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Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch

Profile of Retired Writer, Lapis-Lazuli, and his editor, Stitch / Inky. Thanks for the memories, FiMFiction.

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I do have one question... they say that's their auntie.... but she keeps talking about her damn fool son, so wouldn't that be their grandma or am i reading it wrong.

Either way cant wait for more!

3439080 She prefers to be called "Auntie" Because "Grandma" makes her feel old. :pinkiehappy:

For a moment, Octavia couldn’t process that. Then the realization hit her hard, and she felt a lump drop itself hard into her throat. Arpeggio - My little Arpeggio - working as a prostitute? Octavia was not so naive to the ways of the world to think that everypony ended up in a perfect career for themselves. Life could throw a lot at a pony - and sometimes, it overwhelmed everything else. Equestria was not the idyllic paradise it was often painted as - there were always those who would fall between the cracks of society as a whole… but this, this she did not expect.

Tavia´s reaction to Vinyl´s past as Two Notes and the darkest aspect of Equestria perfectly mirrors Celestia´s one in the Code of Harmony.


Ahh ok makes perfect sense

I'm confused. Vinyl and Octavia grew up in Ponyville?

While it makes sense... this aspect of the story scares me. :twilightoops:

And looking forwards to seeing if their parents are the first to throw stones in this family's glass house...

3439839 No- In Musical Relations, it was explained that Vinyl had been sent to Ponyville after being ejected from the Canterlot Orchestra to await pickup by her parents.

3439875 I seem to have forgotten that.

Probably already mention but there is some inconsistencies when Scratch and Tavi run into Charity and Eleonore;
dark-blue coated earth pony strode out of the crowd

Next paragraph;
The older unicorn hugged her right back

Aslo, in the same scene, what is 'pell mell'?

Can't wait for the next parts :)

Oh wow.... just wow. I am at a loss for words.

3442555 From: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/pell-mell

1. In a jumbled, confused manner; helter-skelter.
2. In frantic disorderly haste; headlong:

Looking good so far, my only issue is in the narration you keep switching between referring to her as Octavia, Tavia, and Tavi. I'm guessing each version has a different connotation and a different reason for being used but so far it seems kind of random. If that isn't the case I'd suggest settling on just one, at least for the narration.

3443291 Ahh, Thanks mate.

I love this story. Please keep writing.:pinkiehappy

sweet, another sequel! i love this!

I had been waiting for this story to continue.. and never realized it continued in a different section like this. but ohhh how I missed reading it. :D

...I laughed my ass off. *Thumbs up*

Elnore Rigby.
Picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been.
Lives in a dream.
Waits at the window
Wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?
All the lonely ponies
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely ponies
Where do they all belong?

Yes it does indeed now. And she smokes a pipe?:rainbowderp:

Lovely chapter so far.:twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss::yay::pinkiehappy:

FINISH IT :flutterrage:



Last chapter is about a third done right now. Going to try and finish it by work time tonight.

4935695 :pinkiegasp:
that made my night. big fan of this series so far, and im gald to see this hole in the story being filled.:pinkiehappy:

Good to see this back.

Tears were shed, which doesn't happen often.
Definitely want more, though. Can't wait to read the next chapter!

I almost forgot I had this favorited, but when I read this chapter again it instatntly all came back to me, glad you're still working on this :pinkiesmile:

Well, I have a feeling dear old Mum is not going to make things easy for Vinyl and Ocatavia, but I will not be surprised if she gets smacked by at least one of her daughters. Oh, and if she even suggest one of them getting together with "A nice stallion like that Prince Blue Blood" I hope Octavia reads her the riot act about Blue Blood's actions at the Gala towards Rarity.

I'm not actually sure what you've changed here... but I still love it all the same :)

Lapis and Inky This series in my opinion is your best one


Mostly, I changed how Tavi reacted to Red, and some other minor points of dialogue which probably matter to no one but me.

4945574 Aaaah, but then you write the story the way you want it, cause if you let others influence it then its not really a story is it? More a narration from the observer, i've seen a few of those on here and they just make me sad, shit.... where did all that come from? Must be because its 4am xD


Well, what happened is I'd ended up writing the original scene in such a way that the interpretations of Red and Red's actions went completely against the tone I was looking to evoke. Then, in a hurry, I'd published the story without thinking about the consequences of how I'd written it.

CBM8 #31 · Sep 3rd, 2014 · · 1 · Andante ·

Sigh...polygamous relationships don't solve everything...

4945740 Introspection is key. (nods sagely) anyhoo, imma go sleep now haha, see you around creator of words!

so does this mean the series is starting up again?

Can you write out the song viynl sings?


The song is "Here's that Rainy Day." - Though my preferred version is still Sinatra, there's lots of good ones out there. It's an old, old, old Torch song.

Also, yes, I intend to finish this thing before I start anything else

If you don't find a way to give Red a happy ending I will hate you forever. Yes I know that's an empty threat, shut up.

Great to see this continuing, dude.

I know that some people will be bummed that there was no Vinyl-Tavi-Red threesome action, but I think for the tone you've set and the kind of bond you've developed with the two, that this was the right choice. This was a great chapter and a solid conclusion to closing out this chapter of Vinyl's past.

I look forward to where we go next ^_^

It's good to see this move forward. It was worth the wait. Looking forward to more.

On the last chapter, my long time, unmutual friend, I gave you a comment of literary criticism.

This time is personal. I cried, again. And it brought back memories for me.

The times that I read the last parts of this story, I was severely depressed. I got over it, but this story brings back the pain. The suffering feeling. The sweet, beautiful sadness, with which I originally read this. And I have to say... I missed it so much more than I knew. That heavy weight on my shoulder and stomach, the horribly bad view on life. You have that back to me for a bit.

And I'll never forgive you, nor will I ever thank you enough.

For what it's all worth, thank you.

Well, there go's my interest in the story, waited all this time to see Tavi and Vinyl with Red and now so much for that.

Very pleasant, quite glad to see that you've not left off on the series.

First comment!:moustache:

Great job, but ended kind of abruptly/cliff hangaredly.

Huh, so Sombra is still alive and Red Velvet came to Ponyville.
That definitely begs for a sequel.

I really liked the story. The confrontation between Octavia and her mother felt really cathartic. And the ending was promising and sweet at the same time :D

Well, from the chapter title I was expecting more of a dialogue, but the catharsis was nice. I'm guessing whatever you're planning for a follow-up is going to be a bit more adventuresque, or at least more plot-y. Looking forward to it.

That ending...I have enjoyed this story and quite looked forward to where you were taking it. I have not been disappointed, but that ending...you are soooo gonna have to come up with that later!

From the sounds of it, people have forgotten this ties into the other series, thus the inclusion of Sombra and the joke about the elements.

Only thing I wonder about is why Red Velvet's in town.


Er... the story is a prequel to "The Code of Harmony", where Vinyl actually becomes the Bearer of Laughter.
Regarding Red Velvet, I suspect she is not going to try snatching Vinyl from Tavi. Her approach will likely be "When two fit, three will as well" :pinkiehappy:

4971981 huh, I haven't noticed that. Though I had been following the Code-verse. Thanks, that clears things up.


Technically, this story is DURING "Code's Apprentice." Hence the appearance of Somber Gaze.

Somber Gaze....? that's a known alias of King Sombra! :pinkiegasp:

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