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u w0t m8


A collection of ideas that I can't flesh out into full stories. It shall be updated semi-regularly. Feel free to leave any suggestions for stories in the comments.

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Well, there is this one picture that fits the story perfectly...


But good story :yay:

How about a CMC adventure with Spike?

What the 'ell did i just read?!

2950879 Thanks
2951011 Yes. Yes she is.
2956186 Sure, I'll just need an idea for an adventure they could go on.
2956214 The first of many freaky fics. Strap in, strap on and hold onto something tight. It's gonna be a weird ride, mai boi.

Keep at it, you crazy and magnificent bastard.

2956291 How about trying to randomly get their Cutie Marks, at Spike's expense, by doing random things

Ah, what the hell.

I'll fave this for the hell of it.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2956331 Mkay.
2956516 Fanks m8

2961500 Whoa, not that bad, but scaring the crap out of him by all three chasing him dressed like the Dragonborn isn't out of the question

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