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This is good I shall wait for more:pinkiehappy:

This is gonna be good.

It's strange in a way. Almost every story I read on this site lately makes me lol. Oh Internet~

It most certainly will.:ajsmug:

Interesting character roster. Let's see what you're going to go for!

Yeah I knew this would happen. :pinkiesmile:

And you have my interest.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Well.... You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention.:trollestia:

I'm like dying here. :rainbowlaugh:
Spoony is just too bad at hiding things from Tiara.
Turn the cuteness and awkwardness factor up a bit and I'll shit my Pants laughing and daaaawing at the same time.
Good work. Even unedited.


I don't see anything glaringly wrong with your grammar.
I love the SnailSpoon ship.

I especially love how accepting DT was that her friend had found another friend:twilightsheepish:

What a Twist in the watchers scene!!! :pinkiegasp:
Also this line made my day. :rainbowlaugh:

"Hey, don't judge me. I came, and I'm proud of it."

I'm fucking dying. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:



I suspected this would happen, yet the Twist at the end was still a surprise! Me likey!

Now what else will these five get up to..? For that matter, what will they be into..?

Well... you'll definitely see what the Twist in this story is into next chapter.:trixieshiftright:
Stay tuned.

3651860 I see what you did there mister, but you already spoiled the 'Twist' :pinkiesmile: but you certainly hid it quite well.

Okay. I love the scene with Silver and Snails. I am disappointed in DT's attitude. Hopefully she knows to be gentle with bringing it up, but to spy on her freind was very rude. Still I loved every minute of it!:pinkiehappy:

also I would SO like to see Silver and Snails in a threesome with the mystery pony (coughs:twistnerd:) but what was she saying here

I'm dripping like crathy. Hmm...

What is Crathy? What was she trying to say?:facehoof:

Lisp. The 'th' sound stands in for another that the character can't pronounce properly.

Probably a "z".

Twist was saying, "I'm dripping like crazy."
... and as for the threesome... its being... thought over... but we'll see:trollestia:

Oh gotcha. I forgot her Zs would be Ths:twistnerd:

I have only gotten to the point where they are arguing about whether or not DT is entitled to read into every aspect of Silver Spoon's life like an open diary. As Silver Spoon I would turn the tables on her.

"Okay then DT, Like tell me about the first time you touched yourself."

"Tell me have you ever seen your father's willy like, by accident or otherwise?"

"You got your period yet even?"

"Ever clopped in the shower?"

"ever had any like, filly fooler type thoughts?"

"Ever pretended you were like, a dog or some other lowly animal?!"

"Ever put anything in like any of your holes, including your big fat mouth!? Besides your hoof I mean!" :twilightangry2:

I would be livid that she wants to pry into my most personal of affairs, and turn it all right back on her, to see if she's willing to give up her darkest secrets:trixieshiftright:

Did that sound a bit weird?:twistnerd:

This fanfiction is so sexy and sweet.:twistnerd::heart:

And with your author's note you set my brain in motion. :ajbemused:
I can't stop thinking about the possibilities of her actions. :rainbowlaugh:
Damn you!!! :twilightangry2:
Great chapter again. :twilightsmile:


Good chapter once again. :pinkiehappy: Still can't stop myself from laughing. :rainbowlaugh:
Now to the three errors I found. Man I've got a good eye there or I would've missed them.

I quickly went after him shouting...

“W-w-w-wait a minute, Snails!”

I think it sould be Snips here. Little character swap. :raritywink:

He was really willing to try this experience out with him.

Either "I was..." or "...out with me" Snips trying it out with himself sounds a bit off in this situation. :twilightoops:

he gave me one heck of a time today, and I wan't like ashamed at all.

Wasn't. Just missed an s here. :twilightsheepish:


and now the foursome :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Hehe, love how Snips gets a little more dominant in their rutting. Very nice!

By do they keep calling Snails a nerd? He is way too retarded (in the sense if "slow") to be a nerd.

“Tiara, begging? I highly doubt that,” I told Twist with a sarcastic smirk.

“If you athk me, I thay juth try at leath. She ith your firth real friend after all… um, tho to thpeak.”

Upon first reading, I thought Twist suggested trying a leash:rainbowlaugh:

She should totally tell Snips that idea! I'm sure Diamond Tiara will beg nicely once he does.

Yay, someone else likes the idea too!

I mean, we already know she enjoys it when he takes charge, right?

Not as hot as the others, but still pretty good. I started this for the clop and now I read it for the story.

Why do I think of the song "it's ok when it's in a threeway"?
And next chapter?
Two fillies on one colt maybe?
Or more fillies joining the fun? Damn those possibilities!


What shall happen next? THAT is an excellent question. :rainbowdetermined2:

I'd like for Diamond and Snips to explore the dominant/submission angle a bit more ^_-

I bet she would like getting something like a spanking...

"Well if it isn't our cutest customers ever," said Louts.

I think you meant Lotus. :twilightsmile:

finally had all the poof I needed to see what was going on.

:heart: Please don't think I'm rude! I am really enjoying the story...I...I just noticed this one too. I think it's "proof". :raritywink:

From romance, to curiosity, to experiment, to rape, to bait and trap. Nice to see Clop with plot :scootangel:

Okay, first off.... OWWWWwwwwwww.......................... Felt that even from way over here...
Second, hellz yeah! Go Twist! :pinkiecrazy:

Awesome story, been here since chapter one. Cant wait for the next one. And also CRINGE FOR THAT NUTSHOT.

Snails kept going with his assault on Twist, Twist continued moistening my cock with her sweet mouth, and I just leaned back on my front hooves enjoying the entertainment. At one point, Twist was moving around so much that her glasses fell off, but that didn’t stop her at all; in fact, she was rather cuter without them. While I was watching Twist, knowing that this was her first, I’m quite sure that she was going to give out any minute now
“Oh god, Snails, what did we just do?”
Snails was getting himself together well enough to answer me.

It feels like part of the scene is missing there.

Every man that read this story was holding his balls as Twist kicked him. The chills it's sending up the spine are evil.
Good this stallion is caught for good. And I think I see Shining Armor caring for him Sin City style. He took his weapons. All of them. Outch.


(claps) Bravo! I so support the three way ship of Snails+Silver+Twist:pinkiehappy:

that was adorable and sexy. I love how :twistnerd: and Silver got along so well:twilightblush:

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