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Oh Luna, this is awesome.
Yes, I quite like how he's portraying them. Despite neither of us being a big fan of Green Lantern, we read the ending arc of the Black Lanterns storyline in the comics, so we at least have a bit of knowledge as to what is happening.
Thanks for writing an amazing first chapter, and we can't wait for more!

Darkfire Shadows/Shady Canopy

4740873 A rare Alex Warlorn comment on something that's NOT a response to a comment on his Pony POV Series? Quick, someone throw a Poke Ball and catch it!


i'm pissed off because somewhere in there is luna but i love this idea and the pic.:twilightsmile:

and here is your gift Darkness Rising:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

I don't think the fear rog fits twilight. I thought she was more like a hope/will ring user.

Just Michael for the armor descriptions?


Sorry about that, I'll add your name too!

By god, if there's one thing I love reading about, it's Rainbow Dash kicking ass!:rainbowdetermined2:

Now about the chosen wielders of the rings.
Rainbow Dash would make a powerful Red Lantern. I've seen throughout the cartoon that anger, rage, and fury(I know those are all the same thing thing) are emotions that she displays very well. She's shown to do acts out of anger without thinking things through. I can't really an episode in particular though.

Twilight does seem like an excellent candidate for a Yellow Lantern, though I do think Fluttershy displays fear more in the series. In Lesson Zero, Twilight lets her fear of missing a deadline go to her head so much, that she clearly goes insane. And by insane, I mean Jack Nicholson insane! And I do believe insanity does happen to a lot of Yellow Lanterns.:pinkiecrazy:

And Applejack would fit in with the Green Lanterns. She shows great bravery and an unstoppable will. When she wants something done, she gets it done! Though the only problem is her lack of imagination. Still Hal Jordan had the same problem and he became a great Green Lantern!

Wow...I hope Spike and Fluttershy don't end up as black lanterns,

Nice to see Spike get a little action!

Don't worry, I have special plans for those two...

if they hope to stand even a glimmer of a chance against the Black...all must stand as one...

Awww, I was hoping a new ring would choose some pony in this chapter.:fluttercry:

I was thinking that Spike was goign to beocme a black lantern back there.

Shadow Knife reminds me of.... some bad ass I can't remember.... oh wait I remember now! DEATHSTROKE THE MOTHER BUCKING TERMINATOR! Those Black Lanterns.... lets just say the messed with the WRONG Ex-Royal Guard.

Okay, having not read this, but being a fan of things lantern-related. I'm going to make my predictions who ends up in what Corps

Red - Gilda, Possibly Rainbow Dash
Orange - Trixie, -possibly- Rarity
Yellow - Twilight after having missed a friendship report.
Green - Applejack, -possibly- Rainbow
Blue - Pinkie, Full Stop
Indigo - Fluttershy
Violet/Star Sapphire - Cadence would be obvious here so I'd say -not- her. Rarity, maybe Spike.

5452651 spike would be rather orange
green is applejack
red rainbow
blue pinkie without doubts
yellow is twilight
indigo rarity
violet flutershy

and that is only the basic team


Still Hal Jordan had the same problem and he became a great Green Lantern!

what's that? I can't hear you over all these thrown jet construct?

I'm liking where this is going....

Though I wonder what will happen to other characters in th mlp universe. Is all this bloody mess going to release Discord. How are the changelings fairing? Is Tarturus black lantern central at this point? If so is Tirek a black lantern? Is Sombra going to be a black/red/orange/yellow lantern? that is to say if th black lanterns somehow bring forth the crystal empire... is Derpy still alive...?

I'm liking this so far, pretty good.

and heard two simple words:
‘You belong to us.’

Four words. I know, I'm petty. :derpytongue2:

It has a TVtropes page! That's how you know a fanfic is top quality. :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh boy, I wonder who's going to get Orange?

I'm reading another Lantern fanfic called "With This Ring" and I like how the main character uses the Orange Light for good by using meditation to keep exactly what he wants (to protect his friends) in focus, but you can still see the ring is slowly corrupting him like the One Ring.

You have such a fun and awesome idea and I hate putting your story down. I'm super interested in whenever Cadance will become a Star Sapphire, and I love the mix between magic and the rings powers. Ugh, now I need to go back and reread what happened to Celestia. Also, Black Lanterns are cheaters.

