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This story is a sequel to If You Must

When something bad happens to you, you often wish to forget it ever happened.

That doesn't always make things better, and Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle find that out the hard way.

Thanks to Josephdalepony for the great editing job.

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Ouch, that hurt me right in the feels. I keep forgetting how good you are at these kinds of things sometimes. Good show, man.

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3142607 Quoting the rules:

Don't "first post." If you think your post will violate this rule, don't post it!

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That was heavy. Nicely done, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3142543 Thanks for shitting up my comments section. Don't do this to other people.

3142625 what you are doing is an insult to trolling. You are failing around, giggling like a two year old who managed to take a piece of candy when he wasn't supposed to, and all you have accomplished is making yourself look like a collasal asshole. Unless you have something to say about my fic, please leave and do not waste any more comment space.

3142616>>3142622 do not reply to him any more.

3142669 Wasn't planning on it. Sorry for the spam.

I've actually seen someone close to me pass away two years ago, and that's how I felt for about a month.

I deleted my other comments to try and lessen the spam shit in your story, sorry bout that.
Though, I wish I hadn't deleted Tits dragons, she had no nipples and she must squeeze.

3142669 Well,I say that was a good story.


Noice m8. Luve this storieeeeeeee, Also, what is this? 4 stories this entire week? Nice work brahseph.

Wait, what happened to Sweetie Belle at the end? Did she just teleport or what? :unsuresweetie:

Damn, it seems like some guys really decided to fuck each other in the ass while taking a shit in your comment section.

Did they at least clean up after themselves? Or did you have to?

There wasn’t anything we could have done,”

Missing quotation.

came undone,letting her mane

Missing space.

Overall, this was a rather interesting little . . . thing. I can't really call this a story because it really wasn't. It had a lot of strong emotions, but it wasn't really a story. You spent more time with narration (which was interesting because it was basically you talking to us) than actual dialogue, which disqualifies it, basically. Not saying that it is a bad thing, but it just disqualifies it.

Anyway, the ending was way the hell out of the blue. But as a guy said not too long ago in the comments, where the hell did Sweetie Belle go? Did she kill herself or something? Then Apple Bloom forgot about it because that is the spell Sweetie used? Kind of . . . gruesome way to end this.

Oh well. This thing isn't too bad, for what it's worth.

So, what happened with Sweetie and why didn't Apple Bloom see her before she walked away?
So many questions left unanswered!:unsuresweetie:

Wonders if there was an actual story in there... :scootangel:

Interesting, but I must say; Could not you figure out an ending? I am not meaning it as hate, but the ending is just so LAZY. I expected a lot as I started into the story and saw the rather CS Lewis kind of style, but felt so let down when I got to the lacking end:

She looked around. “How’d my hair bow get undone?” she wondered aloud, picking it back up in her mouth.

Apple Bloom sat back on her haunches wondering why she had decided to wander out into this meadow all by herself on a school day.

I'm really sorry, but would you write an alternate ending that isn't so abrupt and brings some sort of fulfillment?

3142945 That's... kind of the idea.

If you want a bit of background, read Sit Still and Paper Demons.

And so the 'Sweetie Belle? What Sweetie Belle?' Saga continues. I hope we get some answers soon.

Alright, but maybe next time do include a little example or description as to why Scootalo commited suicide. In the same story. o3o

Well written solitary piece. It leaves one wondering and feeling very melancholic, but at the same time aware of the melancholy.

3142963 oh, if you want answers to that, read "If You Must". Warning: NSFW and rape.

Nice build-up, very entertaining.

Dayum, dude. Yet another story that connects... :moustache:

Loved it.

3142911 Well, this is a narrative designed to interest the reader, so it follows unequivocally that it is a story, unless it is on a scale large enough to be called a novel.

Generally, I would agree. But if you look at it for exactly what it is, how much was actually done in the said story? Nothing, really. Well, Sweetie joined Al-Qaeda, and nearly took out Apple Bloom. That was probably the only thing that actually happened. The rest was described to us by the narrator, that being Ragidar.

And this is where I kind of had a problem. While I don't necessarily hate the idea of the narrator addressing the audience, it becomes a problem when that is the majority of the writing.

But as I said already, the thing was pretty good for what it was. Could it have been better? Yes. But everything could be better. It isn't that big of a deal.

You said Scoot "attempted" to hang herself. Did she actually die?:applecry:

Idk. I had the word attempted stuck in my head the story, but the girls talked as if she did die because of how they wondered fi they could do something, and the whole thing was pretty vague.

I just found it confusing.

3146178 excellent.

Talk about mind buck. Your stories never seize to amaze/baffle me (specifically these last few that you've recently put up)

3146221 After seeing all the strange stories you write. Then bam you hit us with this, unexpected. I applaud you, sir.

I know this was the point but... too short heh. Nice story though.

At least it wasn't- actually ill stop right there you might actually try.


Nothing involving Babs or Applebloom nope.

3148741 well, if you don't want to tell me that's ok.


Or them jumping off a cliff with "parachutes"

3148757 oh
well that wouldnt fit with the story anyway

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