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First off, I haven't read the fic because it's just not my type of read. That said, with three ponies that would be a menage a trios or threesome, not a gangbang.

Secondly, ew.:rainbowhuh::rainbowlaugh:

it's fundamentally wrong in so many ways

Comment posted by Facemelt91 deleted Apr 15th, 2014

4233807 Because people suck at distinguishing good fanfiction from crap (going to go read the psychosis story now).

Pointless, smutty porn for the point of being pointless, smutty porn. Throw in some gambling and British profanity, and it's gonna be a hell of a good time.

"...a series of harsh pulses that sent his body reeling as he pumped tremendous gouts of hot, sticky cum all over the inner walls of her vagina."

Snails has the gout?
Poor bastard.

Seriously, though. This was an excellent clopfic. A little light on plot, yet it still managed to push all my right buttons.

Well, it's official. This piece of utter plottless garbage has more views than a story about Pinkie Pie's suicide.

Fimfiction, what is wrong with you?


In this context, a "gout" of anything is a highly concentrated liquid volume. If you were to sever someone's carotid artery, huge gouts of blood would erupt from it. Might be a British term.

Thanks also for the comment - the story itself is exactly as you say, plotless smut :P

You need to decide what sort of attention you want. If you want views, write plotless clop with provocative titles. If you want upvotes, write about pointless happiness and fuzziness. If you want downvotes, write disgusting trollfics.

As to Pinkie Pie's Suicide, it's a bit too OOC and too sad for most people, judging merely by the title. Bronies are asocial sickos who find pleasure in clopping to like watching cartoon for little girls about happy ponies, but you write a story about the most happy pony dying from depression and expect a lot of views, really? If you worry about stats so much, consider writing something more popular, clop or not. And most importantly, all positive stats (views, upvotes and watches) increase when you improve quality of your writing.


Hehe, sounds like there is an expectation to conform to a particular genre if you want to get noticed! Truth is, I'm not really writing for any attention or purpose (okay, maybe with this story). Pinkie's Suicide is a genuine, serious attempt at fanfic writing, this is just a trollfic I put on for the lols. I'm not really worried about stats, I'm just experimenting. I figured if its good, it will get noticed. Which is why I can't understand why this shit is more popular than Pinkie's suicide!

I didn't really expect a lot of views on Pinkie's suicide based on its content, but the quality of the writing is definitely better than this trash. I just think it's funny that it's more popular :P

Also, I want to call you out on saying depression is OOC for Pinkie Pie. I don't agree and I think that there are a lot of suggestive undertones in the canon that could be used to imply otherwise.

Looking through your suicide story. I'm at chapter 3 and I still don't see the reason for Pinkie's breakdown. Does it even exist? I see a very detailed suicide scene, I see fucked up treatment, I see Dash being the only one bothering to visit Pinkie... The story isn't dark in a sensible way, I just can't take it seriously, especially with all those "replies" from Pinkie.

I can't force myself to read it. It's too damn boring. I don't know in what state if mind I need to be to enjoy reading it.


Well, thanks for the feedback. You are of course, entitled to your views. I think if you were to read on, your opinion may change, but that's entirely up to you.

Also, just to pick your brains: does there always have to be a reason for depression? (Yes, Pinkie has one, a genuine one, which is explained via a number of clues throughout the story, but very often it can present itself without a clear reason)

Because people dislike honest clop.

Seriously guys, you can squirt a turd with perfume, but at the end of the day, it's still a turd.

At times I wasn't sure if she was a pony or human. Still very hot.

Did u see an antho tags mutha faka?!! Dis bich hassss hannnndss 4 hoooves dont question ittttssss now im gonna go getsss highhhh hafta i chugs this bottle of rubbing alcohol and finish sniffing dis paintsss........

hoofs? shoes? hands?
is this anthro or pony? WTF?

So smooth. Freshly waxed. Her skin was divine.

so its human? but they don't seem to be wearing any apparent clothes so are they human but always naked? do their hooves fucking morph to hands during intercourse? what the hell is going on here?

pulled the back of her knickers to one side and proceeded to eat her out.

wait.... so he took off her panties to eat/fuck her..... then the panties somehow came back on a few sentences later? here is a word you might not have heard of:


no consistency at fucking all.... but still fappable! :eeyup:

5045978 what NOW she is a fucking FOAL!?:pinkiegasp:

"Oh yeah, oh fucking yeah!" Snips cried as he rode the foal as hard as he could, "Daddy's home for dinner!"

Snips did not want to see Silver Spoons hot, succulent faeces go to waste, so he proceeded to clean her arsehole with his tongue, savouring every single morsel.

JESUS H CHRIST!:pinkiesick:

so he wasn't joking.. you are a sick SOB.:twilightoops:


Titles mean nothing. I thought that was a joke him actually using her shit for toothpaste, good GAWD!:pinkiesick::pinkiesick::pinkiesick:

(taken from story description)

In an alternate universe, a (much older) Snips and Snails are chefs working in a hotel which may or may not be owned by Silver Spoon's father. Imagine if you will, please, that all of the characters are being voiced by a fat geordie dude who lives in his mother's basement (not me, I'm not a fucking geordie)

they're adults..... fictional adults of questionable species with constantly changing anatomy (see my previous comment)

In the end Snips eats Silver Spoon's shit? That is just sick, beyond sick.

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