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I came, I saw and I came again.

Strangely arousing. :trixieshiftright:

Damn that was an intresting read just discovered this series going to check the rest.
Hope he gets what he deserves for pulling this shit on his own family.

Man iron will messed him, her, and that house up. Guess he will have to go get a new plaything. At least the dad got a little of what he deserved

Lol this fucking chapter was priceless

Someone must read the series and poot on youtube. I still need new micspam materials

oh my god.... the poor sister....:fluttercry:

WTF? Hahahahhahahahhahhahhaghaghhakhakhakakakaka!

Apparently someone made an audio tape of this. It made me laugh so hard.


I say there should be a fifth Sex Rampage in the pits of Tartarus, and the first fuck victim be Tirek.

>inb4 death by manliest minotaur

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