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Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or an empty stage--Julia Cameron. Now let's see some PONIES!


Scootaloo’s twelfth birthday is on the horizon, and her friends are planning to throw her the biggest birthday bash in all of Ponyville History. Meanwhile Scootaloo hasn’t been feeling well, and has been feeling like no pony truly loves her. What with less time being spent with her friends and her adopted older sister Rainbow Dash, the little filly is feeling very much alone. In a world where everyone has loved ones and commitments but you, it’s not hard too feel like you have nothing.

But when she starts to see a hooded figure plaguing her with nightmares, visions and ponies that feel so familiar, she will find that there is a lot more to her than meets the eye.

This idea and story was commissioned by and collaborated with Twilight is the Best

edited by VunderGuy (chapters 1-4)
edited by ARTL

The cover art belongs to SpyroConspirator at Deviant art.

Also, Twilight is the BEST started two petitions. One is to Ban Tipping in his home town and the other is to reboot a 2008 game called Turning Point:

Fall of Liberty which has a good concept of an AU where Nazis invade America, but unfortunately was a bad game. If your interested int either or both petitions,

PM Twilight is the Best , and he'll give you a link to the petitions to sign.

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Well, this is pretty interesting so far. However, you've made a few mistakes. First, it's Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle for the name of Scootaloo's two friends, and there were some sentences, and an 'I' you forgot to capitalize. Lastly, children/foals don't normally use the word venue when choosing where to throw a birthday party.

Regardless, this story has a lot of potential and I'll be watching it at the very least.

7037709 Thanks i’ll give that a quick edit in the morning, for some reason my auto correct kept keeping them together.

7037823 There's some words in Auto-correct that don't need correcting.

Um, quick question, how does this story fit into 'Boobies and More Boobies' and the section 'Boob Jobs' if this is a rated Teen story, and it isn't anthro/human?

7051822 “‘Boobies and More Boobies’ and the section 'Boob Jobs'"

I have no idea since i never put it anywhere near there...to my knowledge at least.

7051899 Well, when I was looking at my feed, that is where it was.

7051905 It was added by some dopey fuck named Twilight Is The BEST. Whoever you are, you're right but fucking stop that.


Sorry that was an accident when putting it into a group, when I made that mistake I immediately fixed before people got confused. Turns out it wasn't quick enough.

'Twilight is the best' asked me to read and comment on this story. not sure exactly what than entails but here goes.

This is a good idea and that from just reading this introduction I can tell that this has peen presented in a very good fashion and that it most certanly has a lot of potential. I look forward to reading on.

Alrighty, another please. :ajsmug:

7096305 Please try to limit the spoilers in the comments please.

We don’t have nearly enough good china for that scenario

I am quite enjoying this, but good "china" does not make sense in this universe.

7096699 What horse pun would you probably think of that relates to China?

7096699 Yeah but I couldn't think of the pony equivalent

Ah, the plot thickens! This is really getting interesting! i want to see more!

I, think that huh summed up my reaction to that particular bombshell, wow... that's a new one for me, seriously...

Good fanfic though, I'll keep an eye on this one.

Even though there were a few errors here and there, it was well written.
I'll be looking forward to the next chapter, and thanks to Twilight is the BEST for showing me this story!
Keep up the good work.

Just finished editing it fully, so it should be clear now, thanks for the input and the support

7117781 That's crazy since i based his voice and a lot of his mannerism off this character...

Soul Eater or Soul Eater NOT?

(HAH! See what I did there? In all seriousness, though, is this a SE Cross?)

That had piqued her natural adventurer interest while also salivating her archaeological desires,

that might go better as

That had piqued her natural adventurer's interest while also practically making her salivate with archaeological desire,

The most interesting discovery to her, though, was a reference to some sort of device, an ancient artifact made by all four races but wielded solely by the Gryphons. A device that had the power to alter the very world.


sorry. wrong game!

7117967 I do like that better you're right, I'll make the change

7117959 No it's a Arthurian legend reference, i just thought it would make sense for a such a powerful weapon to have been forged using the essence of most of the great races in the pony verse.

I see there is a forth chapter up.

This is my take on this story up to chapter three. This has spoilers so don't look at unless you like spoilers.

Not to mock this story, but so far I don't get it. I am a fan of the CMC, and part of what has been talked about Scoots so far just don't seem right to me.