Are we gonna see a red Soarin and Spitfire? Maybe another Green in Shining, or possible blue. No idea on Rarity,

Also, I'm concerned about Fluttershy getting compassion, I thought they were Death Sentances given only to the absolute worst criminals.... Never realized their power could even be used.

Aww yeah! I'm ready to see Orange Lantern Spike kick some ass!

5935086 not gonna say im an expert with the comics or anything, I just looked online after reading this. But apparently the Indigo ring can force people to only compassion, but if you have great willpower, you can break free. Fluttershy DOES possess the ability to do so im guessing...

I am more focused on twilight right now, since she seems strangely okay with using a ring that FEEDS ON OTHERS FEAR!
I was expecting a little more conflict about that, but maybe it will happen later, she has had a taste of what that powers fells like now, and since this is EARLY version of twilight, who has never learned ANY of the lessons that our season 5 princess of friendship knows, it could cause some problems. The only thing that stops her right from possibly embracing it right now is Celestia talking to her through the ring and a bigger threat to deal with. Maybe later Applejack and Twilight will notice their differences and fight?

Congrats on getting a new chapter out. Which I don't care for the rings switch, I salute the complexity of this work.

Hah! called it! Zombie Dragon!

5934729 I was just thinking of Sombra becoming a blac lantern myself, due to his being technically undead.

"Sombra of Equestria....RISE."

5943717 touche my friend. I actually can see it.

5943902 indeed. then again, he could also work as a yellow lantern

5945997 Sorry, but I don't plan on having Sombra in this story...

5935737 In either chapter 4 or 5 when Twilight and AJ were flying to meet the undead dragon Twilight started thinking about the whole "I'm feeding on everypony's fear" thing for a second before remembering she had more important things to worry about.

My only POSSIBLE complaint, depending on how it progresses from here, is the hints at a TwiJack ship going down.

Also, there were a few words that while being correctly spelled were the wrong ones for the situation. One example I believe I noticed was "guise" where it should have been "guys". There were few enough of these sorts of errors that I was able to just overlook them and keep going but you might want to step up your editing mate.

5934729 Well, it seems Discord's prison is starting to weaken seeing as how he talked to Cadence a bit...

5946085 its okay didn't think you would, it's msotly just a thought exercise/speculation XD

5946672 However if there is enough potential for sequel... I might consider it.


Okay, time for a little Q&A:

Is all this bloody mess going to release Discord?

We'll just have to wait and see...

How are the changelings fairing?

The changelings will make it there debut a little later... you'll find out then

Is Tarturus black lantern central at this point? If so is Tirek a black lantern?

No, Nightmare Moon hasn't turned her attention to Tartarus... yet...

Is Sombra going to be a black/red/orange/yellow lantern? that is to say if th black lanterns somehow bring forth the crystal empire...

No, I don't plan on having some room appear in the story since this basically takes place at the very start of the series, long before the empire actually returns.

Is Derpy still alive...?

Yep! She was one the train to Manehattan that AJ saved.

5947000 ehh if you want to or ot, that's up to :3 don't feel like you need to do anythng just cause we say something

5947021 I kind of thought as much. I just the black lanterns would have done something to Crystal Empire. The place is probably lached with fear and rage thanks to Sombra.

5934637 Um remind me.... who was it that killed Vol Thoom as Nekron's forced host? Hm? Alan Scott? Kyle Rayner? John Stewart? Guy Gardner? Nope. HAL MOTHER FUCKING JORDAN ALL UP IN THIS BITCH!!

"Alrighty then! Twi, you take the 500 on the left, and I'll take the 500 on the right!" Pinkie shouted confidently.
Twilight wanted to shout that she could handle 501 but somehow even she doubted it.


"I’m sorry, we don’t give a fuck!"

Two TFS reference in two chapters, and they WORK.

"But enough about us, let's kill you!!"

3 TFS references. Is this gonna be one per chapter?

"OK, I'm getting real tired of this shit!!"
"You and me both!"

Make that 4.


And 4.


And 6...

‘I will not die!!! I will never let you kill me!!! I will get Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon back for leaving me to die!!! And when I do - THEY! WILL! BURN!!!!’

Like fire, hellfire...

Jokes aside, I'm finding Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara VERY unbelievable, this isn't just bullying, this is borderline if not outright sociopathy!

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