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I love your fic, Regidar. :twilightsheepish: Glad you went with a truly happy ending. Happy, for me at least. I like my Scootaloo stories extra dark.


Oh my god... you did more than 2000 words! This must be kickass then! :pinkiehappy:

And here we go.


With more Scootabuse.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2743282 yeaaaaah
about that...

I love you for this, Regi. :heart:

Holy shit, you posted something that wasn't a 500 word trollfic:rainbowderp:


Dark Scootabuse done well.


Well now I just feel depressed again.

Comment posted by BaroqueNexus deleted Jun 19th, 2013

there are no words for how awesome the ending is

Mah heart.

My personal favorite of all your stories.
Now let's get this mother effer featured!

talk about a dark tale...

still, well done.

Y u do dis :raritydespair::fluttercry:

Seriously, though...this is the first serious fic I've seen from you in a while, and despite it being horrible and depressing, it was well-written. Definitely still gets my upvote on that regard. Though, I wish Scoots had taken her hooves to her tormentor instead--I was expecting some sort of Michael Myers-esque slaughter than the ending. Or that she had gotten some help. :unsuresweetie:

Scootabuse. I hate it, but here, it's done right.

Why would you even put Tvis near the porn!?!?!

I thought "Scootabuse" only referred to Dash abusing her? The "Dash is an inappropriate sister figure" bandwagon?

Decidedly fucked up, killjoy. Enjoyed see it on the terminal nonetheless.

Wow this reminded me of when I lived next to a guy who abused his kids

You didn't write this, Reggie.

This isn't your...

Oh my God. That was... Damning. I need like... Stuff.


Why don't you do this shit more often?

2743380 I don't do bandwagons, honey :raritywink:

2743426 It took me five fucking months for this.
Not all at once, mind you, but yeah. Long time in the making.

You old softy you. :twilightsmile:

This is a lovely piece of work. (And I'm noting that in my regidiary.)


No not you. I meant the term itself is for that bandwagon. People are calling this Scootabuse in the comments but as I understand it that only applies to when Dash is the abuser.

I don't know what to say....:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::raritywink::trollestia::moustache:

You are an excellent writer.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::raritywink::twistnerd:

Oh shit this hurt. Good fic, mah buddy.

2743441 huh
Well, Scootaloo IS being abused, so
I don't know

2743438 you might need a new one soon with all those entries



Seriously, though, it's a good story.

I clicked on this and my Fimfiction banner changed to scootaloo....


Yeah, but ponies get abused in darkfics all the time. It's not given it's own term...
Yeah pretty sure "Scootabuse" only refers to Dash doing it.

2743464 thanks!

2743472 ah. well, it is not scootabuse then

2743432 I can see why. It must have been really hard writing such wonderfully horrible stuff.

Thise trollfics now have a bit of a freudian excuse, and I'm seeing you in a bit of a different light now. It's scary what such a dark and wonderful piece of work does to one's image.

I've already said this, but FUCK, this is depressing! But it's also damn good. But now I need to listen to Owl City for 13 hours to feel happy about something again.

Dang it Regi, this fic... I felt for Scoots. And that ending... *shudders*

I must give you props, I guess. This fic has sure given me a lot to think about. Good work.


Meh. Who cares.

Read it btw.

While the subject matter of the first 3rd could be handled well, the exploitative clop logic 2nd part drags the whole thing down, and the ending invalidated prior regard for the story by irrevocably distinguishing itself from anything that could be considered reasonable by canon standards.
All you did was have a character suffer, fail, and then lose hope. There's almost no point beyond the emotion porn or "feels".
The other issue is that it did not add anything original at all regarding the core plot. I did not have a single altered or new thought regarding the plight of abused children. It was all just the same story again.
Well technically revealing your abuse because it makes you adverse to a lesbian three way between you and your 2 best friends who are all like -10 is original... But not in a good way.


Also I have mixed feelings about you not tagging sex. While it stops bias from people who assume all Mature - Sex fics have to be clopfics, the tag is also there to prevent people who are adverse to sexual content in any context from having a bad day.

Not tagging tragedy is fine with me though. Since FiMFiction seems to be adverse to creating a "Drama" tag.

2743517 thanks for the input, I'll keep that in mind for future attempts.

Would have been better with a Francine Hughes ending.