Scootaloo is moping while pondering her self worth? Being sick is one thing, and it sucks to be sick, but that is not it. This, after the three got their cutie marks together? There is no given time frame, but I would guess this is about a year or two after that event. Or even just a few months, I don't really know.

I personally would think that their shared cutie marks and shared destiny would only bring them closer together. Not make them feel they don't need each other to find their marks anymore. They have as much, if not more of a reason to stay together now than before.

Sure I do get she has possibly been a loner, as not much has been shown on the show about her life or family outside of being one of the CMC. And this story is playing on that lack of info from the show as other stories do about her. I just don't get how her and the other two getting their cutie marks brought them apart. Not that your story did not say, it just does not make sense to me.

Not that this could not happen, just because I don’t see this happening. It might, I just don’t see it.

This is your story, I will see where this goes from here.

OK, enough of that. On with the story. :derpytongue2:

This I don't get that either-

You’ll be turning twelve in filly years.

As opposed to what? Colt years? Dog years? Human years? What is it they are referring to?

Lauren Faust did say she thinks more about maturity level more than literally age. But placed the Main Six at about 12-17. And all of them are also considered to be adults to her on the show as well.

As Lauren Faust said, she uses the excuse that ponies age differently than humans to determine the Mane Six's adult independence, despite her set age for them at around 12-17.

Look at what each of the Main Six do. I can make a list from each, but I will just stick with Rarity for this.

She is the owner of her own business. And I am not talking about a lemon stand like a kid might have. She has a full fledged adult job and has also been on the look out to find a stallion to marry. Not exactly the actions of a child, despite her age being anything around 12 to possibly even 17 years old. So what would that make them in human years? Ponies of the age of 12 being maybe 25 in human years?

So if Scoots is turning 12 in filly years, that would make her to be around the same age as the youngest of the Main Six was in the beginning of the show(as some assume is Twilight, the prodigy). Well, Scoots sure is growing up then, if she is now about as old as Twilight was at the start of the show. They sure do grow up so fast, don't they?

It is just a cartoon and full of inconsistencies. So I am sticking with what Lauren Faust said, even if some don't wish to agree with her given statement on it.

Oh' none of this age issue has any bearing on whether I like the story or not. I just kind of made a big deal about it for no good reason. :twilightsheepish:

I am not really that picky about it. I just found your age reference funny is all. It is such an easy thing for anyone to be picky about. Mostly with the way it was written.

The part about the other two spending time with Scootaloo, as they should, and are concerned about her current state, I like this much about the story so far.

It also looks to be written much better than my own. Not that it would have been hard to do. But I have seen some written worse than mine.

Though it usually does not detract from me enjoying the story too much if not written well, just so long as I can follow the story, and I have not had a prob with this one. I feel I might even learn a thing or two if I do pay attention to how it is written, as good as it looks to me. Mine is written a little too repetitive and bland by comparison I think.

I have not had an editor or collaborator for any of my stories, and it shows.

“Thanks, girls. T-that means a lot, but it’s j-just my birthday. Nothing special.”

Now that is sad to see her say.

“I mean, what’s the big deal? It’s just a day where you grow a little bit older. Sounds more like something you should hate, not celebrate.”

As old as I have gotten I can about agree with that. Getting older once you are an adult does not seem so great, that is after you have been one for a while. Still, celebrating that you lived for another year, isn't such a bad thought either. Mostly if you got others around who are willing to celebrate it with you.

she would allow us to use the ballroom at the castle

Now that would be a big deal, but it also would seem to be just the thing Twilight would allow. It is her castle after all, and she can do what she wishes with it. So I don't see why not, not with her in charge of it.

There was no arguing with her fellow crusaders once they were set on doing something for someone else.

Yes, it is why they got their cutie marks, and Scoots was a part of that. They may not be crusading for their own cutie marks anymore but they are still a CMC of sorts. Crusading to help others find the meaning of their own mark, it would seem now. I have not seen any of season 6, so I don't know if the show has done any follow up on that yet.

“Wait... was Pinkie going to put them in the cake before or after she baked it?”

None of the fillies said anything at all, because neither of them really had a comfortable answer to that.

Oy vey. :facehoof: Cupcakes anyone? This batch has plenty of body added to them. :pinkiecrazy:

From a watcher at the top of the club house scratching at the wood, some of this story looks to be a bit creepy. Nice.

