• Published 7th Sep 2014
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All for One - One for Luna - Wodahseht

A strange condition has Twilight courting death in the wake of her battle with Tirek. Now her life depends on Luna, and both lives will be affected. Hopefully for the best.

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01: Almost Too Late

Celestia always enjoyed receiving letters from Twilight Sparkle, so when one arrived during breakfast she paused with a smile to read it. The smile didn't last.

Dear Princess Celestia,

I need your advice concerning an illness I have come down with. I have been unable to find any information on it in my new library, the medical ponies here in Ponyville don't know what it is or how to treat it, and even Zecora is stumped.

The first symptoms appeared a few days after the battle with Tirek, though I didn't recognize them as such at the time. It started with a slight headache and a feeling of being overheated when in the sun. Those symptoms became more pronounced each day until I could no longer ignore the headache, felt overheated even indoors, and burned as though standing too close to a bonfire if I went out in the sun. Dizziness and light sensitivity also began to be a problem.

It is almost as though I have developed albinism, but that isn't a condition a pony can spontaneously develop. And an albino wouldn't continue to have symptoms when inside and in the dark. It has been so bad lately that I've had to lock myself in my room, unable to do anything during the day. Strangely though, I feel perfectly fine most nights if I am outdoors or near a window.

If you don't have any suggestions on what else I can try, could you let the archivist know that I plan to visit your library in Canterlot tonight if the symptoms fade enough for me to travel? Perhaps I can find something there to explain what this is or how to treat it.

Ever your student,
Twilight Sparkle

Feeling rather as though she had just been doused in ice water and thrown into a blizzard, she read through the letter a second time. And then a third. She knew one thing that fit those symptoms, but she also knew that there was no way for that particular condition to affect ponies. Regardless of that fact, that is what it sounded like and it would be unwise to ignore the possibility until it had been ruled out. Which meant that there was no time to waste.

The thought of breakfast completely forgotten, she teleported into her sister's room and rushed toward her bed, "Luna, wake up! You must travel to Ponyville immediately!"

Luna's mind was busy as she followed Spike on the way to Twilight's room. She knew he wanted reassurances about Twilight, mostly because he kept asking, but she couldn't give him any answers. She needed to see Twilight first. She knew what her sister thought it was and had to admit that she didn't know anything else that fit the symptoms, but it didn't make any sense.

Of course, it doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. If she's right, then we may already be too late.

She shook herself out of those thoughts and took in that Spike had stopped. She was fairly certain he'd asked another question, but she hadn't been paying attention and there wasn't time to ask him to repeat it. Instead, she simply opened the door they had stopped beside and walked into the dark room.

It took a few seconds for her eyes to sort out the various objects in the room and locate Twilight in her bed...and she felt her insides twist. Bloodshot, uncomprehending eyes met hers in the brief moments that Twilight faced her way before turning away and trying to dig weakly into the covers.

Even without a diagnostic spell it was obvious that Twilight was not well. She had visibly lost weight, her ribs were beginning to show, her fur lacked any luster, and feathers on her wings were ragged. When Luna did cast the diagnostic she could see that Twilight's own body was attacking itself, exactly as with that.

How in Equestria did she develop an Ursa condition?

Now wasn't the time to be thinking, it was time to be doing. Luna looked to Spike standing beside her with a grim expression on her face. "Spike, I need you to see to it that no pony enters this room for any reason. And please arrange for the others to meet me in the throne room after moonrise."

The little dragon didn't move, asking instead, "But what's wrong with her? Is she going to be okay?"

Luna looked back at the newest princess and her first true friend since her redemption. There wasn't time for explanations, but Spike deserved some sort of answer. "There is not time to explain, but I believe she will be fine - if no more time is lost. Please see to my instructions and fear not, I will care for Twilight." Spike was given no chance to respond as she levitated him out of the room and shut the door.

As soon as the door was closed she allowed the moonlight to begin flowing through her, once again revealing Twilight. And Twilight was once again watching her. Luna chose to look at that as a good sign. She made her way toward the bed speaking softly, "Friend Twilight, how is it that you have come to this state?" Twilight's ear twitched at the sound of her name, but otherwise just continued to watch Luna's approach passively.

With only a moment of hesitation, Luna climbed onto the bed and settled next to Twilight, spreading a wing over her as the purple alicorn leaned closer. Luna was searching for words of comfort to give, but became distracted when she felt Twilight giggle into her side. She could feel lips moving against her fur and strained to hear what was being mumbled.

"Glowing... Luna... moona... Woona..."

Woona!? She felt her cheeks heat slightly. That was a nickname she hadn't heard for a long, long time. Since she and her sister had defeated Discord and become rulers of Equestria. She'd always hated it, but now being reminded...she found she missed it. She and Celestia had been so close back then and she'd often curled up against her sister as Twilight was doing now. She sighed. Things just weren't the same anymore. Yes, they still loved each other, but there was a gulf of time and experience between them that couldn't help but change matters.

Slowly it dawned on Luna that Twilight had fallen asleep, snuggled as tightly against her as possible. With a small smile she wrapped her wing more securely around her friend and lay her own head down to rest. After all, the night would bring duties she could not ignore, and she was already late to sleep.

Twilight woke feeling rested for the first time in over a week. That surprised her. It surprised her even more to have fallen asleep at all. But neither of those things could compare to the surprise of rolling over to see her balcony doors open, framing the Princess Luna in the process of raising the moon. Oh, and she was glowing.

Her eyes hadn't been particularly reliable of late, so she closed and rubbed them before looking again. Sure enough, there stood Luna, but at least she wasn't glowing now. As moonlight filled the room she realized that all of her windows were uncovered as well.

"Princess Luna? What are you doing here?" Suddenly becoming aware of her own unkempt appearance she started apologizing, "Sorry! If I knew you were coming I would have made sure I was more presentable, and had the room cleaned, and..." As she was rambling on, she was also using her magic to brush her hair, organize piles of books, and make the bed.


Oh, maybe she should be listening... She stopped and looked at Luna to find that she was being watched with a worried expression.

"To answer your question, I am here because of the letter you sent to my sister." Luna glanced briefly at the nearly clear sky as though concerned about something. "You should be alright while I go speak with your friends. Please pack while I am gone so that we may leave for Canterlot without additional delay."

"Why do you need to see my friends? And why are we going to Canterlot? Oh right, the library visit. But why did you come to escort me? I'm perfectly capable of getting there my-"

Luna turned a hard look at her and stomped a hoof sharply on the stone floor, stopping her speech cold. "I did not come to escort you to the library. I am here because you were dying. I don't know how you acquired the condition you have, but I am the only one capable of keeping you alive while we try to find a cure. You are coming to Canterlot because I cannot stay here while we do so. So pack. I shall return with haste." And with that, Luna walked out and closed the door behind her.

Twilight found herself staring frozen at the door, having trouble processing that burst of information. Dying... The torment of the past few days played briefly through her mind in a new light. Then she registered the other part of what had been said. No known cure.

She shivered and turned to pack.

Author's Note:

Got inspired to write this story from Melt by ambion and Walking through Fire by SPark. Concept of Twilight catching something that shouldn't have been able to affect ponies came from the former. Idea for Celestia/Luna being able to channel or create sunlight/moonlight through themselves came from the latter. I'm changing up how that works a bit though.

Both are short and cute stories about Celestia and Twilight. I definitely recommend them if you like that sort of thing.