2743561 I do not know who that is .-.


could be considered reasonable by canon standards.

I'm sorry... Does the show feature dark themes...? Like, the only one prevalent is slavery, but that's not enough to state everything the show displays has dark content. I wouldn't relate this to canon standards and it kind of voids your argument by doing so.


I do not mean "exactly like canon". I just mean that the ending is highly antithetical to FiM. FiM can be made darker and still be believable, but the threshold of believability is different from say, real life.


Well, I'll be honest and say that I haven't read through this yet.

But from what I look at in your critique, it looks like it ends with Scootaloo losing hope. Which is what happens a lot in real life. Kids (those who are old enough to understand certain situations) will lose hope if they know no one can do anything. It's basically a psychological thing, and I'll leave it at that, but saying that it's unbelievable to the canon of fim is... Kind of the point of "dark" themed fictions.

Dark implies a twist a very bizarre and gut wrenching one, at that to the state of something that would normally never act like that. The best example is Cupcakes (albeit, that fic is nothing to be made an example of, but, opinion aside). Pinkie was shown to act a bit crazy, but, someone took that aspect and... Stretched it quite far. So far to the point that people began to turn their heads away from how much of a twist was placed on it.

Then again, it was also a gore fic, so that element ruins the dark theme in general.

I'm not trying to change your opinions. You can like/dislike the fic all you want. I'm just saying that a dark fiction doesn't need to relate to the show entirely. Aspects, yes. But, not everything.

what are u doin reggie

this isn't wincest what is it doing in the group

this is fuckin'-terrifying-horrible-i-wish-i-had-cleaned-my-eyescest

it's not even clop really

why are u ruinin' the perfect harmony of ponyfappery with your very real very stark stuff


An interesting read I'll give you that. I'm starting to become immune to dark so I can't really speak to how well you accomplished that aspect, but it was an enjoyable piece of fiction that deals with some very real problems some people have to deal with. While it ended not unexpectedly, I'm glad that it was a happy theme.

The premise at first was reminding me of the back story of a character from a webcomic I follow. Though Red dealt with her father in a different way…
I wonder how many people know I'm talking about?

Anyway, a thumbs up from me. I'll think on it a bit and probably favorite later.

2743679 u bstrd

i hop u gt effed by der esdr bunner

2743517 Did it ever occur to you that the reason that there is nothing new to the plight of abused children in fics is that it's how abuse works in real life? So the clop is far from clop- clop is meant to arouse, and Scootaloo's experience here is far from fappable. It's horrible, degrading, and terrifying.

The reason that all these fics are so alike is simple. All abuse is alike. There's different degrees and kinds of abuse but it's all the same. So complaining about a fic about abuse for not breaking any new ground is a sort of null complaint.

But I don't mean to white knight. Just my two cents on your critique.

So, is "Pen Cap Chew" next?

Fuck that

>not a part of the I Hate Myself and Want to Die master race

Is this the real life or is it just fantasy?
Should a fanfiction based on a specific fantasy world not try to avoid severing it's ties with that world for the sake of it's narrative? What is reasonable in an original fiction is not always so in fanfiction, depending of what it is fanfiction of.
If the 2nd part had not been cloppy it would be a better fic. If the 3rd had ended more in line with FiM standards then it would work better as FiM fanfiction.
I assert that this premise could be written 100% episode like. Shucking off the fetters of the show to write a specific concept or content is unnecessary and only lessens the story's value as fanfiction.
This would have been better if it was more in line with the show.

But if the point was not to tell something new, or explore a premise in original ways, then was the point solely to write about someone suffering? Is that make for good ponyfic these days? And in addition, it's kind of in an author's best interest to attract readers with something they haven't seen 1000 times before.

But anyway. I didn't hate this fic, despite being too dark for pony. I just think it could have been done way better.

Hmm. It was good...I guess? Forgive me for saying so, but I find myself agreeing with a few people here in saying that this fic comes across as rather droll. I mean, okay, yeah, I realise that all abuse is like this, and that this is certainly a chilling real life situation, but there are so many things that just seem wooden here. Like Diamond Tiara's offhand comment, (seriously, I've never heard anyone say "who raped you?"), and even the tearful, screaming confessions were jarring. And not even in the good, literary sorta way.

Just my two bits.

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