If only her parents were more caring… hell, I never even see them half the time around here

At least this story is not going with that they are dead as others stories have, but far from all do, as some may think.

It is not bad to me if a story does make it out that her parent are dead like Applejack and Apple bloom's parents seem to be.

In a way, it is less sad having them dead than alive, and having them not caring about Scoots with her knowing they don't, then her being an orphan only wondering what they may think of her. So, in that respect, it makes the situation in this story a little more sad to me.

The idea that she is an orphan and them being her foster parents, somehow fits to me with such a situation. I Don't know, the situation just rubs me that way.

"I don’t care if we have to bring in Discord!"

Now that would be an idea. They should totally do that! :pinkiehappy: I am all for it. Fluttershy, make it happen! :yay:

Twilight, glad to have something direct the conversation away from inviting Discord to help with the party.

What a party pooper she is. But she never did like him, or that is trust him all too much. And she has had plenty of good reasons not to.

darkness consuming everything she felt and could see....

What an experience. A forced vision? I have one filly in two of my stories that has bad visions. Though not entirely like this. Still just as creepy for her though, or some of her visions even more so. Errr. :pinkiesad2:

I am liking this story all the more now. But as I said to Twilight is the BEST, I am not a very picky reader. :derpytongue2:

From reading parts of this makes me wonder if this story is going to have Daring Do as Scootaloo's real mother in it. I have a funny feeling it is. I guess I will find out.

On another note: Not to say Rainbow Dash don't like Scoots enough as it is, but I would think Rainbow Dash may admire her more if she finds out Scoots is Daring Do's foal. Actually, that would be so cool to have in this story. I do believe that is what is going to happen. I hope so. I will see.

Well, chapter one ended interestingly. Reminds me of a moment at the start of one of my stories, a filly with claws digging into her, right before she woke up from a bad dream, but this was written much better than mine.

On to chapter two.

I got as far as, "Sleep tight little filly… you and what you hold will be mine once again."

How Rainbow Dash is being so protective towards Scootaloo, staying with her after she was attacked is sweet, and much how I would think she might behave. I mean in the episode Sleepless in Ponyville, Dash was in a deep sleep with earplugs in, and yet when Scoots was falling and screaming some distance away, Dash came to save her like she was Superman! Scratch that, Supergirl! Not that Dash is by any means a slow pony, but still she did get to her rather quick.

Dash was not so much upset with Scoots than she was concerned for her. So much so she became a big sister to her after. So I can see Dash being that protective and loving towards Scoots as described in this story.

So the plot thickens when Mordrue failed to get what he was after from Scoots. Yes, it was a mistake that he did not just take her with him, instead of trying to get what he wanted from her in the way he tried right there and then.

I wonder what it is she has got that he wants so bad that he dug into her with his claws to get at it. He wanted it so bad, he just wasn't thinking to just take her, then get what he needed after. Foolish evil griffin. He pays the price for not thinking. And as he said, it will be much harder to get to her now, not that it will stop him from trying again anyway.

I am guessing, but I think Daring Do may have taken Excalibur and hiding it from Mordrue, and what Scoots has is either a means to finding it, or getting in where it is hidden.

One thing: I don't see how Mordrue can use Excalibur. But to tell the truth, there is so many stories as to what the sward can and can’t do, and who can and can’t use it.

In some stories only the one true King can use the sword. And even though it is supposed to be unbreakable, and can cut steal, and kill the dead, some of its stated limits are, it must be use for just cause or it will break. Another limit is the sword is only as good as its user, in that it can’t fight for you, nor kill an adversary the user can’t hit with enough skill to do so.

Though some descriptions of it vary. In some description, many, not just King Arthur has used it. And the sword is also said to be unbreakable with no limitations to it.

Some say the sword was given to King Arthur by the Lady In The Lake when he was in need of a sword because he had broken his other in battle.

Other say the sword was forged by a dragon, and later place in the stone by Merlin for only Arthur to take. But broke the sword by misusing it, and the Lady In The Lake reforged the sword for him after.

Some stories say the Sword In The Stone and Excalibur are not the same sword.

There is no “one” story for this sword, and lots of inconsistencies surrounding it.

Seeing that the Excalibur in this story is one was made for a griffin to hold, I am also guessing that this Excalibur is Excalibur by name, but not exactly the one from legend? But based off it. It is not the one Arthur used. I am guessing.

