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After an argument with Twilight, Luna is out of sorts. Smasher, a clumsy colt with a penchant for breaking valuables, isn’t having the best day either.


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That was an exceptional story! I like how the plot wasn't entirely focused on the fight, that can get boring. This was well thought out and flowed wonderfully. It didn't feel rushed or choppy. Very well done!

Great story. I loved it. :twilightsmile:

Wonderfully done, I the throughly enjoyed this.

Good choice to have the argument offscreen and to stick with Luna’s perspective throughout. Luna’s worries were palpable and her advice to the colt was spot-on, even though we all know in the end she’d end up taking her own advice. Nicely done!

"Tomb" should be "tome" - two very different words! Also "exasperated" should be "exacerbated", and "charleton" is presumably meant to be "charlatan". Fun story!

Man, tomb/tome has been my undoing lately. Thanks. Fixed.

Very nice.
I like how accepting the young ones are and I like the little one that Luna had to deal with.

And now I want to see a story with the line "May this eldtricth tome be your everlasting tomb, foul beast!"

I quite enjoyed this. It's the kind of thing that could perhaps be a show episode, if they ever actually did anything with mare romances, anyway. Very sweet.

Very solid, you really made every word count it this fic and the pacing was 10/10

Episode tier material like someone pointed out earlier.

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