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MA Research Student and former teacher. Part-time tutor, part-time bartender. Full-time writer and MLP: FIM researcher.


Sometimes the choices you make impact your life in a negative way. Sometimes the things you do to fix your mistakes only serve to make them worse. Sometimes you get sucked deep into a black hole that you cannot climb out from. Sometimes you get desperate for a way out.

Surely there has to be something out there better than this? Surely this can't be all there is?

Sometimes we will take any way out we can, no matter how extreme that might be.

This is the story of what happened when a depressed teacher took that way out.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 15 )

Felt a bit melodramatic at first but it was good,:twilightsmile:

I like, a human gets a second chance but doesn't save the world or goes to have sex with everybody, it makes me happy to see a fic with such a feel good beginning:twilightsmile:

2(x^2 )+ x=55 Is parabolic not linear. Interesting story so far though.

4300250 bah. I studied literature not mathematics!

Is this going to be Cheerilee's Garden Redux?


No actually this is one of my more serious stories. My OC is a human teacher who is reincarnated as a pony after taking their own life. The story is about him piecing back his memories of his human life and learning to move on.

Funny how the only serious stories I write involve suicide, probably because its a concept I'm very familiar with.

Reader reminds me of my dad )

OK... Lovely story, but...

I cannot deal with the name Mr.Reader. I mean, he seems to be good at math, english, and being enthusiastic so how about... Umm...
Professor Neigh?
Colt Nye the Science Stallion?
Paula Bay?
Michael Dean?
Filly Mays?
Mr. Frizzle?
Professor Proton?
Bugs Bunny?
Sarah Jessica Parker?
Inspector Detector?
Mr.Roger's Neighberhood?

I solved the equations as I read them. I hate math but I'm a frickin wizard at it even though I don't even try to be good at it; it's really annoying, especially when someone asks a question in my math class and while everybody else is taking out their calculators to punch in the question I've just finished it before anybody else.


Colt Nye the Science Stallion?

I loved Bill Nye


Miss Cheerilee meet Mister Cheerilee

Filly Mays?

Hi, I'm Billy May's here

Professor Proton?

Is that from The Big Bang Theory?

Bugs Bunny?

What's up, doc?

Sarah Jessica Parker?

? ? ?

Inspector Detector?

I was thinking that said Inspector Gadget for a second there.


Mr. Lulamoon meet Trixie Lulamoon

looks like this story is dead.....

This story is getting very interesting to read keep up a good work update more soon. :twilightsmile:

well the author hasnt been on in 2 years so i would have to agree

I posted that in 2015.. wow..:rainbowderp: I forgot about this story.

man I should of looked at the date of that man I feel silly

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