I will find out more about this Excalibur and how much it is like the Excalibur Arthur had.

The little dragon just sat there, looking like he hadn’t slept in days

Poor little guy. If stories don't include him much at all, some are just not that nice to him in general. It's so sad. Can't help but feel for him sometimes.

prince of life

Interesting, I guess he is perhaps another alicorn like Celestia? But one possibly older, and maybe no longer around?

I did have the idea of possibly using the name Princess Of Life for the title of an alicorn I have been working on. I still have not worked everything out on her yet. Not her name, title, or destiny, but I do have how she came about, and part of her story down, but not much of it.

Part of her story is she would become a protege to Twilight, much as Sunset and Twilight has been to Celestia, now that Twilight has her own kingdom. As being an alicorn and with power, she is young and in need of a good teacher. Twilight takes this task, partly after Celestia suggests to Twilight that she should be the one to take her on as a student. Also in line of it being Twilight's right to have such a protege now.

Not sure if I am going to be finishing any of that story though. :unsuresweetie:

"The key to our ascension is once again in our grasp. Both it and its keeper are being held in the pony village at the edge of the twisted forest!”

So, Scoots is the keymaster. Then who is the gatekeeper?

"Now… go forth, and death be thy destination…"

Funny. That is what the red wizard Ommadon said to his flight of dragons when he sent them out to kill for him.

Now on to chapter three.

This chapter is subject to change/alteration...I am still planning to back and give this a new edit to fit in with later chapters

And this is why I don't like to post a story until it is fully finished. Not to say any of my stories have turned out perfect even after posting. It is just my personal preference to have it complete before hand.

I did have one say to me after I posted a story and I had gone back to fix a spelling issue I came across on my own I didn't like, "So you gone and blew your load to early!"
That was his response to me after I posted my story in full and felt the needed to fix a piece of spelling in it. He thought doing that is bullshit!

According to him, one should always have their story ready and perfect before posting. I don't care much for is views anyways. To me the the guy makes a point of being a dick to others.

Cool! So we get more backstory on Scratch and Shekel about their position on who they are, and what they think on killing. I can't help but be liking them.

“That we do. My boys know exactly where to go to keep an eye on things,”

OK' That was pretty good. So Scratch is not so daft, and can quip a pun or two in plain sight of the uninformed to its meaning. I think I am liking these two even more now.

This got her to wondering if the griffon could understand her

Wow, Though his comment was harsh and hurtful to her, he impressed upon her other feeling towards him. Hmmm... Makes me wonder where this is going. :trollestia:

Oh' Wow! After her next actions to him I guess this is going in the direction I first thought.

He definitely struck a chord with her, and she is now hoping he will continue to play her song. Lover's Bliss, I think it is.

Well, having both age and experience in a command or a delegation position, she sure knows how to be forward with what she expects from a situation.

I wonder who will win this battle. Mayor Mare seem already smitten, now if only she can get him to feel the same...

Big Mac handled as much as he could, which, while considerable, was still too much for one pony.

I don't know about that. I saw him drag a house once, while trying to get to Cheerilee. Seem little he can't do along those lines.

What Scratch whispered to Shekel about the pink pony, I would say he has every right to be worried about her. She has a way with the unseen. She might be able to tell they are up to no good, with her power of premonitions and all. Though with Pinkie, it's hard to tell just what she really knows. She is a strange one. And one to be watched. :derpytongue2:

I remember that time Gilda said to her, "Hey! I'm watching you." Then pinkie said, "Good. Because I am watching you!" Something creepy about that. :rainbowlaugh:

“Report, gryphon!” came the soft, yet commanding, voice of the black furred priest.

Somehow I am reminded of Clint Eastwood's voice. I am not going to be able to stop thinking of his voice now each time Mordrue speaks. I think it would be a good voice for him.

"Twilight, crashing is what I do best… er wait... I mean...!"

Yes, Dash stumbled into that one on her own, with not even a nudge from Twilight.

OK, reaching the end of this chapter, I got a lot of answers I was looking for. Seems I was right about a few of my earlier assumptions.

Now this story has me interested in the rest of it. I just hope it will not end up being another unfinished story. I would like to see this one to the end of it.

So, what is my assessment so far? To me the writing is good, real good. The story is a grabber. I have had fun reading it. Though this is the opinions from one who is not such a good writer himself. But I know what I like, and I am looking forward to more of this. So I am adding it to my favorites list and click like. :raritywink:

7122819 Thanks for commenting, yeah i left the timeline a bit vague because I didn’t know exactly where the show was going.

