• Published 3rd Nov 2013
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Dueling Piano's - Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch

Vinyl Scratch has finally come to a decision. Not about her career, her music, or the mare she loves, but about her turbulent past. Alongside Octavia Piano, Vinyl has chosen to face the only ponies she never wanted to see again. Their parents.

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First comment!:moustache:

Great job, but ended kind of abruptly/cliff hangaredly.

Huh, so Sombra is still alive and Red Velvet came to Ponyville.
That definitely begs for a sequel.

I really liked the story. The confrontation between Octavia and her mother felt really cathartic. And the ending was promising and sweet at the same time :D

Well, from the chapter title I was expecting more of a dialogue, but the catharsis was nice. I'm guessing whatever you're planning for a follow-up is going to be a bit more adventuresque, or at least more plot-y. Looking forward to it.

That ending...I have enjoyed this story and quite looked forward to where you were taking it. I have not been disappointed, but that ending...you are soooo gonna have to come up with that later!

From the sounds of it, people have forgotten this ties into the other series, thus the inclusion of Sombra and the joke about the elements.

Only thing I wonder about is why Red Velvet's in town.


Er... the story is a prequel to "The Code of Harmony", where Vinyl actually becomes the Bearer of Laughter.
Regarding Red Velvet, I suspect she is not going to try snatching Vinyl from Tavi. Her approach will likely be "When two fit, three will as well" :pinkiehappy:

4971981 huh, I haven't noticed that. Though I had been following the Code-verse. Thanks, that clears things up.


Technically, this story is DURING "Code's Apprentice." Hence the appearance of Somber Gaze.

Somber Gaze....? that's a known alias of King Sombra! :pinkiegasp:

Octavia told her bitch of a mother off... LIKE A BOSS!!!!!:rainbowlaugh: But Red Velvet coming to Ponyville... oh boy, this is a huge can of worms about to be opened.:twilightoops:

Lapis I literally beg of you to make a sequel to this not immediately of course but still soon this is one of your best series in my opinion

Vinyl doesn't give any outward signs of high emotional distress (not related to main story events) throughout The Code of Harmony. So where (and when) does Red make her appearance?
Sequel time.

Okay, I've liked this series, and Octavia getting pissed at her mother was a long time coming...

But your idea of British anger is hilarious. Instead of cheering I found myself laughing. I mean, it's only a few things, but they make all the difference. "Toff", while it is an insult, isn't really used in this context. It's more of a general insult, and it isn't exactly in common use anymore anyway.

“I ought to slap the bleedin’ shit out of you for that, swear t’ bleedin’ Celestia I should!”

Wat. :rainbowderp:
Sorry, but there is nothing I can do to fix that sentence. If this were a comedy, then this would be fine, but it's not. No one, and I mean no one, actually speaks like that.
And finally:

She spat on the ground with all of the expertise of a Trottingham street punk. “So you are going to keep your fat gob shut and listen to me one last time, and then I am indeed going to leave you here. Alone, as you bloody deserve.”

I'm sorry, I just cracked up here. The main problem with this whole section is that you've been giving Octavia an upper-class accent for the entire series, and suddenly she's speaking like Oliver Twist. Not only does no one speak like this, but even if they did Octavia wouldn't - it would be like someone from New York breaking out into a stereotypical Texas twang for no reason whatsoever. It just doesn't make sense.

Sorry for the rant - I really do like this series, but that particular section was nearly unreadable for me


The idea is that she DOESN'T Know how to swear like that. She's only got the street kids and her own vague ideas about what those words mean to go by. She was raised with her rather blunt and very proper Aunt, who never would have allowed her to swear (Or practice swearing). So all she has to go on for reference when she's completely lost her cool is the fragments she heard in the schoolyard and what she managed to gather herself.

It's not supposed to be what an ACTUAL person swears like. It's supposed to be what an otherwise proper person might THINK swearing is supposed to be like.

Okay, I see your point, but it still feels a bit immersion breaking to me. It's not really made clear why Octavia has gone from super-posh to Victorian street urchin within the narrative, and it feels a little jarring. That aside, it doesn't feel quite as ridiculous now that you've explained it - though it still would fit better in a comedy fic. I dunno, for me it doesn't fit as the climax to a three part romantic-drama kind of thing. Still, as I said, this doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed this, and now that you have given an explanation it's really just my personal reaction, not something wrong with the story itself. :twilightsmile:

Im almost done with Between Two More, and after that, I think I will start on this story :ajsmug:

Dude(s), you don't end a series like that... A story, sure, a series? Come on... I haven't seen a cliffhanger like that since... Well, I can't think of one because I'm tired... But you know... So yah!

After reading this story, I can certainly say I find it the best of the three. Certainly the most dramatic, as well.

Now... Well, let's face it. We're gonna see Red Velvet again.

Aren't we??

Velvet. Of course.
Well, so long as she can convince Octy, she can still have her fun with Vinyl. Maybe even a threesome!:pinkiehappy:

asshole red shoulda been with both of them kinky and romantic but i hate you until i see another sequel and dammit ill wait all year if i have to

when you decide to continue this series...count me in, i'm liking it a lot so far :)

I'm so obsessed with this series. The plot and execution of the entire story is amazing, It flows very naturally. I can't wait to see where the next story takes us. Thanks for your work!

Commence read.

And then a cliffhanger, just when I thought it might be done.

Need more!
Now im curious, if this takes place during apprentice, and Vinyl and Tavi have gotten to this point in their relationship. How does Tavi come to accept and go along with Vinyl being rather intimate with the rest of the friends of theirs as described in Harmony.
The way you wrote their friendships, their relationships with each other almost implies something that has been going on for years, Yet in this set of stories Tavi and Vinyl have four years or more of a life together. Although it has been only the last year that their relationship took its turn to something far more intimate and meaningful then it was before. So would Vinyl have developed those friendships and intimate partners in the three years prior to getting back with Tavi. And then would she have put those intimate moments with her friends on hold for that year she has been with getting reacquainted with Tavi.
I am rather curious as both apprentice and harmony take place over a rather small span of time.
And I am now deeply curious where Red fits into all of this.
As always your works are a masterpiece to read, not to mention that they deeply touch me on an emotional level.


Likely a coincidence. BUT WOAH!!

Watch the new episode, just watch it. You'll catch what I am woahing about if you read this fanfic

Okay, I... reaaally don't know how I managed to make myself look like such a giant idiot, but... somehow, I really thought I read all there is to read. Yesterday. While reaching the end of chapter three.
I must've been completely out of my mind. Sleep deprived or something like that. Dunno.

Now, after reading the actual ending... it is the actual ending, right...? Checking again... yes, yes it is.

I still stand by my comment I left in the previous chapter. This story is awesome, a great read and tooootally deserves a sequel!
... please? :twilightsmile:

Awww where was the porn?!?!?!?:trollestia: Hahaha im just joking, i came here for the story and thats what i got. Im really hoping you continue with this little story of yours you got here. All ive been doing the past few days is reading your masterpieces and now all i want is more. Keep up the good work dude
P.s i was secretly hoping Tavia would wxplode at her mother and it was epic.:yay:
P.s.s was the moon on the art suposed to look like the smash bros symbol or was that a happy cowinkidink:trixieshiftright:

still waiting on the next one

This has been a wonderfully interesting story with these 2. Them being sisters is certainly an interesting way to have the characters. They are soo adorable together.

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