am defiantly going to be watching this story. this code go a long ways.

Can't they just have a bunch of mirrors redirecting moonlight from one room to another so that Twilight and Luna don't always have to be in the same room?

Thanks for giving it a shot.


Good start, fics have a tendency to start strong and peter out though.

I know. Part of that is (I think) having a start and end in mind, but not planning out how to get between those two points. I actually have an outline for the entire story, and a rough of every chapter now so I don't see that happening here.


Too many ships in the sea...

Is that complaint that I'm making it a TwiLuna story instead of just leaving the entire focus on the crisis/resolution? If so, sorry, but that's why I noted it would be a relationship fic from the start - so people that weren't a fan of that could avoid it.

They probably could, but what if something were to block the light? Also, light from mirrors diffuses very quickly (doesn't work like in The Mummy) so range would be quite limited. The goal is to find a permanent solution, not a stop-gap.


Because she protected her subjects from a wild animal that could have hurt and killed them?

I have little empathy for things that can't even recognize themselves in a mirror

4989794 If by "dun goofed" you mean that she killed the Ursa when she only intended to drive it away, you're correct. Otherwise I'm of the opinion that she did exactly the thing she should have.

Because when giant monsters go on a rampage and threaten innocent lives, you don't kindly ask them to stop. You blast them into Pink Mist with KKVs from orbit.

Good so far loke the idea of the the ursa thing good plot line so far will be following the story keep up the good work

This past week was rather busy with two tests, the start of a science project, and the assignment of my first major essay in writing class. That didn't leave much time for working on this story, but with that all out of the way I'm working on the next chapter. It should go up sometime this week, and I'm hoping to get a second (maybe third) done before school stirs the pot again.

Could the minor from Luna’s time be the major from twilights time?

i am really liking this story. keep up the good work. ^_^ :twilightsmile:

5061388 I much concur, my dear.

Yaaaaaaay I've been waiting for the continuation!

Same here.

I do hate it when Luna thinks this was though...

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