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I came...

...Across this lost puppy sign, is he yours?

Story title is pretty blunt.

That ending lol.

...I liked it until that ending. Good job.

That was interesting.
Nothing more can be said.

Regarding this story's ending...

I don't know what I was expecting.

The fuck kinda ending was that

Am I really going to read this... No, I'm better than that... Gah, I don't even know anymore.

what kind of ending was that first sex then anal sex then violence? but good story still

The ending kinda'... killed... it for me.

>Slid out of her ass
>Pussy trying to grab


I did read the whole thing, but I think I lost a lot of interest at the words "musky discharge," and the tenth time I read the word "leggings."

The premise, though straightforward, is at least interesting? I suppose? It did get somewhat ruined by the completely unrealistic responses ("I didn't realize you were an ass man." says Diamond Tiara to somebody she has never met) and utter sociopathy of the "You" character.

I think this is a trollfic? I don't want to be mean, in case it was serious, but I think it's a trollfic.


well done sir, it is indeed a trollfic
Expect nothing less from the man who brought you Iron Will's Foalcon Necrophilia Sex Rampage.

I... Don't think this goes into Rape-Murder. Unless I'm missing something.

"She spoke to you. You almost cum in your pants."
yeah because that's a reasonable reaction

I really would like your story titles to stop popping up in my feed. Really I would.

You cannot stop it man! It's only the beginning!


In a few hours he's going to have the prequel to Iron Will's Foalcon Necrophilia Sex Rampage popping up on his feed xD

You evil bastard! Can't wait to puke while reading it!:heart:

so i liked this story its not to rapish but it is getting on the verge of rape so i'm pretty happy with it i think to myself and than i real the last sentence WHAT THE FUCK
“Good,” you say, as you take the 4 inch knife out of the back of your jeans, and hold it to Diamond Tiara's throat, “because I want to explore your body in a whole other way.”
what the fucking lick a dick cum nugget fuck stain 69 shit is this who the fuck would do that and why the fuck would a nerd do that when she said that she might have sex with him again
he must be one twisted sick fuck

I--I don't even know anymore.

Is this... is this story even serious? What? I'm not sure if I'm going to read it.


After reading this, to all of the people who said WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?! I now agree with you.
P.S. This is by far the most fucked up thing ive ever seen.
And I watch Glee for god sakes.

Comment posted by crouchingninja deleted Apr 21st, 2014


If this is the most fucked up thing you have ever read then you clearly need to read this

How many pony virgins am I gonna have to sacrifice to make you stop writing these? :ajbemused:

The last sentence killed my boner XD

4267668 how much is count i am intresend is it 13?

Where are you getting these ideas..? :rainbowlaugh:


I'd say drugs, but I don't do them. So uhh...


4268030 I want what you're smoking!!! :raritydespair:

Well, I read it. And laughed my ass off through the whole thing.

for whatever reason this reminds me of GoristheDeathclaw's stories....
it was probably the ending

so did the goers of /mlp/ band together and write this?

I have never laughed that hard while whacking it before.

Dat ending doe


My friend lied to me! This had NOTHING to do with ice creams!


Lol as in the wrestler?

I want to know what happens next.


I'm toying with the idea of writing a sequel :pinkiecrazy:

Hahaha. This guy seems like he would make every Raider proud from Fallout.

Damn, this is hot. Although you cut out just when it was getting good. :duck:

Did someone say sequel with Silverspoon?

Why haven't I followed you before!?

It's so... blatant.

4269194 with the way it ended, unless you enjoy 'you' having sex with a sliced open dead body,you don't want more.

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