My point was not to imply or show that the CMC have drifted apart...in fact if anything the fact Apple and Sweetie are trying to make Scootaloo feel better not just for her sickness but for everything going on with her, says they haven’t drifted apart.

What i meant was Apple Bloom has her sister and her chores on the farm, Sweetie Belle has Rarity, and helps out at the Carousel Boutique, but of course we’ve never seen Scootaloo’s parents, and so i have taken the option of showing that they are not the best care-givers, and so that’s what Scootaloo’s main problem is, everyone else has a caring family that they are involved with but her, and that’s getting her down.

This was before the episode On Your Marks, so i had also assumed they would not be using the clubhouse as much now and or would be focused on other ventures now having achieved their cutie-marks.

"Funny. That is what the red wizard Ommadon said to his flight of dragons when he sent them out to kill for him.”

I was hoping someone would catch the Flight of dragons reference.

"Now this story has me interested in the rest of it. I just hope it will not end up being another unfinished story. I would like to see this one to the end of it.”

I do plan to keep on with it, i’m finishing up some stuff for school, first.

"So, what is my assessment so far? To me the writing is good, real good. The story is a grabber. I have had fun reading it. Though this is the opinions from one who is not such a good writer himself. But I know what I like, and I am looking forward to more of this. So I am adding it to my favorites list and click like. :rarity wink:”

Thank-you, I a lot of credit goes to my editor for making my thoughts cohesive, however, i’m looking for a new editor now since me and the original had a “falling out” for personal reasons i won’t mention. So hopefully i find another editor soon for the next three chapters i’m writing.

7122874 Though what is your headcanon for pony ages? Do they use horse years or humans years when aging.


yeah i left the timeline a bit vague because I didn’t know exactly where the show was going.

Who ever does? :derpytongue2:
I mean, I doubt few saw the cumming of Princes Twilight Sparkle.

Yes, I can see what you say is what has got Scoots down in the start of the story. I know it is hard to clarify exactly what one thinks in an event, in such a way everyone will see it just as you may envision. But I think you cleared that up for me nicely now. :twilightsmile:

I have a hard time with sharing my vision just as I see it. Doesn't help that everyone thinks so differently as well. It's not always a bad thing though, it is nice to have verity in thinking.

I was hoping someone would catch the Flight of dragons reference.

I saw that cartoon like 20 times. How could I not know?! :pinkiegasp:

i’m looking for a new editor now since me and the original had a “falling out” for personal reasons

I am sorry about that. It can be hard to find one. I could never get one to work on my stuff.

One story I have had about two editors look over. I lost them both after they saw some of it. I also had about seven other people say they would look it over and comment on it. They never got back to me, save two. In a PM one said, "It was scary," and another said, "It had no hook for me."

Well, good luck finding an editor, Would be nice to see this continue. A few stories I liked but have been held back due to the writers waiting to find an new editor for them. They been held back so long it seems they may never continue.

I don't blame them though, mine were put out with out one, and none of them are well liked. Though spelling and grammar may not be the biggest issues to them. :unsuresweetie:
I have a trilogy with two stories out to it I don't plan on finishing do to how bad my stories have turned out in the eyes of those that saw them. The second one is the one I lost my two editors to. :derpyderp2:

I will be sticking with reading stories instead. And this one is now on my list. :twilightsmile:

7122901 for me i sort of assume a mix of both, adolescence, post adolescence, teenager, adult etc. for example as stated 12 was the age Twilight was at, at the shows’s beginning, so for filly years, i’m making Scootaloo about 9 or 10

7123004 I still don't get it. So just for me, I'm just looking at Scootaloo as a 12 year old girl.

Plus I don't really take Faust's word or any of the writer's word of what's canon. To me the only way that something in the show is officially canon is either that it is shown in the show or comics.


I still don't get it. So just for me, I'm just looking at Scootaloo as a twelve year old girl.

The only thing I see as odd abut this is Scootaloo's possible size in this story. Is she and the other two CMC still the same size as on the show in your story, or have they grown that much as well?

If Twilight was indeed twelve at the start of this show, and Scoots is now twelve in this story, she should also be both about the same size as the main six, and also old enough for a real job, and a male companion.

