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This story is a sequel to You Don't Remember

There is a place where ponies and people wander every once and a while. Sometimes, things are forgotten there.

And someone has to take care of those forgotten items.

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Already reading.


That was different. Not bad, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

That was.. great.
Upvoted. Awesome job as usual, Regidar.

I'm intrigued....

please tell me there's going to be more. I want more.

Bra, found a major flaw: This labeled complete. I need moar.

This was so strange yet I could not stop reading I like it when you write crap like this regidar.

Uh, ok then.

That was odd, but... not bad, I guess?

It was definitely interesting. Good work, dude.

Your cock smells good.


Add two more words.

jaysis reg. you have a gift for the bleak to be sure.
reminds me of the calvin and hobbes fan strips were cal gets medicated and hobbes turns into just a stuffed tiger only from hobbes perspective not calvins.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but it feels... incomplete. Good work, though.

Very random but interesting non the less.
Also I bet sweetiebelle was kinda confused :unsuresweetie:
Well I know I would be anyway

Ok... this was... different. Not certain what to make of it. :rainbowhuh:

Wow... that was deep, man... :rainbowderp: in a good kinda way :twilightsmile:

This is some deep, majestic shit. A little short, but good and stuff.

Interesting. ...I think I get it. I'm not sure.

3125622 is there a bad type of deep?

3126140 when you get it, be sure to tell me, because I don't understand this story at all

3123921 which ones?


1,335 words total

Fix this shit.

hmmm.. Interesting... :unsuresweetie:

3127031 glad you think so

3126979 What what?

I don't...get it...
Can anypony explain it to me, in spoilers of course, for those who wouldn't want to be spoiled. =/

3123677 I got peer pressured into saying it. :D

probably not :derpytongue2: but yeah I really liked it :scootangel:

3128481 glad you did! You might also like Paper Demons!

that was also really good :pinkiehappy: I'm just reading a bunch of your stories, and I'm really impressed! there's so much :derpytongue2:

3130271 Yeah, I do tend to write a bunch :twilightsheepish: Try to avoid the REALLY early stuff, those aren't too good...

Call me a bumbling fuckin' idiot but I don't get it.I legitimatelydo notunderstand.

Huh. Okay then. This...Nope. Can't describe it.

It was wonderfully written piece of weird. I fully approve of this.

I got nothing. Except that small tearing feeling in my brain that signals my mind being expanded by a surreal fic.

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