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MA Research Student and former teacher. Part-time tutor, part-time bartender. Full-time writer and MLP: FIM researcher.

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Sometimes the choices you make impact your life in a negative way. Sometimes the things you do to fix your mistakes only serve to make them worse. Sometimes you get sucked deep into a black hole that you cannot climb out from. Sometimes you get desperate for a way out.

Surely there has to be something out there better than this? Surely this can't be all there is?

Sometimes we will take any way out we can, no matter how extreme that might be.

This is the story of what happened when a depressed teacher took that way out.

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Pinkie Pie has been depressed for a long time. Her business has failed, she is out of pocket, about to lose her house and feels abandoned by her friends. In a moment of desperation, she tries to take her own life, only to be saved at the last minute by Rainbow Dash.

As Pinkie continues to battle with her depression and suicidal feelings, Twilight, Applejack and especially Rainbow Dash, must deal with the fallout of her suicide attempt.

This is a tale of sadness, pain and hope, one that focuses on the impact of our actions on others.

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