Not that the show had much on any of the Main Six having or wanting a companion, other than Rarity, who had her eyes on two. :raritystarry:

As for Scoot's age, these are what I guess are things that some would call a hole in the story, or an inconsistency to what the show may have (not that the show has been all too specific about such topics). And can at times be hard to fix or work out in a way that would please the majority of readers. So, no matter what you do, you are not likely to please everyone with near any given decision.

I never set an age in any of my stories, but I had the CMC set to be about five or six, One favored by fans "Dinky" thought by some to be Derpy's child, I have set to be at about three or four. And the three mane OCs, in two of my stories to be about eight or ten.

Though this is my own head canon. Most everyone else, I know will have them set differently. :twilightsmile:

I agree as well. In that this is your story, and I feel you should be able to do as you wish in it.

The age thing is hardly a big issue, even if some may feel it is. I mean, we are trying to project the lives of humanity onto ponies, and have that blend well. :derpyderp2:

Plus, people have been known to try and project what they think is right on what may have nothing to do with humanity at all, or even a given human culture vs another. And I don't think that is right, for IRL related issues.

On one great extreme, and has more to do with this age issue, is the maturity level of anything. That includes and is more specific to adult breading maturity. Some have literally cried out the idea of pedophilia on shipping stories involving the Main six. Never mind the accusations of zoofilia for thinking of such with ponies. :facehoof:

This! all due to any not really knowing their age. Some do think of the Main Six as 12 or 17 year old children, or even much younger as in only about eight, and them having a mate is just wrong.

My question for those that my think that, why is Rarity so eager for a partner in the show, if she is so young by human standards?

By human standards! That is the problem some people have, with more than just stories on non human characters. If we think of the ponies more as ponies and not humans, then their safe breading age and near full adult maturity would start about three, not eighteen as some would demand many should think, or sixteen as I feel is about right for humans biologically (But humans only,) aside from different cultural biased opinion.

If we try to blend those two ages of 3 to 16, we get an age range of about ten or twelve as a start for the ponies on the show to beguine their adult maturity. :raritywink:

Yes, these are some of the things I think about, sometimes. :derpytongue2:

I do remember a story dealing with this as a possible IRL issue people in general may have on such a thing of age in years vs adult-breading maturity, projected on those that are not human by humans.

It had some sort of humanoid animal species, but not humans, living in a mixed community along side humans.

One of the big problem humans had with them is the young of these others would engage in mating practices at about the age of five or six, but be fully able to bear young at the age of ten.

When humans did complain to them about this going on, they said in return, "We are not humans, so don't force your human cultural biased ideals on us." :trixieshiftright:

Human cultural biased ideals, to me is such a faulty way of thinking in my opinion, mostly when dealing with what is not human. :unsuresweetie:

OK, I think I said about enough on this subject. :derpytongue2:
As I said before, this is all just about a cartoon anyway.

So, Scoots it twelve in this story. I can dig it. :twilightsmile:

I have but one question I asked before, seeing she is twelve, is she the same size of twilight now? :rainbowhuh:
I got to know.

7128095 Not the same size as Twilight, but bigger then they are in the show, it seems to me in the show the cmc never grow up in size and or age.

Which is fine, i get that they probably want to keep them the same size for animation purposes but, one would think given the years in the shows-timeline (at least 3-5) as well as the show itself from 2010, that they would have grown somewhat.

That could be. It would be nice to see them actually grow up on the show. Though that may not happen, but one never knows.

It reminds me on the opposite end of a joke about the Harry Potter movies. Never did read the books, but from what I heard is Harry was only ten during the first book, and did not age all that much from book to book. I guess he ended up to be only about twelve to fourteen by the end of the last book, that is if he aged even that much by then.

Thing of it is, the actor aged a lot by the end of the last movie, and did not fit the age of Harry by then. There was some talk about changing the actors half way through the making of the movies so the actors would fit the age of those in the story better. But the actors all had chemistry together, and some of the movie developers thought it might kill the feel of the movies if they did switch actors. So they kept those they got till the end. I thought that was a good choice.

It think it was Saturday Night Live that made a joke about it, where the idea of the stories continued and they still kept the same actor for Harry, even though he aged to about 70 and was still trying to play as a ten or twelve year old boy. :rainbowlaugh:

Haven't read the story yet, but I won't lie. There was a moment in my brain that wanted excaliber to be this magnificent creature.


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